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The Constant secret world seed

Terraria has added world seeds since the introduction of version 1.4. Since then, the best Terraria seeds have evolved throughout the game updates. That aside, there are some secret world seeds that will have a constant effect on the world, perhaps even changing how the game is played entirely.

Finding a good seed is completely random, but there are some places where you can find good Terraria seeds that range from weird world gen to seed skimming. We’ve compiled a list of the secret seeds along with seeds that give you a head start with the game.

Best Terraria Seeds for

As we’ve mentioned previously this list will cover both the special world seeds that change the world and custom seeds that give you great loot. 

For the custom seeds, changing the first 3 digits may or may not change the world generation. The complete details can be found here.

With all that out of the way, let’s get right to it!


Not The Bees!

best terraria seeds not the bees
  • Seed: notthebees
  • Changes the world to be mostly jungle
  • Adds honey to the surface

The Not the Bees seed turns the game into a different world entirely. It changes everything into bee-themed biomes with almost everything converted into a Jungle biome. This not only makes the entire world very dangerous, but you’ll also be missing out on basic world resources.

This seed has no Ice biome so Ice-related enemies and loot do not exist in this world. This secret seed is not that beginner-friendly so you may want to steer clear of this unless you build more Terraria experience.

This seed pays homage to the bee scene in Nicholas Cage’s The Wicker Man.


No Traps

terraria no traps
  • Seed: no traps
  • Adds a ridiculous amount of traps to the world

The No Traps seed, contrary to its name, increases the rate at which traps are generated 100-fold. This significantly increases the density of generated traps to the point that you might trigger traps every 100 steps you make, especially underground.

This seed also creates 3 new unique traps that only appear in this world type: The Bouncy Boulder, Life Crystal Boulder, and the Venom Dart Trap. The Life Crystal Boulder is a disguised Life Crystal that behaves exactly like a regular Boulder trap while the Venom Dart Trap is an upgraded Dart Trap that does Venom instead of Poison. The Bouncy Boulder is self-explanatory.


Don’t Dig Up

terraria don't dig up
  • Seed: dontdigup
  • Start the game from the bottom up

The Don’t Dig Up seed completely flips the world in its head, no pun intended. This seed changes the entire game progression in the way that you, as the player, will start from the Underworld going all the way up to the Surface level.

While that may sound impossible, the balance has been changed by the inclusion of the pre-Hardmode Mimics and new Slime drops. These Mimics, however, do not drop any Hardmode items but instead drop Gold Chest loot while Slimes drop Fallen Stars since you don’t have access to the sky.


Drunk World

terraria drunk world
  • Seed: 05162020 or 5162020
  • Induces pure chaos into the world

The Drunk World seed was introduced as a joke seed for Terraria’s 9th anniversary which is coincidentally the seed for this world generation as well. This seed introduces various changes including both world evils, all ore types, and the special Moon Lord legs.

Other changes include switching the tilesets of the Marble and Granite biomes. The Underworld has also been updated where the structures are all on the outer sides while the middle is a giant lava lake. Your starting NPC is also changed to the Party Girl instead of the Guide. 



best terraria seeds celebrationmk10
  • Seed: Celebrationmk10, 05162011, 05162021
  • Terraria’s 10th Birthday Seed

The Celebrationmk10 is a seed added in celebration of Terraria’s 10th birthday seed. This is the best terraria seed for getting a generous amount of loot and unique mobs like the Jungle Mimic and the Golden Slime. All chests will also provide the best prefixes for all item types (e.g. Warding/Lucky for accessories, Unreal/Legendary/etc. for weapons).

This seed also includes custom-painted biomes, including the cyan ocean biome you spawn in.

Several NPCs are also summoned at the very beginning and will always start a Party event as soon as you first enter into the world. Event rates, loot, and some drop rates have been increased significantly.


The Constant

terraria the constant don't starve
  • Seed: theconstant
  • Adds Don’t Starve mechanics

The Constant seed adds various Don’t Starve mechanics into the game. These include dying light sources, taking damage in pitch-black darkness, and the Hunger debuff. This seed was added when the collaboration with Don’t Starve was added. You’ll also notice that the world will have a sepia shader to match.

Taking hits in this seed will play Winston’s or Willow’s hurt sound depending on your character’s gender. Lead and Platinum also do not spawn in this seed and you’ll only be getting either Iron or Gold. Caves in this seed generate in an interconnected fashion, unlike the vanilla world where they generate in patches.


For The Worthy

terraria for the worthy
  • Seed: fortheworthy
  • It makes the world significantly more difficult

The For The Worthy seed provides you with a significant increase in difficulty. It upgrades difficulties from Classic to Expert, Expert to Master, and Master to Legendary. This seed also includes various changes like lava spawning closer to the surface and bosses having different AI.

The most notable differences also include increased higher-tier ore generation, Skyware Chests getting replaced with Locked Golden Chests, and ash blocks spawning lava (similar to Hellstone ore). Pots will also have a chance of dropping lit bombs when broken, making it more difficult to venture underground.


Get Fixed Boi

terraria get fixed boi
  • Seed: getfixedboi
  • Combines the most notable seed effects into one
  • Screenshot shows both For The Worthy and Drunk world generation features

The Get Fixed Boi seed combines multiple secret seeds into one mega-seed. These include all the previous items in our list, making this seed the most difficult iteration of any world generation in Terraria. If you’re looking for a challenge, this is the best Terraria seed for you!

