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Can’t decide on what crosshair to use in Splitgate? Try out some of the best Splitgate crosshair settings below and rack up those kills.

Originally, Splitgate was released in May 2019. During its early days, not a lot of people loved the game. It struggled to maintain a consistent amount of players.

However, things started to turn around when the game launched in beta on July 2021. It got over 600,000 downloads on consoles in its first week. Splitgate has continued to receive positive reviews, and its player base continues to grow to this day.

Splitgate is a free multiplayer FPS game that is usually compared to iconic and classic games like Halo and Portal. It offers a unique and fun experience through its fast-paced gameplay, graphics-defying, multi-dimensional combat system.

Find the best Splitgate crosshair settings to use down below and start fragging.

Splitgate Crosshair Settings

Finding a good crosshair is essential in all FPS games. It acts as a guide for you when aiming at your opponents. Some games allow you to change your crosshair and completely customize it, while some don’t.

Splitgate’s crosshair settings aren’t the most robust. Unfortunately, you can fully customize your crosshair, unlike Valorant, where you can create the best crosshair for you. Splitgate does offer different crosshair profiles that you can choose from.

Getting the best weapons in Splitgate ain’t enough. You’ll also need a great crosshair if you want to get more kills in-game. Here are some of the best Splitgate crosshairs settings that you can use.

Basic Crosshair Settings

Best UI Crosshair Settings for Splitgate
UI Crosshair Settings for Splitgate

First of all, you can find the different crosshair settings and profiles under the “UI” settings. The first is for “Show Sprint Crosshair.” This setting is honestly based on personal preference and just changes your crosshair to a little arrow when you sprint.

Next are your crosshair and enemy crosshair colors. I suggest picking a color that stands out from the different maps in the game. I personally feel like yellow and pink are two great options, but it’ll still be up to you.

The enemy crosshair color setting changes your crosshair color when it goes over an enemy. I leave it at red, just because I’m used to red as an enemy color. However, you can also change it to any color you want.

Finally, in Splitgate, you can select a different crosshair for each gun in the game. Most people, including me, prefer a standardized crosshair over all guns. I highly suggest sticking to one crosshair for most, if not all, of the weapons. Maybe you can have a different crosshair for things like the Rocket Launcher, Shotgun, The BFB, and fists, but for everything else, keep it standardized.

Best Crosshair for Rifles, SMGs, and Snipers

These different crosshair settings are recommended for rifles, SMGs, and snipers available in Splitgate. These different profiles are an excellent fit for these weapons because they require a more precise aim.

The FPS Classic

Crosshair Small 2 in Splitgate
Crosshair Small 2 Settings

This crosshair is a staple for tons of gamers using them in some of the best FPS games like CS: GO and Valorant. It’s one of the most fundamental crosshairs there is and is very easy to use. I’ve found that the Crosshair Small 2 profile is the best out of all the cross-shaped ones.

If you’ve been playing FPS games for a long time, this crosshair will feel right at home for you. It’s compact, easy to use, and can help you transition into Splitgate.

Simple Crosshair

Dot Crosshair in Splitgate
Dot Crosshair Settings

The Dot crosshair is the simplest crosshair you can use. It takes up only a bit of screen space which can help you see everything else more.

I don’t recommend the Dot crosshair for beginners and newbies to FPS games since it might be harder for them to see it. However, it’s an excellent crosshair to use if you find the large ones annoying or distracting.

Unconventional Crosshair

Angles Medium profile
Angles Medium Profile

The Angles Medium crosshair is honestly one of the best ones to use if you prefer big crosshairs. It’s not too over the top and can easily stand out above different environments and surfaces.

It’s not the craziest crosshair you’ll encounter. Still, it’s definitely an uncommon one that works just as well as the classic FPS crosshairs.

Best Crosshair for Shotguns, Rocket Launcher, and Melee

The following crosshair settings are appropriate for more forgiving weapons like shotguns, rocket launchers, and melee attacks. They have a broader area coverage that is usually used in close proximity.

Basic Crosshair

Circle Dot Crosshair in Splitgate
Circle Dot profile

The Circle Dot crosshair profile is a simple but effective crosshair for shotguns, explosives, and melee. You can usually find crosshairs similar to this one for most shotguns in FPS games.

It best represents the bullet spread of shotguns and gives you a good idea of where the bullets will land. It’s small enough

Unique Crosshair

Diamond 2 Profile
Diamond 2 profile

The Diamond 2 crosshair profile in Splitgate is also a good choice. It has a more unique shape that is perfect for users who want to try out some new crosshairs.

It’s a good crosshair for these weapons because of its wider look. It lets you easily see and keep track of your crosshair, especially when engaged in fast-paced and close contact combat.

Those are our picks for the best Splitgate crosshair settings. Hopefully, we’ll get some more robust and customizable crosshairs in the future. For now, we’ll all have to work with the crosshair profiles that the game provides.

What crosshair do you use for Splitgate? Let us know in the comments!

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