5 Best Stab Weapons in OSRS, Ranked

Stabby stab stab!

Scott Livingston
Scott Livingston
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Old School Runescape is one of the oldest MMORPGs, and has a wide variety of activities for its players.

While many players wonder what the best stab weapons are in OSRS, understanding which monsters have a specific weakness to stab attacks will highly impact your efficiency.

But, these stab weapons are not only used for the monster slaying. Some of these weapons can be easily used for Pking or for AFK training.

So, here you will have in-depth information about the best stab weapons you can get your hands on while playing OSRS.


Ghazi Rapier

Ghazi Rapier - Stab Weapon - OSRS

Requirements: 80 Attack level

Ghazi Rapier is so effective that every other weapon seems only decent when compared to it. While the rapier is the best stab weapon in OSRS, it is also a one-handed weapon. It provides a +89 strength bonus and a +94 stab bonus.

The rapier is highly used within the Slayer community and is considered to be highly efficient to train your slayer with. While it can be combined with a holy ornament kit, it does not grant any bonuses but makes the weapon count as a Saradomin item in God Wars Dungeon.

The Ghazi rapier can be obtained by the monumental chest inside the Theatre of Blood (ToB), and it has a 1/86 chance of dropping. The rapier doesn’t have any special attack, and it is compared to the Blade of Saeldor and the Inquisitor’s mace for the melee weapon with the highest damage output for general use.

Rapier is used as a primary weapon while Pking. High-skilled Pkers like to bring Ghazi rapier as their DPS weapon while tribriding or deep wildy Pking.


Dragon Hunter Lance

Dragon Hunter Lance - Stab Weapon - OSRS

Requirements: 78 Attack, Completion of the Firemaking, Fishing and Smithing sections of Barbarian Training.

Dragon Hunter Lance is the upgraded version of Zamorakian Hasta. The lance increases both accuracy and damage by 20% when fighting dragons, any draconic creatures, such as wyverns and the Great Olm.

Players love using lance because it stacks with Void armor and the Slayer helm (i). Although, in comparison with Zamorakian Hasta, it loses prayer and defensive bonuses, strength bonuses, and special attack.

The lance can be obtained by killing The Alchemical Hydra, which can be found in the lowest level of the Karuulum Slayer Dungeon. You need a 95 slayer to be able to kill the Hydra. If you’re not a patient PvM player, then purchasing it on G/E should be the best move.

Dragon Hunter Lance is the best stab weapon in OSRS when slaying Dragons, especially if you’re into farming Vorkath. While many players like to use range, using the lance will highly impact your kills per hour, especially if you prefer melee instead of range.


Zamorakian Hasta

Zamorakian Spear - Stab Weapon - OSRS

Requirements: 70 Attack, 55 Fishing, and Completion of Fishing and Smithing Barbarian Training.

Zamorakian Hasta cannot be obtained directly by any monster or made by a player. The player has to acquire a Zamorakian spear and take it to Otto Godblessed and pay him 300k to make him one.

It is the most popular weapon against enemies weak to stab, especially those such as Dragons. The difference between Zamorakian hasta and other stab weapons is that besides its accuracy and stab bonus of +85, it’s a one-handed melee weapon.

While other weapons do not provide you defense bonuses, Zamorakian hasta possesses the highest defensive bonuses for a player. This weapon has an unpopular special attack, which stuns people and monsters by pushing them back during combat. Therefore, making it useless while killing monsters.

The interesting feature about Zamorakian hasta is that it can be upgraded to the dragon hunter lance. You have to combine the Hydra’s claw with your hasta to get the dragon hunter lance. This process cannot be reversed and you will get a warning when trying to do so.


Dragon Dagger

Dragon Dagger OSRS - stab weapon

Requirements: 60 Attack, Completion of Lost City.

Dragon dagger was released as one of the earliest weapons of Old School Runescape on 29 March 2004. Amazingly, this dagger is still one of the best stab weapons available in OSRS, being right behind the abyssal dagger.

In comparison with other best-in-slot weapons, the dragon dagger costs only 17.3k at the time of writing this. Dragon daggers can be bought but not made by using raw materials and smithing skill.

The dagger is mostly used while Pking on pures or training slayer on 60 Attack level restricted accounts. Its special attack makes it an amazing weapon to use on Nightmare Zone (NMZ) for pures. Picking up the ‘Power surge’ power-up will immensely impact your experience rate per hour and points gained per hour.

The special attack deals two hits at once with 15% more damage while draining only 25% of your special attack. This makes the dagger very useful in pure-level death-matching, especially if you bring a lightbearer with you.


Guthan’s Warspear

Guthan Warspear

Requirements: 70 Attack.

Concluding our list of the best OSRS stab weapons, Guthan’s Warspear is a two-handed weapon in OSRS and cannot be made using the Smithing skill. It’s the second most accurate spear in the game, which has a +85 Stab bonus, falling short only against Zamorakian spear/hasta.

Successful melee attacks have a passive effect if wielded together with other pieces of Guthan’s armor set. This passive effect has a 25% chance of restoring health to the user, equal to the damage dealt to the target.

Because of its passive effect many players like to use full Guthan’s to afk train their combat skills such as Attack, Strength, Defense, and Hitpoints. But not only that, you can use this set to reset your health without using food at different high-level bossing such as Bandos, Zilyana, and more.

However, Guthan’s spear is slower than most spears, which has an attack rate of 5 ticks rather than 4. The downside is that the Barrows equipment degrades while in combat. It can be used for up to 15 hours of combat until it degrades completely, and when repaired, it will cost quite a lot. The lower the smithing level, the higher the price you’ll have to pay to repair it.


Each of the above-mentioned weapons has a specific use and benefit for you. Understanding their perks and exceptional benefits will make their usage effective. While you might look for the highest DPS, at times bringing Guthan’s will benefit you more.

However, one really can’t go wrong using any of these weapons. What kind of a weapon would you use for your PK Build? Would you add a weapon or change any of the above-mentioned weapons? .

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