This seed includes a unique boss, Mechdusa, which combines and replaces the three mechanical bosses. This also includes a special honey block called the Crispy Honey Block that functions as a fire block and releases lava when mined. This functions similarly to the Hellstone Ore, without the crafting capabilities that the ore provides.


Quick Enchanted Sword Shrines

terraria quick sword shrine
  • Seed:

This seed features a fairly easy way to obtain multiple sword shrines in record time. Once the world starts, immediately head to the left side of your world. There you’ll face a fairly small Ice Biome since this world is generated as a Small variant.

After leaving the Ice Biome, you’ll find yourself in a Forest tunnel. Dig down from either side of this tunnel and you’ll be able to find 2 active sword shrines. As a bonus, you can walk right from spawn and find yourself a low-hanging sky island just a few blocks above the highest point of the mountain.


Exposed Pyramid

best terraria seeds exposed pyramid
  • Seed:
  • Fun world generation

This seed is a wonderful example of the great wackiness of Terraria world generation. Once you spawn in, keep walking left and you’ll find a small cave that leads directly to the bottom of a Desert Pyramid. Unfortunately, attacking the pyramid from this angle will take too much time.

Instead, what you’ll want to do is to climb over the hill and head towards the very tip of the Desert biome. From there, dig down between the first and second cactus and you’ll eventually find the entrance of the pyramid. You’ll find yourself either a Flying Carpet or a Sandstorm in a Bottle.


Mushroom Loot Madness

terraria mushroom loot madness
  • Seed: 3.1.1.painpainpainpianpain
  • Tons of loot in mushroom biomes

This seed is unique in a way that you’d need to work a bit to get the treasures it holds. This seed features multiple instances of the recently updated Mushroom Biome. If you take a look at the screenshot for this world, you’ll see 2 notable Mushroom biomes near the bottom of the Dungeon.

The Red box features the most loot having 1 life crystal and 5 golden chests on the upper layer, and a mushroom chest on the bottom layer. The Green box features 2 life crystals, 3 golden chests, and a mushroom chest all on the top layer of the biome.


No-Dig, Instant Sword Shrine

terraria instant sword shrine
  • Seed:
  • The header explains it all

This seed is the best Terraria seed for getting the fastest sword shrine in version To top it off, it requires absolutely no digging, and the time it’d take you from world creation to get to the shrine is zero to none. 

Once the world is generated, the only thing you need to do is walk toward the left and fall into the first pit you see. Exercise caution, however, as falling in this pit deals a whopping 152 fall damage. You may need to scour the nearby pots for a few pieces of rope.


Treasure in the Sky Islands

terraria sky island treasure
  • Seed:
  • Multiple valuable sky islands
  • 3 sword shrines
  • Exposed pyramid base to the left of the desert

From spawn, walk to the left side of your map. Directly above the first lake you reach is a Lucky Horseshoe. Moving further to the left, count the corruption chasms you pass. Above the 5th chasm is a Starfury. 

Continue your journey left until you pass the Ice biome and reach a small Forest hill. Dig down from the highest point for a sword shrine. Then, dig directly left for a 2nd sword shrine. There’s a 3rd sword shrine on the right side of the map. Once you hit your first living tree, backtrack to the hole beside it and you’ll see the sword shrine wall.

Bonus: There’s an exposed pyramid between the desert and corruption on the right. Inside is a sandstorm in a bottle.


Desert Railroad

terraria desert railroad
  • Seed:
  • Massive railway system.
  • Exposed pyramid tip in the desert
  • 2 easy sword shrines

The spawn in this world shows you a relatively flat forest. Walk directly to the left and you’ll find a cave opening that leads to a sizable cave system below. After a few drops, you’ll find yourself with a massive rail system that takes you across a fifth of the entire map. 

This lets you travel between the Desert to the Corruption biome with ease. Walking towards the end of your Jungle to the left will also net you 2 sword shrines relatively close to each other. The screenshot shows where the Sword vein is near the surface. Dig directly to the left from here for the second shrine.


Living Forest World

best terraria seeds living forest whatifgamingrocks
  • Seed: 3.1.2.whatifgamingrocks
  • Rare Living Tree Forest generation with both living and regular chests
  • 2 accessible sword shrines

This world features the best Terraria seed which features a cluster of Living Trees for a Living Forest. This is directly found to the left of where you spawn. These living trees have an abundance of loot and can be a great way to have NPC houses without the need for building.

Continuing your journey to the left, you’ll find a few forest crevices before you hit the Ice biome. Somewhere in those crevices is an easily accessible Sword shrine. A second sword shrine is accessible at the very right of the world, exactly under where the Jungle and Beach transition.


Secret World Seeds are the best way to spice up your relationship with Terraria if you’re feeling that the base game just doesn’t do much for you anymore. They change the way you play the game entirely by adding tons of new challenging content that you’ll never find in a vanilla world. That said, it’s also fun to play with the best Terraria seeds that guarantee that you’ll be able to find the best loot possible. Do you feel like we missed a great seed? Let us know in the comments below!

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