Best Valorant Agent Concepts Made by Fans

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The concepts above were created by @alifrikha on Instagram.

New Valorant agents are always exciting since they bring some new elements to the game. Here’s a list of some of the best Valorant Agent concepts made by fans.

Valorant recently celebrated its first anniversary. About a year ago, Valorant only had 10 initial agents. Since then, they’ve released a total of 6 new agents, with KAY/O being the most recent one.

Valorant is still relatively new, and there is no doubt that there are quite a few things still missing from the game. Things like a good replay system, Valorant Map Queue, in-game tournaments, among many others.

Though there are two things that Valorant doesn’t lack, new maps and new agents. They follow a relatively loose schedule. Riot usually releases new agents during the start of a new Act. On the other hand, they release new maps about every Episode. They did release Breeze a little early in Episode 2, Act 3, which is why we didn’t receive an agent for that Act.

Even though Riot does a good job and releases some very unique and amazing agents, fans have some pretty great ideas as well. There are a ton of various fan-made agent concepts that feel like they simply belong in the game.

The community comes up with tons of new Valorant agent concepts made by a lot of talented people. Here are some of our picks for the best Valorant agent concepts created by fans. Hopefully, some of these make it to the game someday.

Best Fan-Made Valorant Agent Concepts


Merino – The Best Looking Valorant Agent Concept

Merino Valorant Agent concept made by a fan
The concept above was created by u/byAmel on Reddit.

Merino is one of the most complete and ready-to-go agents on this list. He has a backstory, complete abilities, and even has a finished design.

Merino is an Italian scientist that previously worked for Kingdom. He stole some of Kingdom’s projects and tech and injected the water with radianite to exact revenge on the radiants.

Most of Merino’s abilities provide some sort of mobility for his team. He was specifically designed to fill the controller role.


Ability 1 (C) Water Slide – His first ability shoots water to create a road. All agents that step on the road increase their movement speed by 30%. The road disappears over time.

Ability 2 (Q) Mariana Trench – Merino creates a division through a wall where everyone can pass through. The hole closes after a while.

Signature Ability (E) Dense Structure – He can give an ally or himself a shield of 50 units that also reduces the sound of their footsteps.

Ultimate Ability (X) The Last Chance – Merino’s ultimate resets, restores and improves all of his abilities by drinking radianite injected water. His ability 1 gets its speed increased to 50%, allies are the only ones who can use ability 2, and his signature cancels increased damage to the head.

Merino’s abilities are very unique and can impact the game for both teams. Nothing in the game increases movement speed nor allows players to pass through walls, which are some of his best abilities.

Not to mention that Merino also has a 50 unit shield that can remove the increased headshot damage when his ult is up. Merino sounds like a very overpowered agent that will add a ton more chaos to the game.


Quantum – The Most Interesting Agent Concept

The Most Interesting Agent Concept
The concept above was created by u/DewyOtter on Reddit.

Quantum is another fan concept complete with a bit of lore, a full set of skills, and a finished design. Design-wise, Quantum actually looks quite similar to Cypher. However, their skills are very different, and he actually has a few abilities that are quite similar to Yoru’s.

He is a rogue operative lurking in the shadows of Kingdom. Quantum brings a ton of uncertainty to the battlefield opening up different opportunities for his team.


Ability 1 (C) Paradox – Paradox is a very tricky and deceptive ability. It summons a destructible clone that remains stationary or instructed to move in a path, only stopping when it hits a wall.

Ability 2 (Q) Rift – Quantum’s Q ability is quite similar to Yoru’s Gatecrash ability. It opens up a breach in space that allows Quantum to travel back to it at any time. It is destructible and lasts for 20 seconds.

Signature Ability (E) Dimensional Tear – This is Quantum’s vision-blocking ability. It allows you to place and mark 3 beacons on the map which you can use to deploy screens. Screens are similar to Viper and Phoenix’s walls.

Ultimate Ability (X) Tunneling – Opens a passage between surfaces that allows players, bullets, and abilities to pass through for 30 seconds. This is essentially the opposite of Astra’s ultimate.

