12 Best Snake Pokemon, Ranked

Sss-striking in appearance, deadly in battles!

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Snake Pokemon have been around for the longest time, ever since Generation 1 was released in 1996. Today, multiple different variations exist, some astoundingly gorgeous, while others are amazing for Pokemon battles.

If these slithery companions are your favorite too, then here are the twelve best snake Pokemon you would want to have in your current party:


Zygarde (50% Forme)

Region: Kalos
Category: Generation VI
Type: Dragon, Ground

Zygarde is a legendary-class Pokemon that was first seen in the Kalos region. Unlike other Pokemon, Zygarde isn’t a single entity, and his 50% Forme resembles that of a blind snake.

Make no mistake; Zygarde is still a powerful Pokemon despite retaining only half of his original strength in this form. Comprising different Zygarde Cores and Zygarde Cells, his current might rivals that of two other legendary Pokemon, Xerneas and Yveltal.



Region: Hoen
Category: Generation III
Type: Water

A gorgeous Water-type Pokemon, Milotic is a rare one to encounter in the wild. Only the most esteemed and seasoned trainers have caught them before, with many evolving their Milotics from their more feeble pre-evolution, Feebas.

Despite their gentle nature, Milotics can use destructive water attacks to fend themselves against enemies, such as aggressive crab Pokemon. On the other hand, they are also prized for winning beauty contests all over the Pokemon world.



Region: Kanto
Category: Generation 1
Type: Dragon

Cute and mischievous, Dratinis are loveable additions to any Pokemon party. That being said, they hardly come into contact with people, preferring to observe from a distance.

They regularly shed their skin, making them almost immune to external diseases. On occasion, they can sometimes get caught in fishermen’s nets too, but many prefer to release them due to their roles in myths and folk tales.



Region: Kanto
Category: Generation 1
Type: Dragon

Evolving from Dratini, Dragonairs are highly intelligent and sophisticated. They have a somewhat ‘divine’ appearance, able to float in the air using their stored energies and ear-like wings.

Ash caught one during his journeys, which eventually evolved into his dependable Dragonite seen today. In Pokemon UNITE battles, a Dragonair makes for an excellent jungler due to their Dragon-type abilities.



Region: Unova
Category: Generation V
Type: Grass

A formidable Grass-type Pokemon, Serperiors are magnificent combatants. Surprisingly, their pre-evolutions – Snivy and Servine – have arms and legs, both of which are now missing after becoming Serperior.

Fun fact; many Serperiors are actually male despite their feminine appearance.



Region: Johto
Category: Generation II
Type: Steel, Ground

Steelixs are massive snake-like Pokemon made up entirely of rock and earthen composites. They’re known to be extremely durable, with their bodies hardy enough to withstand melting-point temperatures.

They’re quite popular for Pokemon battles and tournaments, and understandably so.



Region: Kanto
Category: Generation I
Type: Rock, Ground

Onixs are the pre-evolution of Steelix, and Kanto’s Rock-type gym leader, Brock, has one that he regularly calls upon for battles. They mainly live underground, tunneling their way through the dirt, making new homes for other Pokemon, like Digletts.

Exclusively spending their lifetime in the ground, they are very scared of water bodies and rivers.



Region: Kanto
Category: Generation 1
Type: Poison

Among the earliest Pokemon to be identified, Ekans are poisonous Pokemon that will usually attack anyone that gets too close. If not for their rattlers, Ekans could easily be mistaken as worm-like and harmless.

They’re known to paralyze their victims just by glaring straight at their prey’s eyes. Still, when caught, they are staunchly loyal to their owners.



Region: Kanto
Category: Generation 1
Type: Poison

Popularised by Jessie, the notorious Team Rocket member, an Arbok is the evolved state of an Ekans. Their name itself is a reversed word for Kobra.

Arboks have a feisty reputation for instigating fights, especially if their territories are invaded. The markings on the underside of their hooded necks are sometimes used for hypnotizing foes and prey alike, giving them the opportunity to strike.



Region: Galar
Category: Generation VIII
Type: Ground

Silicobras are ambush specialists; they lie in wait underneath sands to capture their prey unawares. Astoundingly, they can shoot dirt through their nostrils when threatened, usually accumulating inside their internal ‘pouches’ while hiding.



Region: Galar
Category: Generation VIII
Type: Ground

Evolving from Silicobra, a Sandaconda is larger and more menacing. Their sand pouches have also grown, able to store up to 100 kilograms of sand for self-defense.

Sandacondas are much more resilient and strong for Pokemon battles, justifying their use during tournaments and events.



Region: Hoen
Category: Generation III
Type: Poison

Seviper is the only snake Pokemon on this list that doesn’t have any evolution. Regardless, they are still renowned for their battle effectiveness, spending their lives dueling their fiercest natural rival, the cat-like Zangoose.

Sevipers are notorious for their venom, and they utilize the same paralyzing gaze that Ekans and Arboks use to immobilize both enemies and prey.


These twelve best snake Pokemon are amazing in design, character, and biology. A few noteworthy Pokemon, such as Rayquaza, were not mentioned because they resemble wyverns more, warranting their exclusions.

If you think we missed out on a few great nominations, though, feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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