13 Best Staffs in Elden Ring, Ranked

These are the best Staffs that will improve your life in the Lands Between!

Arlen Lynch
Arlen Lynch
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Staffs and Spells have always been the bread and butter for Sorcerer builds in many Souls games. While lacklustre in previous entries, Elden Ring significantly improves magic and sorcery. Now, players will come across a plethora of spells and an even brighter supply of Staffs. That is why this guide will list the 13 best Staffs in Elden Ring.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about movesets regarding staffs. All you need to know are their Sorcery Scaling which is detrimental to damage, the various spells they buff, and their looks – if you’re inclined towards the fashion side of things. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!


Lusat’s Glintstone Staff

Elden Ring - Lusat's Glintstone Staff
  • Requirements: 10 Strength, 52 Intelligence
  • Base Scaling: Strength D, Intelligence B
  • Sorcery Scaling: 413 at 80 Int
  • Passive Effect: Boosts all types of Sorceries
  • Location: Inside a chest after beating the Nox Swordstress & Nox Priest in Sellia, Town of Sorcery

The best Elden Ring staff is hands down Lusat’s Glintstone Staff. It has the best sorcery Scaling for pure Intelligence builds, and the spells channeled from it pack a wallop. However, acquiring it is a chore as players must beat the duo Nox boss in Cellia, Town of Sorcery. Needless to say, the boss room is also locked as you need to solve the nearby brazier puzzle on the rooftops.

Since it is extremely powerful, it also stands tall at 10 Str and 52 Int as the minimum to wield it. This makes it more of a mid to late-game weapon. Additionally, it comes with a powerful gimmick that enhances all types of Sorceries.

Since there’s also a 50% extra FP cost as a trade-off, it’s best suited to cheese bosses. However, you can mitigate this flaw by pumping points in Mind and with the Cerulean Hidden Tear.


Carian Regal Scepter

Elden Ring - Carian Regal Scepter
  • Requirements: 8 Strength, 10 Dexterity, 60 Intelligence
  • Base Scaling: Strength E, Dexterity E, Intelligence B
  • Sorcery Scaling: 373 at 80 Int
  • Passive Effect: Boosts Full Moon Sorceries
  • Weapon Skill: Spinning Weapon (Unique)
  • Location: Give Renalla’s Remembrance to Enia in Roundtable Hold

The Carian Regal Scepter is the second most powerful Staff for pure Intelligence Build. It also doesn’t cost any extra FP for its passive buff to Full Moon Sorceries. Since you want to conserve your FP, this should be your go-to magic stick for mid to late-game level clearing. Additionally, it is the only Staff in Elden Ring with a unique Spinning Weapon version that deals decent Magic damage.

Ideally, for boss fights, you’ll want to have this in your offhand alongside Lusat’s Glintstone Staff to cast Ranni’s Full Moon. Doing so will maximize the damage output of Spells. Do note that this Staff has the highest requirements falling at 8 Str, 10 Dex, and 60 Int. To get your hand on this Staff, you must give Rennala’s Remembrance to Enia after beating the shardbearer.


Azur’s Glintstone Staff

Elden Ring - Azur's Glintstone Staff
  • Requirements: 8 Strength, 52 Intelligence
  • Base Scaling: Strength D, Intelligence B
  • Sorcery Scaling: 362 at 80 Int
  • Passive Effect: Reduces casting time of types of Sorceries
  • Location: Past the High Page on the second floor of the Church of Cuckoo in Raya Lucaria Academy

Pure Intelligence builds will love the Azur’s Glintstone Staff in PVP and PVE situations as It increases the casting speed of all types of Spells by 8-10% but at an increased FP cost. In essence, it provides 40 virtual Dex, and since the casting speed caps at 70 Dex, you’re well off at just 30 Dex. This also requires 10 Str and 52 Int to properly equip it.

While it might not be the most powerful, the good news is that the passive effect still works in your offhand. So, you can use powerful Staffs with it to quickly cast devastating Spells – maximizing DPS. Quick and agile foes will have difficulty dodging the spells from this Staff in Elden Ring!

Unfortunately, it is tricky to acquire. It requires a bit of platforming over the rooftops of Raya Lucaria Academy to reach the second floor of the Church of the Cuckoo, where it rests.


Meteorite Staff

Meteorite Staff
  • Requirements: 6 Strength, 18 Intelligence
  • Base Scaling: Strength D, Intelligence S
  • Sorcery Scaling: 272 at 80 Int
  • Passive Effect: Boosts Gravity Sorceries
  • Location: Lies on a Corpse in the Street of Sages Ruin in Caelid

In case you’re having trouble with your early game damage as a Sorcerer, the Meteorite Staff in Caelid is the solution to your mystical woes. Taking the trapped chest in the Dragon-burnt Ruins will take you to Celia Crystal Tunnel in Caelid. After that, make your way out of the tunnel, and stick to the right side to reach the Street of Sages Ruins, where it quietly awaits its wielder.

