5 BEST Soundboards for Discord in 2023

Discord voice changers: because your real voice is just too boring

Omer Nadeem
Omer Nadeem
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Discord is one of the biggest voice chat apps for gamers. It’s extremely convenient and allows you to hang out with your friends. Discord, on its own, is a bunch of fun and allows you to have a good time, and one way to really spice up your conversations is soundboards



Voicemod website screenshot
Screenshot from Voicemod website homepage

Download Voicemod

This one is definitely for the memers. Voicemod is a modernistic soundboard focused on helping you meme, the best part about Voicemod is that it doesn’t have a lackluster UI that you might find in some of the soundboards. The app has an insane library of meme audios that you can use to troll your friends. The convenient aspect here is that Voicemod is constantly updating its library with the latest memes so you can stay up to date with your soundboard game.

Voicemod is fully compatible with Discord, Zoom, TeamSpeak, OBS, Steam VC, and a lot of in-game voice chats for games like Valorant. The best compatibility feature that a lot of other soundboards don’t have is native support for Elgato Stream Deck. This support makes Voicemod perfect for Twitch streamers looking to make their streams a bit more colorful.



Resanance website screenshot
Screenshot from Resanance website homepage

Download Resanance

Resanance is a classic tool that isn’t too flashy, but it gets the job done. What makes Resanance so great is the fact that it’s constantly being updated, the developers take the user’s suggestions into consideration and are constantly working to make the app better. It has a TTS Text to Speech soundboard as well, which makes it that much better. You have the option to control every sound volume individually to optimize the experience. Resanance does want you to annoy your friends with high volume, so if you’re just looking for casual sounds, this isn’t the tool for you.

Resanance works in practically every single voice chat app out there. From Discord and Teamspeak to Zoom and Google Meet, the app supports everything.



Soundpad website screenshot
Screenshot from Soundpad website homepage

Download Soundpad

This soundboard is just extremely convenient and is a walk in the park to use, even for people who haven’t used soundboards in the past. It’s super lightweight, which reduces the amount of load it puts on your CPU during gameplay. This unique feature makes Soundpad amazing for low-end PCs that need every bit of resource to run your games properly.

Soundpad comes with dual play functionality. You could open the Soundpad window in the background and play files from there directly. Alternatively, you can also map every single track in your list to a specific hotkey, so you don’t have to switch back and forth between windows.


MorphVox Pro

MorphVox Pro website screenshot
Screenshot from MorphVox Pro website homepage

Download MorphVox

MorphVox is a powerful soundboard and voice changer combo. The reason behind it being lower on our list would be the enormous paywall blocking all the fancy features. The app costs $39.99 USD upfront for the base applications. After that, you have to pay for sound packs and the necessary plugins, which cost anywhere from $2 to $10. So, if you’re not okay with whipping out your credit card every few days, this probably isn’t the app for you.

MorphVox comes with a ready-to-use set of sound packs that you can use in Discord and a bunch of other apps. But, even though this list is not about voice-changing software, we do have to compliment the voice-changing features in MorphVox.



JNSoundboard GitLab screenshot
Screenshot from JNSoundboard GitLab code repo

Download JNSoundboard

JNSoundboard is an extremely feature-rich soundboard. The reason why we absolutely love this soundboard is that it is completely open-source. If you need to make some changes or alterations to the underlying code to customize it, you have the option to do that since the entire code base is available on GitLab.

The soundboard is absolutely amazing if we consider the number of audio formats it supports. You can use MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A, and AC3 audio formats. This pretty much means that if the file you’re dealing with is audio, there’s a good chance you can load it up on JNSoundboard.

Apart from that, you get all the basic but necessary features every soundboard has. You can bind sounds to hotkeys, play random sounds out of a selected group, and export hotkey presets to an XML file, so you don’t have to redo the hotkey setup in case you have to reinstall the app.

How do I Setup My Discord Soundboard?

The process varies depending on which soundboard you’re using, but the basic principles remain the same. You’ll have to install the app and set up the right audio settings. This includes selecting the right mic and speaker devices.

The app will need this since the whole purpose of having a soundboard is injecting audio into your mic output. After that, you will have to set up your hotkeys and list of audio files, and you’re good to go!

What is the Best Soundboard for Discord?

The best soundboard depends a lot on your specific use case and what you plan on doing with it. But, if we had to recommend one, we’d go with Voicemod. It has everything that you could ask for in a decent soundboard and provides all the tools a person needs to liven up their voice calls.

How Do Soundboards Work?

Soundboards use an audio injector to work. Whenever you play a sound, the soundboard uses the audio injector to feed the sound into your selected microphone device.

Most soundboards also relay this audio into your headphone/speakers, so you know what’s being played. However, this isn’t always the default setting. You can take a look at the settings in your installed app to find this option.

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