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Get The Star Eagle ASAP!

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As space combat and traveling to far-off star systems is a massive part of Starfield, you’ll want to have a ship that can withstand the dangers of space. While the Frontier is a decent enough ship, most players will be looking to acquire the best starter ship in Starfield in terms of combat toughness and the ability to jump to distant star systems.

The Star Eagle is the best A-Class starter ship you can get in Starfield. It can be acquired early in the game by completing a series of quests for the Freestar Collective faction.

Let’s look at which quests you need to finish to obtain this beautiful and sturdy ship in Starfield. We’ll keep this guide spoiler-free and vaguely talk about essential story bits so you can experience them properly.

Star Eagle Starter Ship in Starfield

Star Eagle - Starfield Best Starter Ship
The Star Eagle ship.

The Star Eagle is a massive A-Class ship you can acquire as soon as you gain the ability to travel fast in Starfield. This ship can be yours for Free and doesn’t require any registration fee since you’ll be acquiring it as a faction reward.

We’ll talk you through the acquisition process in a bit, but first, let’s take a look at the ship’s base stats.


Star Eagle Ship Stats - Starfield Best Starter Ship
Star Eagle Stats

The base stats here are nothing short of impressive. You’ve got suppressors, missiles, lasers, plenty of oomph for the engine, and a decent shield / grav drive combo to back it all up.

Size ClassA
Laser Power12
Missile Power130
Crew Capacity5
Jump Range18LY
Star Eagle Base Stats (taken from the Starfield Wiki)

These stats provide a great baseline for players to install upgrades and turn this spacecraft into the ultimate early-game ship in Starfield.

Now, let’s dig into the questlines you must complete and any decisions you must make to acquire this ship.

How to Get the Star Eagle in Starfield

Cheyenne Star System - Starfield Best Starter Ship
Start by going to Akila City in the Cheyenne System

First, you’ll need to travel to the Cheyenne star system, and once you’ve jumped there, head to Akila City, a Freestar Collective-controlled settlement.

Upon landing in Akila City, you’ll notice that the city is on lockdown, and there is a commotion near the bank. Someone is holding a few people hostage inside the bank.

Rescue the Hostages

Free the Hostages
Talk to the Mayor and let him send you to the bank as a messenger.

Go near the bank and talk to the leader of the Freestar Collective Rangers to convince him that you will help them. Then, go to the bank and persuade the kidnapper to let the hostages go.

Once done, the situation will calm down, and everything will return to normal. Then, you’ll get invited to join the Freestar Collective as a deputy. That’s precisely what we need to do here to get the Star Eagle.

Finish Your First Mission

Finish the first mission

You’ll have to finish one of the many quests listed on the mission board to show them that you are a serious recruit. These quests range from killing Crimson Fleet captains to defeating enemy spacecraft in combat.

Pick any quest you like, go to it, finish it, and then report back to Emma Wilcox to become an official Freestar Collective recruit. Emma will then take you to the Marshal of the Freestar Rangers.

Go to Wagner’s Farm

Montara Luna Wagners Farm
Wagner’s Farm is located on the Montara Luna moon.

Fast-travel to Wagner’s Farm on the Montara Luna moon in the same star system. That’s where you’ll find the next crumb of your quest line.

After you’ve talked to the woman on the Farm, you’ll be tasked with tracking down some local bandits who were harassing the people on the Farm. Follow the trail that is going towards the canyons.

Keep tracking their footprints and killing alien bugs until you reach the bandit’s hideout. Be careful of the landmines along the way as well.

You might be intrigued to start a conversation with them at that point, but there is no point. It has to end in violence. So, just take the initiative and catch them by surprise. Kill them all, loot the place clean, and then talk to Emma & Makaela Wagner again.

Go back to Akila City and report to the Marshal on your progress. He will then ask you to go to the Narion star system.

Next Stop, Narion!

Narion - Starfield Best Starter Ship

Once you jump to Narion, you’ll get a distress signal from Nia Kalu’s ship nearby. Dock the spaceship and talk to Nia. Her ship needs repairs. Help her out and repair it.

Then, head to the marked location and take out all the outlaw ships. Then, head to Hope Tech and talk to the CEO there. Once you do that, you’ll be sent to Neon, which is in the Volii star system.

Head to Neon

Volii Neon - Starfield Best Starter Ship
Neon – Volii Star System

Travel to the Volii star system. You might have to jump a few times to reach it since your ship might not be powerful enough to cover such long distances in a single grav jump.

Land in Neon and talk to the ranger there. Be careful of your decisions from this point onwards, as they’ll affect your future relations with the people of this city as well as the Freestar Collective.

You’ll have to talk to Billy, whom you can pay and persuade to tell you about the person who stole the ship. You don’t really need to help him with his problem.

Talk to the woman, finish your dialogue with her, and then head back to Akila City and report to the Marshal on your progress.

Head to the Space Station

Pick Up the Clue from the Table
Pick up the required clue from this table in the VIP wing.

Next, you’ll be headed to a nearby space station to gather any information about the missing ship.

Choose whatever method you want and gain access to the VIP wing. Once there, investigate the room and pick up the clue from the table that can be seen in the image above.

Follow the Mission Objectives

Cut the Hinges using the Cutter
Cut all four hinges.

Pick up the Cutter from the nearby crates or equip the one in your inventory to cut all four hinges on the metal door. Doing so will break the door and allow you to pass through it.

Navigate the area by working your way around the many booby traps and mines. Then, open the next door by breaking open the terminal with a Digipick. Kill all the robots and destroy the turrets to reach another door with four hinges, ripe for cutting.

Find Autumn Macmillan

Survive the Red Mile - Starfield Best Starter Ship
Run the Red Mile

Your next quest will task you with finding Autmn Macmillan. You’ll have to run something called the Red Mile, which we won’t spoil.

Just make sure you are stocked up on ammo and heals before attempting it. It might require a few reruns otherwise. Keep following the objectives and progress the quest as you see fit.

Take Out First Fleet Spaceships

Take Out First Fleet Spaceships

You’ll need quite a few spaceship parts and some mean piloting skills to survive this next bit as you’ll be fighting waves of First Fleet spaceships.

Just make sure that you are isolating and engaging single targets to avoid taking extra damage. After dealing with the aggressors, you’ll then need to go and confront Paxton Hull as part of the First to Fight, First to Die quest.

Confront Paxton Hull

Confront Paxton Hull

A long fight awaits ahead. Be ready for it by stocking up on ammo and med packs as needed. Keep fighting and pushing your way to the final objective, and then decide what you want to do with the situation.

We won’t spoil it for you here, but remember the ideals the Freestar Collective Rangers stand up for. Then, head back to Akila and finish the quest line. Just be sure to ask for a Full Freestar Ranger Badge.

After that, you’ll get a few very good rewards, and the best starter ship in Starfield is one of them. Talk to any Ship Services Technician and scroll through the list of available ships to see the Star Eagle.

You can then set it as your Home Ship to spawn it on the shipyard and pilot it. There you have it, folks; that’s how you acquire the best starter ship in Starfield. The Star Eagle will serve you well in your quests to explore the vast star systems of Starfield.

We also plan to cover many other informative Starfield topics, so just keep visiting WIG and let us know in the comments below what your favorite part of the game is.

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