10 BEST Texture Packs For Minecraft 1.18: RANKED

Paulina Rodriguez
Paulina Rodriguez
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We are always grateful to see Mojang continue to update Minecraft, thanks in part due to the commitment and love shown by the community for over a decade. Once a new update is announced, and snapshots are available to play, many creators start immediately an uphill task: updating their texture packs for the latest version.

Thanks to their selfless dedication and with the Caves and Cliffs Update Part 2 already out, we can now enjoy the newest additions in the game without losing the graphic enhancements unlocked with custom texture packs. Check out our list and see if one of the best Minecraft texture packs for 1.18 catches your eye!

Before continuing, it’s worth noting that almost every entry will require you to install Optifine’s latest version to function correctly. If you’re having issues with this visual mod, we have an excellent guide here to help you download and set it up. At this point, it’s one of the essential things you need to add to your Minecraft game if you’re tired of the vanilla experience!


LB Photo Realism Reload

Best Resource Pack HD x128 LB Photo Realism Reload for Minecraft 1.18

Download Pack

LB Photo Realism Reload is an x128 Minecraft texture pack available for 1.18 that certainly lives up to the hype. 1LotS has worked in this package for almost 7 years, and you can tell they’ve poured a lot of effort into this project. Be aware that this resource pack is highly demanding, which means that only high-end computers can properly run it without compromising performance. 

However, trust us when we say that your Minecraft world will look absolutely stunning. Besides, it still follows the vanilla aesthetic to some extent, so it’s not a jarring visual experience if you’re trying to spice up your Minecraft world’s graphics. With several 3D models, randomized textures and brand-new animations, LB Photo Realism Reload steers far off from the original resource pack created by Scuttles many years ago cited as the direct source of inspiration.


Stay True

Stay True Cute Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.18 Best Download
Screenshot by haimcyfly

Download Pack

If you’re fond of the classic resource pack, Stay True does precisely what you’re thinking.

Featuring a beautiful graphic overhaul that fits great with the original style, it’s one of the best texture packs for Minecraft 1.18, just from how pretty the vegetation looks. Do you want to have Pink Birch Leaves and other interesting textures? Then don’t forget to use Optifine! 

Stay True is an outstanding resource pack you can use to live out your cottagecore fantasies in Minecraft. We love the crop variations, especially if you plan to create vast farming land for your village! As a side note, if you disliked the bushy leaves for some reason, there’s an addon available to remove them. 

What’s great about this project is its constant updates and attention to detail, so make sure you’re downloading the latest version available to enjoy all of its features.  Not only flowers, bushes and leaves are infused with personality in the Overworld, but the Nether realm also looks stunning!

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Realistic HD Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.18 Clarity Resource
Screenshot by SCtester

Download Pack

Clarity is all about high-definition textures to elevate your Minecraft experience to the next level. This is one of those Minecraft 1.18 texture packs that will make your game look good through day and night cycles flawlessly. Not only it presents a breathtaking rehaul to the mobs and environment, but it also increases font resolution for easier reading and revamps the GUI’s buttons and menus. We honestly feel like building a small house on top of a hill and spending the day admiring the horizon with Clarity installed!

An interesting thing to note is that you can also use it for the Bedrock edition, and we’re happy to inform you that it performs just as great in Minecraft Java. Have fun playing around with the settings!



Better Vanilla Building Minecraft 1.18 Best Resource Pack Original Aesthetic
Screenshot by stefanj2_

Download Pack

BetterVanillaBuilding remains faithful to the original game’s visual experience with some nice improvements. Specifically, this Minecraft texture pack for 1.18 includes the exciting mechanic of renaming certain items in an Anvil to change their textures into unique and creative designs. Of course, this treatment is also possible with hundreds of block combinations, thanks in part to Optifine’s connected textures settings. Make sure to check out all the new customizations in their public server!

We always love whenever creators provide additional tools to customize their creations further with addons! If you’re planning to install this resource pack, we suggest including the surface overlay addon to keep a 100% flat surface with grass, dirt and sand blocks. If you’re also a fan of bushy leaves, another addon is available for BetterVanillaBuilding that’s super easy to install.

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New Default+

New Default+ Best Resource Pack Minecraft 1.18.1 Vanilla Experience
Screenshot by SeaOfPixels

Download Pack

If you’re looking for a fully customized graphic experience that takes the vanilla experience and adds a pleasant twist to it, you may want to give New Default+ a try. This resource pack for Minecraft 1.18 allows you to rename items with the Anvil to change weapons and armour textures to replicate the ones available in Minecraft Dungeons or Minecraft Story Mode. The mob textures according to the biome they spawn in adds some much-needed variety in that department too!

