Best Unturned Server Hosting Providers 2020

Finding the best Unturned server hosting can be hard and that’s why WhatIfGaming is here to help! We have done extensive research and testing with each company and came up with a list of the best unturned hosting companies.

Some of the tests we perform on each server

  • Server reliability, speed, and cost per player slot.
  • Stress testing under load and population tests
  • The server support and response time
  • Time and ease of setup
  • Reviews

Lag can be one of the most stressful things to happen in a game. It can seem picky, but multiplayer games rely on the most hair-trigger reactions and require split-second decisions. Even a slight delay in the input can be frustrating and disheartening. Many games will lose their player bases simply due to buggy online play. Multiplayer games need to assure fairness, and games that lag or stutter will quickly be labeled unfair, or even unplayable. This is why it is essential to find the best Unturned server hosting providers.

Many servers will suffer from poor maintenance, this can be due to poor server hosting, but usually, it is overcapacity. Even huge titles of monetized games like Call of Duty or Fortnite will suffer, therefore, allocated server space can be extremely beneficial.

Unturned Server Hosting

One game that can benefit from server space is Unturned. This is a multiplayer zombie survival game that has a similar aesthetic to Roblox, since early-beta access in 2014 it has been a cult favorite and has good reviews across the board. If you’re looking for a game that is accessible and fun for everyone, then this is a fantastic choice. It will also benefit from hosting its own server. Many YouTubers play this game, and hosting their own server is a sure-fire way to have a smooth experience with other players, and also host whoever they like.

Therefore, on this list, we will be going through the best Unturned server hosting options for you. We will be going through the pros and cons of each hosting company, so you can be assured of finding the best one, and the best value for money.

1: Host Havoc

First up is Host Havoc. This is a great choice, as straight off the bat it promises a 99.99% uptime guarantee, (which is essentially 100%). It also hosts 24/7, 365 technical support. This is often a real gripe with servers, as often the customer service is poor, and for something technical and requiring payment it can be something that really requires help! Host Havoc also boasts an average response time of fewer than 10 minutes. This is extremely useful, as often you’ll need support straight away – the faster the better.


Host Havoc also supports a new infrastructure based on NVMe SSDs. Normally they would be regular SSDs, but Host Havoc has now 80% NVMe SSDs to support their systems, NVMe SSD’s are over seven times faster, and reportedly 20 times faster than HDDs. Most of the network is also built from the latest E-series Xeon CPUs, featuring speeds of up to 4.5 GHz. Plus, this company is based in 11 cities, carefully structured in a widespread network. These features will mean that lag is a thing of the past; you’ll have crisp gaming experience and be completely comfortable the whole time.

On a dedicated Unturned server, you can be assured of Free DDOS Protection, FTP access as well as a web-based file manager. You will have full control over your server, and be able to adapt it to your purpose. This is one of the finest choices out there. A downside is that it can be more expensive than other servers, require more payment for more slots, plus support fewer games, but it is important to remember the quality you are getting here, they have some of the latest hardware, with an excellent level of customer service.

2: GTX Gaming

Running for over 11 years, GTX Gaming is another smart choice for the best Unturned server hosting. This particular server company is available all over the globe, there is nowhere on the planet that you will not be able to use this service. GTX Gaming’s network has a low-ping 10 GB connection, so you can be assured of no lag spikes or bad connections.

Like many gaming servers, this one will also offer 24-hour gaming support as sometimes setting up a server can be challenging. There are full backup systems made every day, new hardware is implemented annually to keep up with the demands of online gaming, which is exponentially increasing every year.

Mobile control panel

This choice also brags a mobile control panel, so you can monitor and administrate your servers while on the go. This is ideal for those who need to be out and about and can’t rely on being at their computer all day. You can rely on this app to send you notifications, and help keep you updated on what’s going on in your server slot.

GTX Gaming has been hosting Unturned since it was first released, so has the benefit of being one of the original choices for Unturned server hosting. It uses powerful E3 processors such as the latest i7\i9 CPUs. The company has also started to implement the new powerful AMD Ryzens, to guarantee a smoother performance all round.

One other fantastic option for this server is the schedule tasks option. This is an easy-to-use feature which lets you organize and plan updates, backups, wipes, and server restarts into your schedule.

3: Nitrous Networks

These high-performance servers from Nitrous Networks are another stellar choice. They utilize the fastest SSD technology available. The connection is premium, with T1 providers ensuring extremely low latency and a rock-steady connection.

The selling point here for Nitrous Networks is the accessibility of it. It has a friendly website and has many features to help support its users that may not be advanced techies. It can also be set up instantly, so you can get straight into your experience.

Cheap Unturned Hosting

If you are looking for cheap Unturned server hosting, then this is the choice for you. For up to 24 players you can have an allocated server for just £5.60. This is a very good value for money. There are also no contracts so you only pay for what you use. If you are looking for a simple and very reliable server service, then this is the option for you.

4: Ping Perfect

The Unturned servers on this platform have a 48-hour guarantee, so if you are not happy with your setup, simply request a refund. Unique to these servers are discounts offered for each rental period. If you choose a quarterly subscription then you are eligible for a 5% discount. A 10% for a semi-annual subscription, and a 15% discount for an annual subscription.

Free web hosting

PingPerfect also offer complimentary 1GB of web space, you can use this for anything, such as advertising your own game server, and even communicating with members on the stream. You can be assured that you’ll never have an interruption, as there is an in-house backup system so you’ll never be cut off while you are playing.

Another good reason to choose Pingperfect is its choices in the checkout. You can choose whether to have your service hosted on SSD, as well as an additional discount courtesy of some small Pingperfect branding.

A disadvantage is that the site is not that aesthetic, it can be difficult to navigate and know which is the best option to choose as there are a lot of options.

5: Game Servers

A solid choice here, with the tagline “Frag not Lag” showing that they have their priorities sorted. Game Servers guarantees extremely fast pings and low latency speed, so you can be certain of quality when you are setting up.

Gameservers has an instant activation system, and is online 24/7, so the minute you buy your server slots, you will be online from the moment you order until the day you cancel.

Custom control panel

There is also a custom control panel available, which should help you out with maintaining and monitoring your server. It can be used to upload files, install plugins, mods, switch locations and even add additional administrators if necessary. You can also use it to relocate servers, so if you move, or find that you are closer to another server you can change with no strings attached.

A con of this choice is that it is slightly more expensive than your average server.


Overall a game like Unturned will not require an excessively high server capacity, so you won’t necessarily need the most advanced servers. Unless you are planning to host many players and/or install lots of plugins and mods. It all depends on your intention with the game, but at this level, price is probably the best option, combined with support. Nitrous Networks is probably the most appropriate here, it is very good value and offers all the support you will need. Pingperfect is also a good choice here, it is the most versatile of all the options, and allows you to craft your own package.

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