Best Valorant Maps: All Valorant Maps Ranked (2022)

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Anwell Patdu
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Valorant is one of the only games to ever come close to challenging CS:GO as one of the best FPS games around. Part of its success is the number of amazing and unique Valorant agents that each has their own roles and skills that make the game interesting.

Another part is their new and creative maps that featured things such as three sites, teleporters, zip lines, and tons of elevation. On Valorant’s release date, there were only a total of four maps. Of course, everyone has their favorites, but there wasn’t much to choose from back then.

Currently, Valorant has a total of 7 maps, with more coming in the future. Each map is set in a different location in Future Earth. These maps offer designs and textures representing the different countries we know today.

Best Valorant Maps

  1. Ascent – The best map that everyone loves.
  2. Haven – The three-site attacker-sided map.
  3. Icebox – A newly updated map with some new tricks.
  4. Bind – A unique teleporter-equipped map.
  5. Split – A hit or miss map that you either love or hate.
  6. Breeze – The calm and chill open-area map.
  7. Fracture – The misunderstood new map that nobody likes to play with.

Our list was created based on the Valorant map’s pick rate in pro play, the community’s opinion, and just the general feel of playing both as attackers and defenders on each map. Remember, these are just based on our opinion, and you are entirely free to disagree. Everyone has their preferences, and this is ours.

Note: We’ll be updating this list with roster changes and updates to map as soon as they happen!

Valorant Maps Breakdown

Let’s take a deeper look at each map and what makes them great and unique. We’ll be discussing their strengths, pick rates in pro play, teams that like playing on that map, and the different popular agent team compositions for each map.



Release Date: Episode 1 Act 1 (June 2, 2020)
Exact Map Coordinates: 45°26’15” N 12°20’9” E
Location: San Marco, Venice, Italy

Offers many different entryways to both sites. Rushes on B site can be easy to stop by a Sentinel or through wall bangs.
Wide middle-area that can be contested by both attackers and defenders. Little post-plant options on B site.
Many wall bangable locations that can help you get easy kills. The doors can sometimes do your team more harm than good.

Ascent is the first map on our list and is one of the most popular maps both in pro play and in ranked. It has the highest pick rate among all regions at over 23% and is a favorite map by most pro teams.

It’s slightly a defender-sided map, but it’s known as one of the most balanced Valorant maps. Both sites can be attacked in different ways and offer a lot of different angles and areas to pick and hold from.

Its middle area is also a great tool for attackers, giving them plenty of options to choose from. However, defenders also have great angles to hold from, good OP spots because of the different elevations, and tons of cover to hide behind. You don’t feel like you’re completely useless as a defender, and you can easily set up your traps and utility as a sentinel or smoker agent.

Overall, Ascent is pretty balanced, and it’s always fun to play. It features tons of different corners, cubbies, and boxes that always allow both sides to play in unique and unpredictable ways.

Some pro teams who have high win rates on Ascent include Gambit Esports, Acend, G2 Esports, and X10 Crit, who all have over 80% win rates on Ascent.

Common Agent Team Compositions for Ascent

To help you play on Ascent, here are some of the most popular team compositions that pro teams use.

  • Astra, Jett, KAY/O, Killjoy, Sova
  • Astra, Jett, Killjoy, Sage, Sova
  • Breach, Jett, Astra, Killjoy, Sova
  • Astra, Raze, Killjoy, Sova, Sage

Astra, Sova, and Killjoy are simply just go-to agents when it comes to Ascent. They work well on the map and can help your team easily win rounds when utilized properly.



Release Date: Beta Launch Map (April 7, 2020)
Exact Map Coordinates: 27°28’0” N 89°38’30” E
Location: Thimphu, Bhutan

Many entrances to the sites. A heavily defender-sided map.
Many different areas where you can effectively use an Operator. It can be hard to defend sites if you don’t have any sentinels on your team.
Lots of different shotgun cheese spots for eco rounds. Garage and A short can be a chokepoint on the attacker’s side.

The unique feature about Haven is that it has three different plant sites. It’s the only map in the game that has this feature and will probably not change anytime soon. Riot hasn’t announced any plans to add another map with three sites, so it’s safe to say that Haven is here to stay.

As you have probably guessed, Haven is an attacker-sided map. Defending two sites is already hard enough; what more if there were three sites. Haven has an over 18% pick rate in pro play and is the third most picked map over the past six months.

Both the A and C sites offer two different ways to attack, allowing attackers to mix things up a bit. While the middle area of Haven connects directly to the entrance of the B site or to a garage area that you can use to enter the B or C site.

