9 Best Summoner Accessories in Terraria

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Best Summoner Accessories in Terraria

The Summoner build has one of the most unique loadouts in the game. This is since the priority of summoners is to get enough summon slots while still maintaining their defensive capabilities. This is why we’re here to talk about the best summoner accessories in Terraria.

Finding the correct mix of accessories to fill out your minion and sentry counts can be difficult. Do you forego your 5th minion slot for extra damage? Do you stick with 3 minion slots in exchange for a tanky whip build? Follow our list below to find the best accessories that you’ll need for your build.

Finding Your Balance With Terraria’s Summoner Accessories

Managing minion and sentry slots is difficult if you don’t know which accessories stack. This is why we’ve made our list of which of Terraria’s summoner accessories are what you need for your build. While there is indeed a priority of maxing out your summon slots, this does not always constitute the best rubric.

We’ve also considered accessories that benefit the new Whip weapon amongst other defensive choices. Also, note that any accessory that says “minion damage” will also apply to sentries and whips. So without further ado, here is our list of the best summoner accessories in Terraria.


Pygmy Necklace

Best Summoner Accessories in Terraria pygmy necklace
  • Adds 1 minion slot

The Pygmy Necklace is the very first summon slot accessory you can get in the game. This accessory gives you an extra minion slot, which is very powerful considering you get it fairly early. This performs extremely well with the Bee and the Obsidian summoner armors and can even be used until the end of the game.

An extra minion slot is always welcome with the Summoner class, so make sure you always have one on you. Minion slot accessories stack with each other as long as they’re unique accessories, so you’ll always have a use for the Pygmy Necklace.


Bone Glove

terraria bone glove
  • Shoots out bones upon using weapons
  • Deals 25 pure damage with 25 armor penetration
  • Pierces 3 enemies or bounces 3 times, whichever comes first

While the Pygmy Necklace is the only summoner-centric accessory you can get in pre-Hardmode, you can always keep your eye out for damage-supplementing accessories. This is why we’ve added Skeletron’s Bone Glove to the mix.

As of 1.4.1, the Bone Glove has gone from a Ranged Weapon that uses bones as projectiles into an accessory that fires bones on weapon use. This allows you to have a bit of an extra range as a summoner since pre-Hardmode whips don’t cover enough ground.

Reforge this with Warding and you’ll have a balance between an offensive and defensive accessory.


Old One’s Army Accessories

terraria old ones army accessory apprentice scarf
  • Adds 1 extra sentry slot
  • Adds 10% minion damage

Terraria version 1.3.4 introduced Terraria’s first official large-scale crossover event, the Old One’s Army. This introduces a new tower defense mode where you have to protect the Eternia Crystal from waves of enemy attacks. This mode adds a few extra minibosses which drop accessories that match the armor sets you can get from the Tavernkeep.

Defeating the Dark Mage can drop you the Apprentice Scarf and Squire’s Shield while beating the Ogre in Hardmode gives you the Huntress and Monk variants. These accessories all give you an extra sentry slot while also giving additional minion damage. 

Just note that none of these bonuses stack, so it’s just best used in pre-Hardmode where you can get these accessories the earliest.


Summoner Emblem

terraria summoner emblem
  • Adds 15% minion damage

Unlike the other classes, the Summoner class only ever needs the Summoner Emblem as their only emblem accessory. This means that you do not need to fight the Wall of Flesh repeatedly for more emblems. Once you get this drop from the Wall of Flesh, it’s most likely never leaving your loadout. This makes it a key accessory to have for all summoner players in the game. 

As a note, never EVER upgrade this into an Avenger Emblem since you’ll lose out on 3% damage. We’ll be using other accessories for damage boosts in this list. So hang tight, and keep on reading for more!


Berserker’s Glove

Best Summoner Accessories in Terraria berserker glove
  • Increases defense by 8
  • Adds +12% melee speed
  • Doubles melee knockback
  • +10% increased melee (eligible) weapon size
  • +400 aggro

We’ve gone through several minion and sentry slot accessories, now we move on to some whip-boosting equipment. Whips are generally categorized as melee weapons that deal minion damage. This means that they get boosts from items that add extra melee speed and melee size, but not extra melee damage.

The Berserker’s Glove not only adds extra melee speed but also adds the auto-swing ability to whips. As a bonus, it also boosts your survivability with its added defense. If you’re playing in multiplayer, it might be better to stick with the Power Glove instead since this accessory also draws in enemy aggro.


Hercules Beetle

terraria hercules beetle
  • Increases minion damage by 15%
  • Increases minion knockback by 2

Most of the Summoner’s accessories are locked until you defeat Plantera. After conquering this massive challenge, you are then rewarded with accessories that you’ll be using even after Moon Lord has been defeated. The Hercules Beetle is one of these items, which is widely considered an upgrade to the Summoner Emblem.

Since they are both unique accessories, they can be used in conjunction for a whopping 30% bonus to minion damage. Now is the time when you’ll see your minions deal massive damage to anything they touch. Although, this is just the start of this accessory’s upgrade tree. Let’s move on to the next item!


Necromantic Scroll

terraria necromantic scroll
  • Adds 10% minion damage
  • Adds 1 extra minion slot

We haven’t seen any minion slot accessories since the Pygmy Necklace at the beginning of the game. This is why the Necromantic Scroll is a welcome addition to our summoner build. This accessory doubles up with its extra minion damage added on top of the extra minion slot.

This accessory drops from the Mourning Wood from the Pumpkin Moon event after Plantera has been vanquished. Once you gain access to it, make sure to get at least 2 copies. This is because this scroll combines with the Hercules Beetle to create an even better accessory.


Papyrus Scarab

terraria papyrus scarab
  • Provides a 15% minion damage boost
  • Adds 1 extra minion slot
  • Adds 2 minion knockback

The Papyrus Scarab is the final tier for minion slot accessories. This is a combination of the Necromantic Scroll and the Hercules Beetle. It has the highest damage bonus possible on accessories while also having an extra minion slot and knockback.

The greatest thing about this crafting tree is that all three accessories stack. This means you can have a total of 40% minion damage, 2 extra minions, and 4 minion knockback by having all three accessories equipped. If you’re short of accessory slots, though, you may want to forego the Hercules Beetle instead.


Celestial Stone

Best Summoner Accessories in Terraria celestial stone
  • +10% melee speed
  • +10% damage (all types)
  • +2% critical strike chance
  • +1 HP/s life regeneration
  • +4 defense
  • +15% mining speed
  • +0.5 minion knockback

The Celestial Stone is an excellent backup accessory for your summoner build that balances both offense and defensive stats. This allows you to stack some well-needed defense and health regeneration along with the 10% classless damage boost. 

This accessory borders on pure utility as you’ll possibly be equipping purely minion accessories in your loadout. This allows you to better spread out your stats and synergizes well with the Valhalla Knight armor which adds summon damage along with its high defense and regeneration.


Summoners have the lowest stat in the game but are well compensated by the damage it can dish out. But you can’t get to the end of the game through sheer willpower alone. Be sure to have the best summoner accessories in Terraria to make sure you’re at optimal performance! Let us know how you’ll build your summoner with your best accessories! Comment down below!

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