12 Best Strength Weapons in Elden Ring, Ranked

Nothing beats the satisfaction of trampling down enemies with Strength Weapons in Elden Ring!

Abbas Ahmad
Abbas Ahmad
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The bigger, the better, right? Well, Elden Ring isn’t short of big swords, massive hammers, and whatnot that scales with Strength. Sometimes, it’s also best to cut down enemies using sheer force, and Elden Ring’s Strength weapons hold to that really well. Today, we’ll be looking into some of the best Strength weapons in Elden Ring.

Among others, Colossal Swords, Colossal Weapons, and Greataxes are some of the Strength-based weapons players can choose from. And while slow and heavy, such weapons deal insane damage and excel at staggering enemies. That said, let’s dive right in and get started!



  • Weapon Type: Colossal Sword
  • Requirements: Str 31, Dex 12
  • Location: Dragonbarrow, Caelid

There’s no denying the profound influence Berserk had on the Souls game. One way or another, Guts’ Dragon Slayer has been there, but not in a way that blatantly copied the massive heap of iron. In Elden Ring, it’s known as the Greatsword, and call yourself a struggler or a Tarnished; you’ll always want to pick it for your Strength build.

Why the Greatsword is the Best Strength Weapon in Elden Ring?

First off, it’s just a two minutes horse ride away in Caelid. While getting the Greatsword is a struggle, it’s well worth the risk as the Greatsword is undeniably the best Strength weapon in Elden Ring.

Like Guts’ Sword, it has massive reach and is versatile enough to have its Affinity and Ashes of War changed. The massive damage it dishes out while staggering foes is nothing unusual for this Colossal Sword. But beware, it’s only wielded by those with ungodly Strength, and that is why it’s suited to cleave inhumane bosses.



  • Weapon Type: Colossal Weapon
  • Requirements: Str 60
  • Location: Lyndell, Royal Capital

Players looking into the Giant-Crusher’s flavor text will come to know that it’s a massive hammer used against Giants. Should players pick it up from the Carriage in the outskirts of Lyndell, it’ll still rain down pain on foes, Giant or not. It’s so big that it can flatten bosses with a few hits.

The Giant-Crusher, in turn, needs a hefty amount of Strength, making it available to dedicated strength users only. But all things considered, it’s a hard hitter and a certified poise breaker. Dual wielding them, on the other hand, amplifies the effectiveness of this Colossal Weapon.


Ruins Greatsword

Ruins Greatsword
  • Weapon Type: Colossal Sword
  • Requirements: Str 50, Int 16
  • Location: Redmane Castle Plaza before the Radhan Festival

One of the Legendary Armaments, the Ruins Greatsword, is carved from a ruin that fell from the Crumbling Farum Azula. Somehow, this Colossal Greatsword has found its way into Redmane Castle, which players can get after beating the duo boss in the castle plaza before activating the Radhan Festival.

That said, the Ruins Greatsword also harbors the powers of the meteorite that struck it. Its skill sends out a deadly wave of gravity magic. This makes it perfect for taking down groups of enemies, but adding in the Int Scaling as a trade-off. At the end of the day, though, it mostly scales from your Strength stat, which even ends up with an S Scaling on Strength.


Beastman’s Curved Sword

Beastman's Curved Sword
  • Weapon Type: Curved Sword
  • Requirements: Str 13, Dex 11
  • Location: Azula Beastmen

Strength weapons are a bit on the heavier and slower side. The player’s running strength builds, and looking to add the speedy flair of Curved Sword can pick up the Beastman’s Curved Sword. The fact that it’s a Curved Sword Scaling off of Strength makes it more unique and amazing.

It boasts an A on the Heavy infusion and some unique heavy attacks unknown to its group. Farming Azula Beastmen should get you the weapon. Easy enough, except the enemy is stubborn, making it a rare drop.


Nightrider Glaive

Nightrider Glaive
  • Weapon Type: Halberd
  • Requirements: Str 26, Dex 10
  • Location: Night’s Cavalry east of Raya Lucaria Academy

Halberds have always been popular in every Souls game. They have massive reach, incorporate pokes and sweeps into their moveset, and excel at staggering enemies. The Nightrider Glaive is a Halberd that delivers on all those fronts. It’s a solid pick for Strength builds as it gets the rare S Scaling in Strength on the Heavy infusion.

Speaking of the heavy infusion, the Nightrider Glaive has access to some amazing Ashes of War, which adds to this incredible weapon’s benefit. Like the Night’s Cavalry that you get it from, using a weapon on horseback has never been so effective before.



  • Weapon Type: Greatword
  • Requirements: Str 16, Dex 12
  • Location: Castle Morne

The good ol’ Claymore is a Fromsoftware classic. I personally love the Claymore, and it’s simple yet so addicting that it makes it hard to put down. The weapon’s charm lies in its unique poke – its bread and butter – and its ability to be infused with various ashes. Lion’s Claw, in particular, is the go-to choice for the Claymore.

