4 Best Support Legends in Apex Legends (2023)

The best support legends in Apex Legends

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Today we’ll be taking a look at who’s the best support Legend in Apex Legends. With the rework to the class system in Season 16, knowing what each class does is of utmost importance; and there’s no class more important than the support.

But what makes the support class so crucial for team survivability? For starters, supports can open up the extra hidden compartment on blue containers. And if that wasn’t enough, they can also craft the respawn banners of fallen allies at a replicator.



Lifeline the best support legend
Image via Apex Legends Official Website

The title of best support must go to the queen of supports herself – Ajay Che! Also known as Lifeline.

When it comes to pure utility as a support, no one can match Lifeline. One of the greatest features that she has is the ability to revive downed allies by deploying her bot on them, instead of having to go through the lengthy revive process, which usually gets you killed in a firefight.

Reviving and respawning allies should be your #1 priority. It’s also one of the best ways to get XP, as we discussed in our article on the fastest ways to level up in Apex Legends. Plus, her ultimate ability is basically a free upgrade to your gear, which will increase your survival chances in the long run.

On top of that, her movement speed is also fairly impressive, compared to other supports like Gibraltar or Newcastle at least. In critical situations, speed is of the essence, and Lifeline has it in ample supply.



Image via Apex Legends Official Website

After Lifeline, comes the professional burglar herself – Loba.

As a support, Loba is a bit different from the other Legends in the class as she isn’t the “traditional support.” Loba can’t heal you or shield you from incoming attacks. Her tactical ability allows her to teleport to a different place, which is not so good for support. Where she shines is her ultimate, which allows you to more efficiently loot the surrounding area.

What this means is that, as a Loba player, your main concern should be to lead your teammates to the best loot available as soon as possible and as fast as possible. You don’t have shields like Gibraltar or Newcastle, and you don’t have heals like Lifeline. So the only way to provide maximum utility to your team is to lead them to the best gear available.

Loba probably has one of the coolest heirloom items in the game, at least in my opinion. We took a look at it previously when we wrote about how to get heirloom shards, it may not be to everyone’s taste though.



Image via Apex Legends Official Website

Gibraltar, the gentle giant himself. He used to be an amazing support in the past but has since fallen to the wayside in more recent updates. Let’s see what makes him unique.

One thing that Gibraltar excels in is flexibility, he’s great defensively because of his active ability which allows you to cast a dome shield, while also remaining formidable offensively. His ultimate ability, Defensive Bombardment, is probably one of the best offensive abilities in the game, which is unusual considering that he’s a support.

One of the biggest downsides to Gibraltar however is that he’s rather slow. If you compare his movement speed to other Legends it feels as if he moves in slow motion. That’s one of the main reasons people tend to avoid him, even though he’s a fairly solid Legend all around.



Image via Apex Legends Official Website

Ahhh, Newcastle. It pains me to have to put him at the bottom spot, but he really isn’t all that exceptional.

The thing with Newcastle is that he’s good… just not the best. His tactical is not as good as Gibraltar’s and his ultimate is a parody of Rampart’s tactical. He’s a Legend that’s only available in the base game, but that isn’t such a big deal as Apex Legends Mobile is shutting down anyways.

It’s hard to rank Newcastle any higher, as he is situational at best in most cases. The worst thing about Newcastle however is his inability to be offensive – unlike Gibraltar. So, as is the case more often than naught, people usually pick Gibraltar over Newcastle.

Why You Should Always Have a Support

Regardless of what map you’re playing (speaking about maps, we ranked the best maps in Apex Legends a while back, consider checking it out), you should always have support in your team composition – this cannot be overstated enough.

Apex Legends Banner Crafting
Image via Apex Legends In-Game Screenshot

The ability to access the extra compartment on supply bins is good enough, but the ability to craft a respawn beacon wherever is so darn good. Usually, after a team fight, the enemy players will camp your death boxes. Instead of having to make the arduous sortie to retrieve the death banners, your support can just craft them at a nearby replicator. That kind of utility is too good to pass up.

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