Buffing Gravity Sorcery aside, this has an S-Scaling in Intelligence from the get-go. Unfortunately, you can’t improve it with upgrades, and it will start to fall off during mid-game. However, you can always offhand it with Lusat’s Glintstone Staff to boost the damage of Gravity Spells – some of the best in Elden Ring!


Carian Glintstone Staff

Carian Glintstone Staff
  • Requirements: 6 Strength, 8 Dexterity, 24 Intelligence
  • Base Scaling: Strength E, Intelligence C
  • Sorcery Scaling: 329 at 80 Int
  • Passive Effects: Boosts Carian Sword Sorceries
  • Location: Lies on a corpse in Carian Study Hall right before the second lift in Liurnia of the Lakes.

Fed up with being called a casual playing Elden Ring on easy mode? Then close in on your foes with mystical blades conjured through the Carian Glintstone Staff! This buffs Carian Sword Sorceries by 15%. And that’s a lot if you’ve offhanded it with another powerful Staff to use something like Adula’s Moonblade to split right through enemies!

With only 6 Str, 8 Dex, and 24 Int as its requirements, this it’s accessible to almost any flex builds. Fortunately, it is also available relatively early by looting a corpse in Carian Study Hall in Liurnia of the Lakes. So, if you are in the area, drop by.


Academy Glintstone Staff

Elden Ring - Academy Glintstone Staff
  • Requirements: 6 Strength, 28 Intelligence
  • Base Scaling: Strength E, Intelligence B
  • Sorcery Scaling: 345 at 80 Int
  • Location: Looted from Thops in the Church of Irith or Raya Lucaria Academy

Once you’re done with the early game content of Elden Ring, you’ll want to kick the early game sticks to the curb and switch to Academy Glintstone Staff. Despite lacking passive effects, it has excellent Sorcery Scaling and does not require a lot of stats to equip it: 6 Str and 28 Int. What’s more, if you’re yet to meet the requirements of Carian Regal Scepter, this should be your go-to Staff.

There are two ways to acquire it. The earliest method is to ruthlessly kill its wielder – Thops – in the Church of Irith. However, you’re best off sparing poor Thops, who only wishes to re-enter Raya Lucaria Academy. You’ll find him dead the next time near the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace.


Demi-Human Queen’s Staff

Elden Ring - Demi-Human Queen's Staff
  • Requirements: 6 Strength, 10 Intelligence
  • Base Scaling: Strength D, Intelligence C
  • Sorcery Scaling: 291 at 80 Int
  • Location: Demi-Human Forest Ruins, Weeping Peninsula

Thanks to its early availability, the Demi-Human Queen’s Staff is among the best early-game Staff. Also, players that have started with a melee class and are looking to employ some Sorceries should get this. You must slay the eponymous foe in the Demi-Humans Ruins Forrest to get it.

If you come prepared with a Spirit Ash, you’ll beat her without breaking a sweat, and she’ll drop the Staff you’ve set out to obtain. All in all, it’s the perfect magic stick for your initial dive into the world of sorceries as a melee player. What’s more, if you chicken out at the thought of going into Caelid for the Meteorite Staff, you know where to look.


Rotten Crystal Staff

Rotten Crystal Staff
  • Requirements: 8 Strength, 48 Intelligence
  • Base Scaling: Strength D, Intelligence B
  • Sorcery Scaling: 367 at 80 Int
  • Passive Effects: Boosts Crystalian Sorceries
  • Location: Dropped by Lesser Crystillian mages in Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree

What do the Rotten Crystal Staff and Rotten Staff have in common? That’s the Rot build-up on whacking, but the latter takes it quite literally. That said, this also sets it further apart from its non-rotten counterpart. What’s common, though, is the buff to Crystalian Sorceries; so, if you want a Walter Whi… sorry, a Crystalian build, this is worth it!

It has incredible Sorcery Scaling for pure Intelligence build. It’s also worth noting that it requires 48 Points in Intelligence to wield it, but it isn’t obtained until later, so it won’t be much of a problem, granted a Lesser Crystalian mage is kind enough to drop it.


Staff of the Guilty

Staff of the Guilty
  • Requirements: 8 Strength, 12 Faith
  • Base Scaling: Strength D, Intelligence C
  • Sorcery Scaling: 305 at 80 Fth
  • Passive Effects: Boosts Bloodthorne Sorceries
  • Location: Dropped from Thorn Sorcerers in Ft Laiedd or Guardians’ Garrison

The Staff of the Guilty is popular among players running a hybrid Intelligence/Faith build in Elden Ring. This is especially true for players wanting to employ a sanguine build with all things related to blood loss, as it specializes in Bloodthorn Sorceries.