The Claymore will always prove reliable in various setups, as nearly all infusions give the weapon incredible scaling. Players clearing Castle Morne can get their hands on it if they stick to the right wall after entering the castle. All in all, Claymore is Baemore!


Serpent Hunter

Serpent Hunter
  • Weapon Type: Great Spear
  • Requirements: Str 0, Dex 0
  • Location: Volcano Manor

If you thought the Serpent Hunter was only limited to taking down Rykard, you’re wrong, my friend. Well, you’re deprived of its gimmicky effect, but the Great-Serpent Hunt is still a deadly weapon skill that inflicts massive damage. To get it, you must enter Rykard’s boss room in the Volcano Manor, where a corpse holds it near the entrance.

Any player can easily equip it as it has 0 requirements, but again it’s for slaying Rykard. Aside that, this Great Spear solely scales off of the Strength stat, and Strength users shouldn’t let it gather dust and should make use of it at once.


Rusted Anchor

Rusted Anchor
  • Weapon Type: Greataxe
  • Requirements: Str 26, Dex 9
  • Location: Morne Tunnel

Far from looking like one, the Rusted Anchor is weirdly dubbed a Greataxe class. Jokes aside, this is an underrated gem of a Strength weapon that inflicts Piercing damage rather than its brethren’s standard type.

Piercing damage commonly found in Spears means that the Rusted Anchor can benefit from the bonus counter damage the Spear class loves so much. The Spear Talisman is just the icing for the Rusted Anchor. Players can get their hands on it early since it’s found in Morne Tunnel in Weeping Peninsula.


Dragon Halberd

Dragon Halberd
  • Weapon Type: Colossal Sword
  • Requirements: Str 22, Dex 10
  • Location: Siofra River

Halberds are already great, but the Dragon Halberd’s impressive Strength Scaling and striking Weapon Skill easily merits a place in this list. Well, it’s the Spinning Slash skill, but it’s not your regular one. Instead, this version wreathes the Weapon in Lightning Ice, making it one of the coolest Weapon Skills.

This buff lasts 45 seconds, which players can utilize to stack Frost buildup. The moniker also implies that it was made for slaying dragons, and there are plenty of dragons for you to slay. As far as getting this goes, it involves beating the Dragonkin Soldier in the Siofra River.


Beastman’s Cleaver

Beastman's Cleaver
  • Weapon Type: Curved Greatsword
  • Requirements: Str 25, Dex 14
  • Location: Azula Beastmen

The Beastman’s Cleaver is a tad faster than other Strength weapons. Since it’s used by some of the Azula Beastman, you’ll have a tough time farming it. This weapon, albeit short, has the best overall raw damage amongst the Curved Greatswords.

But while it resembles its Curved Sword counterpart, unfortunately, it lacks the unique jump attacks. Regardless, it’s a powerhouse of a Curved Greatsword that can be equipped with various Ashes of War, making it quite versatile. It’s well worth investing the hours into farming this.


Gargoyle Twinblade

Gargoyle Twinblade
  • Weapon Type: Twinblade
  • Requirements: Str 18, Dex 15
  • Location: Valiant Gargoyle, Siofra Eiver

Unlike other Twinblades best suited to Dex builds, Gargoyle Twinblade has the best Strength Scaling and packs a powerful punch. Being a Twinblade also means that this weapon boasts amazing DPS. Plus, it’s versatile to the point that nearly every infusion works well with it.

The only problem is getting it as it involves coming out victorious from Valiant Gargoyle’s boss fight. The first phase is easy enough, apart from when another one joins in, making it a pain to deal with two simultaneously. Keep trying your luck, and you’ll eventually get it, one of the best Elden Ring strength weapons.


Axe of Godfrey

Axe of Godfrey
  • Weapon Type: Colossal Weapon
  • Requirements: Str 42, Dex 14
  • Location: Godfrey’s Remembrance

Considering that you get it from the fabled Godfrey more than merits the Axe of Godfrey a mention in the list. What particularly sticks out for this weapon is the unique Ash of War, Regal Roar. It deals wide AOE damage and also buffs the weapon. Not only will it then deal insane damage, but it also improves the wind-up for the charged heavy.

However, Axe of Godfrey’s damage really falls off without its mighty roar. Plus, it’s quite depressing when you know that this Colossal Weapon only ends up with a puny C in Strength. So far, Boss weapons tend to get the shorter end of the stick in Elden Ring.


This wraps up our list of Elden Ring’s best Strength Weapons. While you’re at it, you can pick up any of the above-mentioned weapons to compliment your Strength build. However, it ultimately boils down to your playstyle, and every weapon is viable if you know what you’re doing with it.

Which is your favorite Strength Weapon in Elden Ring? Would you rather venture into the Lands Between with nimble, dexterous weapons? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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