We love how some members of the community incorporate assets from other related titles like this! The enhanced colours and textures look absolutely stunning, although you will get the most out of it if you follow their recommendations and use Optifine. You can still use New Default+ without it, but honestly– if you want to truly improve the way you play your game, it’s an absolute must-have at this point.

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Bare Bones

Bare Bones Plastic Minecraft Resource Pack for 1.18 1.18.1
Screenshot by robotpant

Download Pack

Some players enjoy having a more plastic aesthetic when playing Minecraft, and who could blame them? It’s the perfect scenario to indulge with simpler textures and completely steer away from realism. And, as a bonus, these types of resource packs can also help a lot in improving performance in some computers! 

That’s why we cannot stop recommending Bare Bones as a must-have texture pack for Minecraft 1.18. Its vibrant and straightforward textures completely overhaul the game’s visual experience by making each block, item, and mob look unique and exciting. As a fun fact, this resource pack was also featured in our 10 BEST Minecraft Plastic Texture Packs list. If you’re looking for similar texture packs to test, make sure to check there!

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Misa’s Realistic Texture Pack

Misa's Realistic Texture Pack Best Minecraft Resource Pack for 1.18 Download Optifine
Screenshot by Misa

Download Pack

Misa’s Realistic Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.18 will blow your mind with its textures variations if your computer can handle the challenge. This project goes as far back as 2009 and we can tell the amount of love and dedication poured into Misa’s Realistic Texture Pack. Its colour palette is less vibrant and more desaturated compared to vanilla, but that helps soak in all the details in each HD texture. 

What’s best, you won’t be stumbling around trying to guess what’s each block, since they strike the perfect balance between realism and utility. What else is there to ask for? We do know that it’s mostly suited for more modern or high-end computers, but if you’re able to test Misa’s Realistic Texture Pack without losing some frames don’t waste that opportunity!



Medieval Resource Pack for Minecraft Excalibur 1.18 Best Download
Screenshot by Maffhew

Download Pack

Many players enjoy Minecraft to create intricate villages, castles and even RPG adventures set in medieval times. So, if you want to significantly upgrade your game’s graphics and simultaneously maintain the vanilla look, Excalibur is your Minecraft texture pack for 1.18. that you should test at least once. The brand-new textures combined with 3D block improvements are incredible! Of course, it also features random mob textures that you can enjoy when you activate that option through Optifine.

It doesn’t matter if you want to play peacefully in your solo world or battle other players in exciting PvP servers. Excalibur will help you achieve a medieval-styled aesthetic that’s attractive and in-tone with Minecraft’s original graphics. Slap your favourite shader for 1.18 on top and start your new adventure in a breathtaking environment!


Compliance 64x

Compliance 64X Texture Pack Best Graphic Enhancement Minecraft 1.18
Screenshot by Compliance_Team

Download Pack

Do you feel some nostalgia when thinking about the good ol’ days? Maybe you remember the old combat system, or even back when the End was recently added. After all, it has been a bit less than a decade since Minecraft has been around!

Compliance 64x tries to maintain some of that magic intact since it heavily follows the same style we used to find in Minecraft until 1.14, most of it created by the artist Jappa. Anyone from the community can contribute to Compliance 64x by submitting new textures or voting on other people’s submissions, but keep in mind that they include extensive documentation to ensure these proposals don’t steer away from the original vision. 

So, if you want to take the vanilla experience a step beyond, we strongly suggest you check out this resource pack available for 1.18!


Coterie Craft Frontier

Best Minecraft Texture Pack Enhanced Vanilla 1.18 Coterie Craft Frontier
Screenshot by Cpt. Corn

Download Pack

We know that some players aren’t looking for extreme overhauls when testing texture packs. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel, Coterie Craft Frontier mainly focuses on polishing textures and overhauling the GUI to make it look minimalistic. We can definitely appreciate the thought put into balancing between keeping the Minecraft aesthetic while still injecting some personality and vibrance to the world. 

You can download the x16 or x32 version depending on how many details you’d prefer in your Minecraft game. There’s also an addon available that replaces the new textures with Coterie Craft’s original textures from its first iterations. One last bit: the good news for Bedrock players is that they’re also working hard on fully converting the resource pack for that version.

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Using texture packs is the best way to give a fresh new paint coat to your Minecraft world. We hope that you’re able to fully enjoy the best Minecraft resource packs for 1.18 and enjoy the new deep caverns, high mountains and everything in between. Which one is your favourite resource pack? Is there any pack you’re still waiting on their 1.18 update? Let us know in the comments below and thank you for reading!

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