However, defenders can still hold sites pretty effectively. Usually, a setup in Haven involves quick rotations between different sites, especially the players holding B site.

Some professional teams that enjoy playing on Haven are Sentinels, TSM FTX, ZETA Division, and Team Liquid, who all have a win rate of 74% or higher on the map.

Common Agent Team Compositions for Haven

There are quite a few different variations when it comes to team compositions for Haven. Here are some popular ones used by the top pro teams.

  • Astra, Jett, Killjoy, Skye, Sova
  • Chamber, Astra, Jett, Skye, Sova
  • Astra, Cypher, Jett, Skye, Sova
  • Astra, Cypher, Jett, KAY/O, Sova

For the most part, it’s the sentinel agents that get swapped out for each other. Killjoy, Cypher, and Chamber are great agents to have in any Haven lineup because they can easily hold sites and multiple entrances on their own.

It’s also great to have initiators like Skye or KAY/O, mostly because of their great information-gathering abilities and powerful flashes.



Release Date: Episode 1 Act 3 (October 13, 2020)
Exact Map Coordinates: 76°44’0” N 149°30’0” E
Location: Bennett Island, Sakha, Russia

Has a ton of verticality that agents like Jett, Raze, Chamber, and Omen can abuse. It can be hard to control mid if you have no sentinels on your team.
Offers tons of unique plant spots on both sites. It can be hard to retake a site.
It can be easy to play post-plant situations. Has many unique angles that you have to check.

Icebox is the first map that Valorant released after its worldwide launch. At first, most players disliked the map but it slowly became one of the best Valorant maps. Riot changed a few things after it was released and it helped make the map become more popular to all players.

One unique thing about Icebox is that it has a lot of verticality. This is why agents like Jett, Raze, and Omen were great picks in Icebox when it was first released. Now, these agents are still good on Icebox and you can even add Chamber to the mix.

Icebox is the second most played map in official Valorant tournaments over the past six months. It has a 19.58% pick rate and is an attacker-sided map. The map is covered in a snowy landscape and offers amazing sceneries, making for a good Valorant wallpaper.

Riot is still making changes to the map, implementing huge B site changes in Patch 4.04 at the start of Episode 4’s Act 2. They made it easier to attack the B site with more entry routes and they pretty much maintained the A site’s look.

Version1, Acend, Gambit Esports, T1, Luminosity Gaming, and Fnatic are teams who excel at playing on Icebox. They all have a win rate of 73% or higher on the map.

Common Agent Team Compositions for Icebox

Here are some team compositions that you can use on Icebox. These are based on the most popular lineups of the top professional Valorant teams.

  • Jett, Reyna, Sage, Sova, Viper
  • Jett, Killjoy, Sage, Sova, Viper
  • Chamber, Jett, Killjoy, Sova, Viper
  • Jett, KAY/O, Sage, Sova, Viper
  • Chamber, Jett, KAY/O, Sova, Viper

Viper, Sova, and Jett are pretty much the core agents for any lineup in Icebox. Their utility can help you a lot both when attacking and defending. Agents like KAY/O, Chamber, and Killjoy can help you defend sites better and get more information.

Do take note that these lineups can change because of the recent changes to both Icebox and the controllers. We’re yet to see what the new Icebox meta will be like, so make sure to use these team compositions with caution.

Release Date: Beta Launch Map (April 7, 2020)
Exact Map Coordinates: 34°2’0” N 6°51’0” W
Location: Rabat, Morocco

It’s very easy to rotate because of the small map size and teleporters. You can easily be killed by enemies waiting outside of teleporters.
The ultimate orbs can easily be secured. Flanking can easily be heard if you aren’t careful due to the small map size.
Offers a lot of different post-plant locations and lineups. Showers/baths and hookah can become chokepoints if you aren’t careful.

The next Valorant map on our list is Bind. Bind is one of the more unique maps because it features teleporters that take you to two different locations on the map. You can use the teleporters to easily rotate from one site to another. However, the teleporters only go one way and aren’t interconnected.

Bind has a 14% play rate over the past 6 months among all official tournaments. It’s a fairly balanced map where both sides have decent chances to win. However, it does lean a little bit towards the defenders, especially if you use your utility properly.

Both sites offer “long” and “short” entrances that can help you execute different attacks. Defenders also have plenty of space to position themselves and their utility throughout the site. The teleporters also play a huge role for both sides, because they can easily be used to quickly rotate between the sites.