It also causes blood loss on hit, and since the weapon is infusible with Spinning Weapon, that’s all the more reason to acquire it. That said, if you like to shred your enemies with Hemorrhage as a caster, you can get it at Mt. Gelmir in Fort Laiedd by farming Thorn Sorcerers. Plus, the weapon has a shallow stat requirement of only 8 Str and 12 Fai, making it accessible to anyone.


Albinauric Staff

Albinauric Staff
  • Requirements: 6 Strength, 10 Intelligence, 12 Arcane
  • Base Scaling: Strength E, Intelligence D, Arcane C
  • Sorcery Scaling: 372 at 80 Int/80 Arc
  • Passive Effects: Scales with Arcane
  • Location: Near Guest Hall site of grace, Volcano Manor

For Arcane setups, the Albinauric Staff is incredible in our books. This goes hand in hand with the Staff of the Guilty, as the Arcane Scaling fills up the Hemorrhage meter more efficiently. The idea is to use it with the Staff of the Guilty, so you can activate the bleed passive more quickly while increasing the damage of Bloodthorn Sorcery.

What Arcane sorcerers will love about this is the low requirements of only 6 Str, 12 Int, and 12 Arc and the S-Scaling in Arcane it gains at +25. Players clearing the Volcano Manor will come across it near the Guest Hall site of grace.


Prince of Death’s Staff

Prince of Death's Staff
  • Requirements: 6 Strength, 18 Intelligence, 18 Faith
  • Base Scaling: Strength E, Intelligence B, Faith D
  • Sorcery Scaling: 430 at 80 Int/80 Fth
  • Passive Effects: Boosts Death Sorceries
  • Location: Near the Nameless Eternal City site of grace on a corpse in Deeproot Depths

The Prince of Death’s Staff is a powerful weapon in Elden Ring; even so, it outperforms our top contenders in sheer raw power! The catch to this Staff, however, is the fact that it scales with both Intelligence and Faith. As such, unless you have pumped equal points in both stats you won’t be getting much out of it, making more of an NG+ weapon.

As the name says, it also buffs Death Sorceries, but these are lacklustre spells and bring nothing of value against mobs. You’ll have to snatch it from the Prince of Death – who takes his title a bit too literally – to get it. This corpse lies atop a tower in Deep Roots Depth, which you can scale using the nearby root ramps.


Carian Glintblade Staff

Carian Glintblade Staff
  • Requirements: 6 Strength, 12 Dexteriry, 22 Intelligence
  • Base Scaling: Strength E, Dexterity E, Intelligence C
  • Sorcery Scaling: 337 at 80 Int
  • Passive Effects: Boosts Glintblade Sorceries
  • Location: Highway Lookout Tower, western Liurnia

Despite being named the Carian Glintbalde Staff, this does not buff Sword Sorceries. Instead, the Carian Glintblade Staff boosts the power of Glintblade Sorceries, like the Carian Phalanx by 15%. This is a viable option to cover a major chunk of the early to mid-game content until you’re left with better spells and tools to carry you further.

That said, the Carian Glintblade Staff is located in western Liurnia on top of the Highway Lookout Tower. The nearest site of grace is the Liurnia Highway North, and you only have to go north from here to reach it. All in all, it’s a decent early to mid-game Staff that only requires 22 Int and some points in Dexterity to properly wield it.


Staff of Loss

Staff of Loss
  • Requirements: 6 Strength, 12 Dexterity 24 Intelligence
  • Base Scaling: Strength E, Dexterity E, Intelligence C
  • Sorcery Scaling: 339 at 80 Int
  • Passive Effects: Boosts Invisibility Sorceries
  • Location: Sellia, Town of Sorcery

For the most part, humanoid enemies and invaders can dodge roll incoming spells, and this takes the fun out of using mage builds. Well, Invisibility Sorceries are here to help you, and the Staff of Loss was made just for that purpose. They may not be the most damaging of all spells, it’s far better than not hitting your targets at all.

If you’ve gone looking for Lusat’s Glintstone Staff, you’ll also come across this Staff while solving the brazier puzzle. All in all, it is best to have this on you when dealing with enemies with a seemingly endless supply of dodge rolls.

Final Thoughts

And that’s a wrap on our best Staffs in Elden Ring! With above mentioned Staffs, you’ll have an easy time cruising through through Elden Ring’s brutal world. So, do you prefer playing passively as a sorcerer, or you’re rather fond of aggressively hacking and slashing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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