Best Valorant Crosshair Hex Codes

Anwell Patdu
Anwell Patdu
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Looking to spice up your Valorant crosshair with some new hex colors? Here are the best Valorant crosshair hex codes that you can use.

The crosshair is an essential part of any Valorant player’s arsenal. This is why it’s highly recommended to always choose a Valorant crosshair that you are comfortable with. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small, static or moving, with outlines or without; as long as you can pop heads with it, you’re good to go.

The Valorant community has pushed Riot Games to add crosshair customizability options ever since the release of the game. They’ve slowly improved the utilization of crosshairs, including sharing crosshair codes and, more recently, introducing the ability to add custom crosshair colors.

In Patch 5.04, Valorant added a long-time requested feature, adding custom colors to your crosshair. It also introduced the ability to individually adjust horizontal and vertical lines, copying a spectated players’ crosshair and increasing the number of profiles from 10 to 15.

The Best Valorant Crosshair Hex Color Codes

Changing your Valorant Crosshair
Setting the Valorant crosshair color to custom

First up, let’s talk about how to change your Valorant crosshair colors using hex codes. You can access custom colors through the Valorant crosshair settings menu.

Here are the steps to change the crosshair colors using hex codes:

  • Press Escape and go to your Valorant settings.
  • Go to the “Crosshair” tab.
  • From there, click on “Primary.”
  • Find “Crosshair Color” and then select “Custom.”
  • From there, you just have to paste in your preferred Valorant hex code and press the enter key to confirm.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to know the specific hex code of the color you want. Here are a few unique Valorant crosshair hex codes that you can use to jazz up your crosshair.

Red Valorant Crosshair Hex Codes

Red code
  • Red: #ff0000
  • Blood Red: #880808
  • Burgundy: #800020
  • Cherry: #D2042D
  • Coral Pink: #F88379
  • Maroon: #800000
  • Raspberry: #E30B5C
  • Rose: #FF007F
  • Ruby Red: #E0115F
  • Scarlet: #FF2400

Yellow Valorant Crosshair Hex Codes

Best Yellow Valorant Crosshair Hex Codes
  • Yellow: #FFFF00
  • Amber: #FFBF00
  • Bright Yellow: #FFEA00
  • Golden Yellow: #FFC000
  • Lemon: #FAFA33
  • Mango: #F4BB44
  • Saffron: #F4C430
  • Gold: #FFD700
  • Canary Yellow: #FFEF00
  • Macaroni and Cheese: #F2BB66

Blue Valorant Crosshair Hex Codes

Blue crosshair
  • Blue: #0000FF
  • Baby Blue: #89CFF0
  • Cornflower Blue: #6495ED
  • Navy Blue: #000080
  • Royal Blue: #4169E1
  • Sky Blue: #87CEEB
  • Turquoise: #40E0D0
  • Blue Jay: #2B547E
  • Coral Blue: #AFDCEC
  • Blue Ivy: #3090C7

Green Valorant Crosshair Hex Codes

Best Green Valorant Crosshair Hex Codes
  • Green: #00FF00
  • Bright Green: #AAFF00
  • Dark Green: #023020
  • Emerald Green: #50C878
  • Forest Green: #228B22
  • Jade: #00A36C
  • Lime Green: #32CD32
  • Mint Green: #98FB98
  • Olive Green: #808000
  • Deep Teal: #033E3E

Violet Valorant Crosshair Hex Codes

Violet Crosshair
  • Violet: #8F00FF
  • Purple: #800080
  • Purple Amethyst: #6C2DC7
  • Purple Iris: #3571BE
  • Indigo: #3F00FF
  • Pastel Violet: #D291BC
  • Plum Purple: #583759
  • Bright Grape: #6F2DA8
  • Purple Amethyst: #6C2DC7
  • Purple Iris: #3571BE

Best Whites, Blacks, and Other Colors

  • White: #FFFFFF
  • Black: #000000
  • Grey: #808080
  • Silver: #C0C0C0
  • Vanilla: #F3E5AB
  • Dark Coffee: #3B2F2F
  • Bullet Shell: #AF9B60
  • Dirty White: #E8E4C9
  • Jet Gray: #616D7E
  • Red Dirt: #7F5217

These aren’t all the available Valorant crosshair colors that you can use. If you’re looking for another color that isn’t on the list, you can easily search for it online. These are just the best and most commonly used colors by different Valorant players.

Some of my personal favorites are Coral Pink, Salmon, Emerald Green, Turquoise, Indigo, Gold, and Maroon.


That’s how you can change your Valorant crosshair color using hex codes, including the different colors you can choose from.

It’s definitely exciting to see that Riot listens to the community and tries to bring new features as soon as they can. I can’t wait to see what other crosshair changes they implement in the future.

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