Quantum looks like a very interesting agent. He will bring a ton of new things like the clones and new insane strategies using his ultimate. Even though he shares some similar abilities to Yoru, I think they play very different roles and can use their teleports in different ways.

If Quantum does make it into the game, he will be one of the more unique controllers in Valorant. It’ll definitely be interesting to see what his abilities bring to the game.


Mamuro – The Most Badass Agent

Mamuro created by u/VisiblePerson. Inspired by Samurai easter egg in Icebox.
The concept above was created by u/VisiblePerson on Reddit.

The creator said that the samurai easter egg found when Icebox was first released inspired Mamuro’s concept and design. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have much lore or backstory. Mamuro is powered by radianite and can summon lightning bolts on the battlefield.

He seems pretty badass and genuinely looks like a samurai.  I can see him matching the Oni bundle collection very well, which is one of the skins that definitely deserve a second bundle.


Ability 1 (C) Heaven’s Roar – Heaven’s Roar allows you to send a lightning strike that deals 40 damage and blinds enemies within its radius. You can place it from a distance of 80m, and lightning will strike the selected area after 1.5s.

Ability 2 (Q) Overload – This skill equips a discharge of electricity that upgrades either your or your allies’ weapons. Pistols mark enemies, SMGs and ARs have their damage increased by 10%, and Rifles have an increased reload speed as well.

Signature Ability (E) Thunder Cutter – Mamuro equips a blade of thunder that either protects you from damage, destroys an enemy projectile, or dashes and deals 75 damage to an enemy.

Ultimate Ability (X) Rising Thunder – Rising Thunder is a very interesting ultimate. When using Rising Thunder, Mamuro sacrifices 50% of his health and transforms him into an electric demon armed with the thunder blade. The blade deals 50 damage and heals Marumo for 20 hp. He can freely switch between the thunder blade and other weapons.

I personally think that Mamuro has a more MOBA type of skill set. I feel like he’s a character directly from League of Legends. He might be able to work in Valorant after a few tweaks. It’ll be quite interesting to see if Riot can pull off a MOBA-like agent in Valorant.


Samat – The Best Sound-Based Valorant Agent Concept

The Best Sound-Based Valorant Agent Concept
The concept above was created by @haddockkkk on Twitter.

The creator stated that Egypt and its history heavily inspired Samat’s concept, design, and abilities. Even though we already have an African-inspired agent in Astra, it wouldn’t hurt to add another one. There’s not much backstory or lore for Samat aside from the fact that she is from Egypt.

She has an interesting skill set focusing on playing mind tricks on her enemies by using different sounds and effects.


Ability 1 (C) Dual Fire – Equip a Dual Fire speaker that you can place or throw. Samat can then activate the speaker to create gunfire sounds that last for 2.5 seconds.

Ability 2 (Q) Amplify – Equip an Amplify Grenade. The grenade is completely hidden from the enemy’s view when placed. When activated, it will turn into a molly that will amplify footsteps and enable teammates to hear walking enemies.

Signature Ability (E) Scarab’s Cry – Equip a Scarab Beetle that you can throw to the ground. When enemies run into the beetle, it will latch onto them and make loud beetle cries. The enemies are deaf until they remove the beetle.

Ultimate Ability (X) Hear No Evil – Activate a sound device that deafens everyone within a certain radius for eight seconds.

Samat’s abilities are very unique and can add another element of strategy to Valorant. They all affect your hearing and audio cues in one way or another. I think that she’s going to be a good Sentinel in the game. Some of her abilities have some similarities with Killjoy, with some added audio disturbances.

Her abilities are heavily focused on messing with your enemy’s audio and sounds. Aside from Omen’s Paranoia, Astra’s Cosmic Divide, and Yoru’s Fakeout, audio-based skills aren’t used too much in Valorant. It’ll definitely be interesting to have an agent fully dedicated to audio outplays.


Ernouf – The Most Terrifying Agent Concept

A unique werewolf agent concept named Ernouf.
The concept above was created by @alifrikha on Instagram.

