Best Valheim Server Hosting (2023)

The Best Dedicated Servers You Can Get For Valheim!

Daniel Westrop
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Having player-hosted servers in Valheim is always a hassle since you will be dealing with desync, disconnections, and other lag issues based on the host’s internet connection. The best way to experience Valheim with your friends or clan mates is via a dedicated server hosting service.

Since I’ve played a lot of Valheim with my buddies, we had to come up with a rather permanent solution and find out which server-hosting services were worth it. There are dozens of server host providers out there, and all of them offer certain benefits and drawbacks.

To help you choose quickly, I’ve gathered the six best server hosting services for Valheim that made the most sense to me based on their pricing, benefits, uptime, and overall server stability.


Apex Hosting

Apex hosting Valheim

We’ve kept the ever-famous Apex Hosting at #1 simply because of how reliable their servers are, having DDoS protection, low latencies, a very easy-to-use control panel, and one-click modpack support as well. I’ve been using their server hosting services for my Minecraft servers as well. So, they are tried and tested.

Apex Hosting lets you choose servers ranging from 2GB RAM all the way up to 10GB RAM. I think for a game like Valheim, going with servers that have 2GB or 3GB RAM is plenty enough.

The pricing starts from $10/month and goes up to $50/month. Their pricing plans are structured around the amount of RAM you require for your servers rather than slots. You can choose to pay monthly or quarterly.



GTXGaming Valheim

GTXGaming is also considered to be one of the best Valheim server hosting services out there. They also provide standard DDoS protection, 24/7 live chat support, a friendly control panel, one-click modpacks, and the ability to migrate your current Valheim world onto their server.

Unlike Apex Hosting, your price plan gets decided based on several factors, such as:

  • Slots
  • Locations
  • Memory
  • CPU Speeds
  • VIP Fast Customer Support

Choosing all of these services based on your requirements will create a custom plan for you. The very basic price bracket can be anywhere from $10-11 or more. I’ve had my Rust servers hosted on GTXGaming servers and they’ve worked flawlessly. I’m sure the Valheim ones will be of equal quality.



Gportal good Valheim host
Gportal good Valheim host

With strong customer support that responds to your queries within minutes, a fairly decent price plan and fast servers that offer complete DDoS protection, G-Portal can also be an ideal server hosting service for your Valheim world.

Their 10 slot server can run up to $12.70/month and you can pick between a few different payment plans, including an annual plan that saves you the most money. If you just want to see how good their service is without committing to a full month’s payment, you can also spend $4.20 and get a server for 3 days.



Shockbyte Valheim homepage

Shockbyte is another strong contestant for the most reliable Valheim server host. They offer auto modding support, low latency servers that run on NVME SSDs with the promise of having 100% uptime, DDoS protection, full FTP access and all the other bells and whistles you might expect from a good server hosting service.

Their price plans start from, $15/month that offers 4GB+ or RAM paired with 10 players slots. You can opt for a quarterly, semi-annual or annual plan.


Survival Servers

Survivalservers Valheim

Survival Servers provides a competent hosting service with loads of features, including FTP access, automated server restarts, ability to port your current Valheim server onto SS servers, NVME based servers, XBox compatibility as well as Steam/Microsoft support.

You also get access to Valheim plus and SS’s proprietary Game Server Management Panel, that lets you control every aspect of your Valheim world and mod with ease as well. A 10-slot server will run you up around $17.50/month with the option to choose between monthly, quarterly or annual payment plans.


Nitrous Networks

Nitrous Networks Valheim server hosting

Nitrous Networks is another great option you can go with if you want a stable and speedy Valheim server. Their servers run on NVME SSDs, come with TCAdmin panel for easy configuration, DDoS protection and a live chat support that is available 24/7.

You’ve seen these features in the other servers as well. So why is NitrousNetworks at #6 you might ask? Well, its the pricing. You’ll be spending around $18.60/month with the most basic plan, which is a tad bit too expensive, in my opinion.

Not sure whether you’ve guessed it by now or not, but all of these server hosting sites are technically the best for Valheim. They are almost the same.

They only differ in price plans, and some have a few additional features or security measures that the other provider doesnt. But the one with slightly less features also comes with a cheaper price plan.

I would suggest that you visit all of these websites and see which one’s are having a deal or sale of some kind at that time. Go with that one. You only need a 10-15 slot server with around 4-8gigs of RAM for a balanced Valheim world to enjoy with your friends.

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