Best Smoke Spots For Dust 2 – (2022 Update)

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Looking to improve your game and add some smoke lineups? You’ve come to the right place. Here are the best smoke spots in Dust 2.

Operation Riptide was released on September 21, 2021. This update brought some amazing CS:GO skins, weapon changes, and Dust 2 changes. The beloved Dust 2 map has received an update that altered the early game peeks from mid. This also changed some of the most important smoke spots on the map.

The early smoke that was usually thrown to mid doors wasn’t as important anymore because of the new wall that blocks the CT’s view from T spawn. This allowed players to save a smoke grenade or two to use in other smoke spots for Dust 2.

To help you out, we’ve gathered the best smoke spots in Dust 2. These smokes can help you cross areas, get to the site, and execute different pushes. Be sure to use the best aim trainers to practice your aim, to prepare for fights after the smoke ends.

Best Smoke Spots in Dust 2 – A Site

Let’s start with the best smoke spots for Dust 2’s A site. These smokes will help you take control of A site and push your enemies back. It’s important to create a CS:GO jump bind to help make your jump-throw smoke grenade lineups accurate 100% of the time. It’s an essential tool that every CS:GO player needs.


Long Corner Smoke

Best Dust 2 smoke spot for B Long push

The long corner smoke is an important spot since many people play this corner aggressively and try to get a free kill. Long corner is a pretty easy spot to smoke, and there are tons of lineups available that you can throw from safe places.


Long Cross Smoke

Long Cross Smoke
Double smoke at long cross

Smoking the cross in A site can help you get to the site very quickly. Unfortunately, it requires two smokes to cover the cross fully, but it blocks both catwalk and CT spawn, so it’s definitely worth it.

This smoke definitely requires some teamwork and is best executed if you have good comms. Make sure to jump into a Discord server, use a good headset, and try it out with your friends.


CT Smoke

CT Smoke

The CT smoke is very helpful if you want to take away a larger area from the CTs. You still have to check your close left when crossing from A Long to A Site, but this also allows you to safely push a little bit into CT spawn. Generally, most players simply prefer smoking cross instead of CT. However, if you smoke CT spawn instead of cross, you can be sure that no one is near the site, and nobody pushes out of your smoke.


A Plant Site Smoke

A Site Smoke

This smoke provides your team with a bit of cover when trying to plant the bomb. Usually, the CTs will wrap around if you don’t have anyone watching flank or staying back at A Long Doors. This can result in a quick kill from A Long if your planter is out of cover. The A Plant Site smoke provides some much-needed cover, and no one can see the planter from A Long.


Car Smoke

Car Smoke

Throwing a Molotov grenade to Car is usually better to clear it out of any possible enemies. This is a cheeky angle that a lot of players like to play at, especially during save rounds. However, there are times when you don’t have a Molotov or don’t want to use it yet. You can quickly throw a smoke over to Car and pair it with another one to Cross or CT, and you’ll have a safe path directly to the site.


Long Doors Smoke

Best Dust 2 smoke spot for aggressive CTs

If your team wants to play aggressively on A site, you could smoke long doors for a teammate. The cover allows them to get an advantage over your enemies. It prevents rushes from long doors and can help your teammate get into a better position.


Catwalk Smoke

A defensive Catwalk Smoke

Catwalk smoke is a great defensive smoke if you are playing on A site. It completely blocks off catwalk unless enemies push further out into the site. An excellent way to fully utilize this smoke is to use it on catwalk and then focus on long since opponents are unlikely to push through the smoke.

Best Smoke Spots in Dust 2 – B Site

The next set of smoke spots are for the B site. These are some of the best smokes you can use and are a great way to use your utility.


B Window Smoke

B Window Smoke

The B window is often an AWP-ers favorite location. It’s a safe spot for AWP-ers to peek from and can easily reposition themselves if needed. Smoking B window eliminates a potential AWP angle, and when combined with a B doors smoke can buy your team a lot of time to secure B site.


