5 Best Strength Training Weapons in OSRS

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Scott Livingston
Scott Livingston
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Every Oldschool Runescape player inevitably has to train their strength levels. Most of them wonder what is the best strength training weapon when it comes to maximizing your experience rates per hour.

Well, there are so many alternatives that choosing the 5 best took quite a bit. But, these weapons are ranked by their experience rate through training your slayer or nightmare zone, and not against creature weaknesses.


Ghazi Rapier

Ghazi Rapier: Strength Training Weapons

Requirements: 80 Attack

The Ghazi Rapier, overall, is the best STR weapon in OSRS. You can use the rapier to train your slayer efficiently while training your strength as well. It performs quite a bit better compared to other weapons, and the damage is very consistent.

You can get around 100k/hr strength experience while training with this weapon. But keep in mind that it is not an easy item to obtain if you’re an ironman, and it’s quite expensive if you’re a casual player. At the time of writing this article, the price is just about 56.2m.

If you’re trying to maximize your experience and use the maximum strength bonus, then you might increase your experience rates by 30%, gaining at least 130k strength experience per hour.


Osmumten’s Fang

Osmuntem's Fang: Strenth Training Weapons

Requirements: 82 Attack

Osmumten’s Fang was released on August 24, 2022. It is very similar to Ghazi Rapier, but in addition, it has two unique passive effects. This weapon is very effective against targets with high defense. But, because of its speed, unfortunately, the fang is not better than the rapier.

The experience rate p/h was even tested by a YouTuber as the comparison between the two used to be a hot-topic at the time. Fang seems to average around 97.5k strength experience per hour w/o maximum strength set-up. If you’re an ironman, you can obtain the fang as a reward from the Tombs of Amascut (Raids 3).

As a casual player, you can buy the Fang for 31M. If you’re trying to maximize your exp rates per hour, then always use maximum strength set-up, which will manage to increase your exp rates by 20-35%.


Abyssal Dagger

Abyssal Dagger: Strength Training Weapons

Requirements: 70 Attack

The next weapon is Abyssal Dagger; it is considered to be the best strength training weapon in OSRS for 70 attack players. The highest weapon that can hit with a salve amulet (e) against undead monsters is 49-49. The dagger has a special attack, which will increase damage accuracy by 25%.

Acquiring the weapon if you’re an ironman would be through Abyssal Sire kill, from which you get an Unsired drop, and then your chances of obtaining one would be 1/4.9.

Keep in mind that the dagger is a stab weapon. The market price is only 2.7m, which is considered to be cheap. Players with decent gear will manage to get up to 86k strength experience per hour. Using maximum strength set-up will increase your exp rates to 105k exp/ph.


Dragon Scimitar

Dragon Scimitar: Strength Training Weapons

Requirements: 60 Attack, Monkey Madness I

Dragon Scimitar has a shockingly high experience rate per hour when it comes to strength training. The leaf-bladed battleaxe is a close call when it comes to choosing between the two, but I’d rather go with Dragon Scimitar.

The strength experience rates with a decent gear set-up average between 82k/hr and 85k/hr. It is one of the cheapest weapons a player can buy. It costs only 60k. Ironman has to finish MM1, and they will just purchase it from the shop in Ape Atoll.

The leaf-bladed battleaxe has higher requirements, such as 65 Attack level and 55 Slayer, making it impossible to use for 60 attack account builds.


Saradomin Sword

Saradomin Sword: Strenght Training Weapons

Requirements: 70 Attack

Saradomin Sword is considered to be a popular training weapon for strength experience. It is a two-handed weapon, and the advantage it has over other weapons is how cost-effective it is. You can manage up to 90k strength experience per hour with decent gear.

You can buy one for only 200k in G/E, but if you’re an ironman it’ll take some time before you can obtain one as a drop from Zilyana (God Wars Dungeon).

The interesting thing about this weapon is that wielding it in the Bandit Camp will cause the bandits there to become aggressive. Making the sword an amazing weapon to AFK train with it.


Many of the weapons have similar experience rates per hour, but the main difference is the activity you will be doing. If you’re training Slayer in a maxed main, then the Ghazi Rapier is obviously the best choice, but if you’re training your strength levels on your 60-attack pure, then the Dragon Scimitar is irreplaceable.

In order for you to get the best outcome possible when it comes to your strength training, always make your choice in accordance with your in-game goals and objectives. Do you think there’s a different weapon that should have been included? If so, what would be your pick?

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