8 Best Summer Crops in Stardew Valley, Ranked

Which 8 crops are the stars of Summer?

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In Stardew Valley, the choice of crops plays a pivotal role in maximizing profits and efficiency. Like other farming sims, each season brings its unique set of crops. Knowing the best Summer crops in Stardew Valley is crucial to optimize your farming strategies.

In this article, we ranked the 8 best Summer crops in Stardew Valley based on their profitability. These crops will help you make the most out of your Summer harvests.

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase and start with the list!




Getting the 8th spot is Radish. It is a vegetable crop that grows from Radish Seeds.

You can buy Radish Seeds for:

  • 40g (General Store)
  • 50g (JojaMart)

Radish’s growth time is 6 days. It does not regrow. You can harvest it 4 times each Summer if you immediately replant after harvesting.

Each Radish sells for:

  • 90g (Normal)
  • 112g (Silver)
  • 135g (Gold)
  • 180g (Iridium)

For each tile you plant Radish, you get a total profit of at least 200g. 

Note: The total profit here is only the minimum amount. It could increase depending on the crop’s quality and your Farming skill level.




Next on the list is Tomato. It is a vegetable (or fruit?) that grows from Tomato Seeds. You can donate a Tomato to the Summer Crops Bundle in the Community Center.

Tomato Seeds sell for:

  • 50g (General Store)
  • 62g (JojaMart)

Tomato’s growth time is 11 days. Unlike Radish, it reproduces every 4 days after its 1st harvest. This totals to 5 harvests per Tomato plant for the whole Summer.

Each Tomato is worth:

  • 60g (Normal)
  • 75g (Silver)
  • 90g (Gold)
  • 120g (Iridium)

You get a total profit of at least 250g for every Tomato plant. Each plant also has a 5% chance to produce an extra Tomato.


Hot Pepper

Hot Pepper

Coming on number 6 is Hot Pepper. You can grow this fruit crop using Pepper Seeds. Together with Tomato, the Summer Crops Bundle requires you to donate a Hot Pepper.

Each Hot Pepper Seed costs:

  • 40g (General Store)
  • 50g (JojaMart)

Hot Pepper grows after 5 days. Unlike Radish, this crop reproduces every 3 days. You can harvest Hot Peppers 8 times each Summer.

Each Hot Pepper sells for:

  • 40g (Normal)
  • 50g (Silver)
  • 60g (Gold)
  • 80g (Iridium)

You get a total profit of at least 280g for every Hot Pepper plant. There is also a 3% chance that you harvest an extra Hot Pepper.

Tip: If you want to increase your Friendship points easily with Shane, save some Hot Peppers. This crop is one of his Loved Gifts.




Melon is a fruit crop you can get from planting Melon Seeds. You can donate a Melon to the Summer Crops bundle. 5 Gold-Quality Melons are also an option for the Quality Crops Bundle. 

You can buy Melon Seeds for:

  • 80g (General Store)
  • 100g (JojaMart)

Melon’s growth time is 12 days. Similar to Radish, it does not regrow. If you replant Melon Seeds after harvesting, you can harvest a Melon only twice per Summer.

Each Melon sells for:

  • 250g (Normal)
  • 312g (Silver)
  • 375g (Gold)
  • 500g (Iridium)

For every Melon you plant per tile, you get a total profit of at least 340g. 




Bagging the 4th place is Hops. You can grow Hops using Hop Starters. Like Grape and Bean Starters, you cannot walk through Hop Starters unless they are dead. 

Each Hop Starter costs:

  • 60g (General Store)
  • 75g (JojaMart)

Hops grow from its starter after 11 days. After the 1st harvest, it will regrow every day. You can harvest at least 17 Hops from each Hop Starter for the season.

You can sell Hops for:

  • 25g (Normal)
  • 31g (Silver)
  • 37g (Gold)
  • 50g (Iridium)

Planting a Hop Starter on day 1 will give you a total profit of at least 365g.


Red Cabbage

Red Cabbage

3rd on our list is Red Cabbage. It is a vegetable crop that grows from Red Cabbage Seeds. 

You can use Cabbage Seeds to complete the Dye Bundle in the Community Center.

Similar to Garlic Seeds, the General Store sells Red Cabbage Seeds starting in year 2. However, the Traveling Cart could randomly sell them during year 1.

Red Cabbage Seeds sell for:

  • 100g (General Store)

Red Cabbage only takes 9 days to grow. It does not reproduce, just like Melon. If you replant Red Cabbage Seeds every harvest, you can harvest Red Cabbage thrice per Summer.

Each Red Cabbage is worth:

  • 260g (Normal)
  • 325g (Silver)
  • 390g (Gold)
  • 520g (Iridium)

You get a total profit of at least 480g per Red Cabbage plant for the whole Summer.




Getting the 2nd spot on our ranked list is Blueberry. It is a fruit crop that grows from Blueberry Seeds. You can donate a Blueberry to the Community Center to complete the Summer Crops Bundle.

Each Blueberry Seed costs:

  • 80g (Normal)

Blueberry’s growth time is 13 days. It also regrows every 4 days after the 1st harvest. 

Each Blueberry plant gives 3 Blueberries per harvest. There is also a 2% chance to get an extra Blueberry. This means you can harvest at least 12 Blueberries per plant for the whole Summer.

You can ship or sell Blueberry for:

  • 50g (Normal)
  • 62g (Silver)
  • 75g (Gold)
  • 100g (Iridium)

A single Blueberry plant can give you a total profit of at least 520g each Summer.




The best Summer crop in Stardew Valley is Starfruit. It is a fruit crop that grows from Starfruit Seeds. The seeds are exclusively available at the Oasis.

Starfruit Seeds cost:

  • 400g (Oasis)

It takes 13 days for a Starfruit to grow. It does not reproduce. You can only harvest it twice per tile every Summer.

The base prices of Starfruit are:

  • 750g (Normal)
  • 937g (Silver)
  • 1,125g (Gold)
  • 1,500g (Iridium)

Each Starfruit plant can give you a whopping profit of at least 700g for the whole Summer.

If you want to maximize the profitability of Starfruits, you can turn them into Starfruit Wines using Kegs. A single Normal-Quality Starfruit Wine sells for 2,250g each. 

And that concludes our list of the 8 best Summer crops in Stardew Valley! If you want to learn more expert tips on the game, you can check our guide. Don’t forget to check the best spring crops and also, crops to grow in the greenhouse all year around

How do you feel about this ranking? You can leave your thoughts below!

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