During his early ages, Ernouf was extremely abused because of his rare disease, making him a human/wolf hybrid. Kingdom assassinated the only friend that Ernouf ever made while he was out investigating a secret lab. Because of this, Ernouf hates Kingdom and wants his revenge.

It looks like Warwick from LoL heavily inspired Ernouf’s concept. However, I’m not entirely sure if this was the creator’s intentions or if its purely just a coincidence. Ernouf is a Duelist werewolf that relies on his primal instincts to find enemies.


Ability 1 (C) True Vision – When activated, Ernouf will see enemies for a short period of time. This ability is quite similar to Cypher’s Neural Theft and might be too OP as a basic ability.

Ability 2 (Q) Instinct Hunting – Ernouf’s Q will allow him to sense the nearest and most damaged enemy. This reveals the enemy to Ernouf and create’s a trail that will grant bonus movement speed when moving towards the enemy.

Signature Ability (E) Sudden Slash – Ernouf dashes forward and dealing 30 damage to all enemies in his path, and applies a bleed effect for 5 seconds. The bleeding effect deals 25 damage over time and will trigger Ernouf’s Instinct Hunting ability.

Ultimate Ability (X) Full Moon – His ultimate fully transforms Ernouf into a werewolf. This form grants him 30% movement speed and an unstoppable aura that will prevent him from being slowed. Ernouf won’t be able to use any guns and instead use his claws as melee weapons to apply the bleed effect to any enemy he damages.

When I first saw Ernouf, I immediately thought he was very similar to Warwick from League of Legends. Warwick’s Blood Hunt ability is very similar to Instinct Hunting, and Ernouf’s Sudden Slash is essentially Warwick’s Infinite Duress.

Nevertheless, I still think that Ernouf is a really wonderful concept that would bring many new elements to Valorant. Unfortunately, he probably needs to get a rework for him to work in a competitive shooter environment


Guster – The Most Unique Looking Concept

The Most Unique Looking Concept
The concept above was created by @alifrikha on Instagram.

Guster was born with an incurable Melanoma disease. He was forced to do risky surgery to completely replace his skin and finally cure his disease. The surgery was a success, but his DNA got merged with chameleon DNA that gave him a new reptile-like skin and abilities.

His abilities are heavily inspired by a chameleon’s natural skills.


Ability 1 (C) Instinct Assistance – Guster uses his tail to pick up anything from the ground and holding it there for the rest of the round. He can switch between the item he has on his tail and his primary weapon at any time. His tail also drops the item when he dies.

Ability 2 (Q) Regeneration – He can heal 60 HP over a 3 second period by renewing his skin. During this time, he cannot move nor shoot his gun. He can cancel the ability at any time.

Signature Ability (E) Camouflage – Guster immediately switches to his knife and camouflages himself, becoming completely invisible. During this time, his movement speed is 80% slower and he cannot be heard for up to 7 seconds. Attacking an enemy or switching to a gun cancels the effect.

Ultimate Ability (X) Natural Perception – Guster uses his glasses, which widen his view to 120° for the rest of the round. This greatly increases the things he can see and gives him an advantage over the regular 90° FOV.

I think Guster’s abilities are quite unique and can be game-changers. His Instinct Assistance alone can greatly affect a team’s economy by bringing 2 guns into the next round instead of 1. Aside from maybe the ultimate. His other abilities are all relatively balanced.

It’ll be interesting to have these skills appear in Valorant. The game doesn’t have these animal-like characters yet, and it’ll definitely be fun to see more of them as agents.

Final Thoughts on the Best Valorant Agent Concepts

Those are some of the Best Valorant agent concepts made by fans. There’s definitely a lot more out there that are as good as these ideas.

It’s definitely fun to see what the community’s ideas are for possible future agents. Riot is always working on new agents and maps for Valorant. They are also working on a ton of other content like a potential battle royale game mode, new skins, and other features.

Remember that these are all just fan-made agent concepts, and none of them are certain to appear in Valorant. But you never know, sometimes game developers like Riot like to take some inspiration from some of their community’s ideas. Epic Games actually added some fan-made skins into Fortnite, who knows, Riot might do the same.

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