8 Best Spring Crops in Stardew Valley, Ranked

Here are the 8 most profitable Spring crops!

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The Spring season marks a fresh start and new growth. Choosing the best Spring crop to plant in Stardew Valley can skyrocket your game. With the right choices, you’ll see both a rich harvest and great profits.

Now, let’s explore the top 8 Spring crops in Stardew Valley. We ranked them based on their total profit for the whole season. This guide will help you make informed decisions, maximize your farming strategy, and propel your farm to new heights!




Parsnip is a vegetable crop that grows from Parsnip Seeds. It is the first crop introduced to the player when starting a new farm.

You can use a Parsnip to complete the Spring Crops Bundle in the Community Center. 5 Gold-Quality Parsnips are also a choice for the Quality Crops Bundle.

Each Parsnip Seed costs:

  • 20g (General Store)
  • 25g (JojaMart)

It only takes 4 days for a Parsnip to grow. If you are aiming to profit for a short time, this crop is your best bet.

The sell prices of Parsnip without the Tiller Profession are as follows:

  • 35g (Normal)
  • 43g (Silver)
  • 52g (Gold)
  • 70g (Iridium)

You can harvest and replant each Parsnip 6 times in the whole Spring. 6 Parsnips can give you a total profit of at least 90g for the entire season.

Note: The total profit per plant stated is only the minimum amount, assuming you only get Normal-Quality crops and have level 1 Farming. Profit could still go higher depending on the quality of the crops and your Farming skill level.




Garlic is a vegetable crop that is only available during Year 2. You can grow one from Garlic Seeds available at the General Store.

Each Garlic Seed costs:

  • 40g (General Store)

Same with Parsnip, Garlic’s growth time is 4 days and does not regrow. 

Each Garlic crop is worth:

  • 60g (Normal)
  • 75g (Silver)
  • 90g (Gold)
  • 120g (Iridium)

You can harvest Garlic 6 times for the whole season. You can get a total profit of at least 120g per Garlic plant.




Coming in 6th place is Kale. It is a vegetable crop grown from Kale Seeds.

Each Kale Seed costs:

  • 70g (General Store)
  • 87g (JojaMart)

A Kale’s growth time is 6 days. You can only harvest a Kale using a Scythe. It also does not regrow.

Each Kale sells for:

  • 110g (Normal)
  • 137g (Silver)
  • 165g (Gold)
  • 220g (Iridium)

If you plant it starting day 1, you can harvest Kale 6 times for the whole Spring. 6 Kales give you a total profit of at least 160g.


Green Bean

Green Bean

Next on the list is Green Bean. Similar to Grapes, Green Beans grow from starters instead of seeds. You can donate a Green Bean to the Spring Crops Bundle.

You cannot walk through its starters once planted. Therefore, you should carefully plan its layout before you plant it.

Each Bean Starter costs:

  • 60g (General Store)
  • 75g (JojaMart)

Its growth time is 10 days. Unlike the previous crops mentioned, Green Bean does reproduce. Its regrowth time is every 3 days.

The base values of Green Bean are as follows:

  • 40g (Normal)
  • 50g (Silver)
  • 60g (Gold)
  • 80g (Iridium)

Starting day 1, the total times you can harvest Green Bean is 6 times. This gives you a total profit of at least 180g for every Bean Starter in the whole Spring.




Potato is a vegetable crop that grows from Potato Seeds. It is also one of the crops needed for the Spring Crops Bundle.

Each Potato Seed costs:

  • 50g (General Store)
  • 62g (JojaMart)

Potato’s growth time is only 6 days. It does not regrow like Parsnip and Garlic.

You can sell a Potato for the following prices:

  • 80g (Normal)
  • 100g (Silver)
  • 120g (Gold)
  • 160g (Iridium)

The number of Potato harvests per season is 4, giving you a total profit of at least 120g. Each Potato also has a 20% chance to provide extra produce, adding a yield of 80g.




Coming at 3rd is Cauliflower. It is a vegetable crop that grows from Cauliflower Seeds.

Together with Parsnip, Green Bean, and Potato, it is the 4th and last crop needed for the Spring Crops Bundle.

Each Cauliflower Seed costs:

  • 80g (General Store)
  • 100g (JojaMart)

Cauliflowers do not regrow and have a growth time of 12 days.

You can ship a Cauliflower for the following values:

  • 175g (Normal)
  • 218g (Silver)
  • 262g (Gold)
  • 350g (Iridium)

Each tile can only have two Cauliflower harvests per season. This results in a total profit of at least 190g for the whole Spring.

Adding Cauliflower during Luau

Pro Tip: Save a Gold-Quality Cauliflower for the Luau to gain 120 friendship points with the villagers. If you are playing co-op, ensure everyone gives the same item.




Just behind the 1st place is Rhubarb. It is a fruit crop that grows from Rhubarb Seeds. You can only buy its seeds from the Oasis in the Desert.

Each Rhubarb Seed costs:

  • 100g (Oasis)

Getting Rhubarb Seeds can be hard during year 1. You need at least 42,500g to repair the Bus going to the Desert. Or 40,000g (plus the 5,000 JojaMart membership fee) if you go with the Joja route.

The growing time for Rhubarb is 13 days. It doesn’t grow back, just like Cauliflower.

The sell prices of Rhubarb are:

  • 220g (Normal)
  • 275g (Silver)
  • 330g (Gold)
  • 440g (Iridium)

The number of harvests per Rhubarb tile for the whole season is also 2. This gives you a total profit of at least 240g during the whole Spring. 




The best Spring crop in Stardew Valley is Strawberry. It is a fruit crop that grows from Strawberry Seeds. Its seeds are only available at the Egg Festival during Spring 13.

Each Strawberry Seed costs:

  • 100g (Egg Festival)

Strawberry’s growth time is 8 days. It also regrows every 4 days.

The shipping and selling values of Strawberry are:

  • 120g (Normal)
  • 150g (Silver)
  • 180g (Gold)
  • 240g (Iridium)

When planted on day 1, a single Strawberry plant can give you 5 or more Strawberries per season. There is a 4% chance that you get an extra Strawberry every harvest.

Planting Strawberry Seeds on day 1 will give you a total profit of at least 500g per plant. If you plant them after the Egg Festival, you will get a total profit of at least 140g instead.

That wraps up our ranking of Stardew Valley’s 8 best Spring crops! If you have more questions about Stardew Valley’s Spring crops, feel free to comment below.

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