B Doors Smoke

B Doors Smoke in CS:GO

The B Doors smoke is a great smoke to use when trying to take control of the B site. It discourages quick CT pushes from spawn and allows you to position yourself for post-plant plays. It buys you a little bit of extra time and is super effective when used together with the B Window smoke we’ve mentioned above.


B Platform Smoke

Best Dust 2 smoke spot to block AWP-ers at B site
A safe smoke that cover B plat

Back plat is another popular AWP angle. It provides a clear line of sight to B tunnels and allows CTs to get a quick pick or two. Smoking B platform essentially makes the player at back plat useless, unless they reposition or spam.


B Car Smoke

B Car Smoke

The B Car smoke is effective for retakes. A lot of players like playing from B Car or B Tunnels during post-plant. This eliminates an extra angle for a few seconds and gives you some spare time to check the other corners. Make sure to use this with a B Tunnels smoke to block most if not all of the vision from the B site’s left side( from CT spawn).

You can also use a B Car smoke when attacking, but it’s harder to throw from the T side. We recommend to just pop flash out of tunnels and doing a quick check of B Car instead of smoking it out.


Tunnel Smoke

Best Dust 2 smoke spot to delay pushes from B main

Finally, we have the tunnel smoke. It’s an essential smoke that can hold rushes and buy you time as your team rotates from the other site. If your enemies decide to push through the smoke, you’ll have a huge advantage since they don’t know where you’re positioned.

Best Smoke Spots for Dust 2 – Middle Area

Finally, we have smokes for the middle area in Dust 2. They block off angles that will help you get to catwalk, go through double doors, or into tunnels. Some are also good for aggressively pushing mid as CTs.


Xbox Smoke

Best Dust 2 smoke spot to push from mid

Xbox is a fairly common spot to smoke since it blocks an AWP-ers view from double doors and allows you to cross to catwalk or tunnels without getting spotted safely. Be careful about aggressive catwalk pushes, though.


Left Side Smoke Mid

Left Side Smoke Mid

Smoking off the left side of mid allows you to rotate from mid to A through the CT spawn. It blocks a wide area, and enemies from the B site will have difficulty spotting your rotation. It’s a great smoke to use if you want to aggressively push CT Spawn.


Right Side Smoke Mid (CT Smoke)

Best Dust 2 smoke spot from mid to B push
The smoke covers the whole CT spawn

This smoke is perfect when trying to push from Mid Doors to B Site. It blocks the view from CT spawn, so any CTs from A site or from spawn wouldn’t be able to see you unless they push out of the smoke. It’s a simple and quick smoke to throw, making it a valuable addition to your arsenal.


Mid Cross Smoke

Cross Smoke

This smoke isn’t as popular as it was, mainly because of the changes to Dust 2 during the Operation Riptide update. It used to be one of the first smokes you’ll throw as a CT so that you can safely cross from CT spawn to B Site. Nowadays, it’s mostly just useful if you think the Ts have pushed up mid or catwalk. This smoke allows you to safely cross without being spotted by enemies from mid or catwalk.


Bottom Mid Smoke

CT to Tunnels Smoke

Finally, we have a Bottom Mid smoke. This is an aggressive CT smoke that allows you to safely cross from Mid Doors into B Tunnels. You can easily catch opponents off guard by pushing through Tunnels as a CT. This can allow you to get some easy frags before going back to help your team. It’s also a great way to quickly flank and wrap around the enemies trying to enter the B site.

Practice the Best Dust 2 Smoke Spots

You generally want to practice smoking off these areas in a practice server. It takes some time to master these smokes, so be patient and listen to a Discord music bot to help you pass the time.

There are a ton of different smoke lineups for each spot on this list, so make sure to memorize at least one lineup for each smoke spot in Dust 2. This allows you to pull out smokes in different places and maybe even help your team get out of tricky situations. While you’re at it, make sure to practice some grenade lineups for Dust 2 as well.

Those were our picks for the best smoke spots in Dust 2. Make sure to comment if we left a good smoke spot out.

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