The European Valorant teams enjoy playing on Bind a lot. Teams like Acend, G2 Esports, Fnatic, and Gambit Esports all have a 75% or higher win rate on Bind. While Sentinels is the only top-tier NA team with a win rate over 70%. This definitely says a lot about the difference between the play styles of EU and NA teams.

Common Agent Team Compositions for Bind

To help you think of a good team composition for Bind, here are some of the most popular lineups that pro teams use on Bind.

  • Brimstone, Raze, Sage, Skye, Viper
  • Astra, Jett, Skye, Sova, Viper
  • Astra, Killjoy, Raze, Skye, Sova
  • Raze, Astra, Sage, Skye, Viper
  • Astra, Raze, Skye, Sova, Viper

As you can see, there are a lot of different teams that you can use on Bind. Most teams enjoy running a dual controller lineup and a Raze. Raze definitely helps slow down rushes and pushes because of the tight entrances that Bind has to offer.

Taking a Killjoy also helps a lot with defending sites, especially B site. However, most teams have recently preferred taking Sage instead because of her wall.



Release Date: Beta Launch Map (April 7, 2020)
Exact Map Coordinates: 35°41’23” N 139°41’32” E
Location: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Defenders can easily rotate between the two sites through mid vents or defender spawn. It can be hard to enter the sites if you don’t take middle control.
The ropes provide easy ways to get to high ground, especially in the B site. It can be difficult for controllers like Omen and Brim to provide full cover for their team.
The middle area gives you easy access to both sites’ “heaven” areas. It can be hard to attack A site if you’re team is uncoordinated with ability usage and corner checking.

Split is considered a mid-tier map. It’s a hit-or-miss map that you either love or you hate. Its main feature is the ropes and the middle area of the map literally splits into the two heaven areas on both sites.

It has a very low pick rate in professional play, coming in just a little shy of 11%. It’s also a defender-sided map because of the way defenders can easily rotate between the two sites. There are also tons of different locations where you can put your utility on as a sentinel agent.

Split’s mid-area is widely contested because it gives you access to the heaven area on both sites. It’s one of the more unique Valorant maps in this aspect, but everything else is pretty standard. This is why Sage is a popular agent in Split, to help with the defending of mid.

NA teams love Split a lot. Sentinels, Version1, TSM FTX, Rise, and Evil Geniuses all have a 70% or higher win rate on the map.

Common Agent Team Compositions for Split

Here are some common agent team comps that the pros like to use when playing on Split.

  • Astra, Jett, Sage, Skye, Viper
  • Astra, Cypher, Jett, Reyna, Sage
  • Jett, Astra Killjoy, Skye, Viper
  • Astra, Cypher, KAY/O, Raze, Sage
  • Cypher, Jett, Omen, Raze, Sage

As you can see, Sage is a top agent when it comes to Split. They also like to match her with another sentinel like Cypher or Killjoy to help hold-down sites better. Pro teams also prefer to run a double controller team comp on Split to help with blocking the lines of sight and different angles on the map.



Release Date: Episode 2 Act 3 (April 27, 2021)
Exact Map Coordinates: 26°11’06” N 71°10’31” W
Location: Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean

Operators are very powerful on Breeze. It can be hard for controllers to provide cover for their team because of the huge open spaces in each site.
There are a lot of creative areas that defenders can play on. It can be hard to retake sites without any smokes.
Attackers have a lot of options and ways to enter the sites. Some blinds can’t reach far enough to blind players playing in the back of sites.

We’re starting to get into our last few maps. Breeze is a beach-themed map with tons of open spaces and very few areas and objects to hide behind. It was a super attacker-sided map when it was first released, but they have changed it a bit to help the defenders more.

Breeze has a 9.81% play rate over the past 6 months in all tournament games. It’s fair to say that it isn’t exactly the most popular map around. A lot of players still hate the map, even after the changes, and some just prefer to dodge it outright.

It’s one of the biggest maps in Valorant and it can be difficult to figure out how to play on the map. It has a very wide and open middle-area which is a popular spot for OP players. A lot of people run double OPs on Breeze because they know that you will oftentimes end up doing long-range battles.

There are only a few teams that have over 25 games played on Breeze, and they all have pretty bad win rates on it. Ghost Gaming has over 75% win rate, Sentinels have a 67% win rate on 9 games, G2 has a 63% win rate on 8 games, and Gambit has an 82% win rate over 11 games.

Common Agent Team Compositions for Breeze

Since most of the top-tier pro teams haven’t played over 25 matches on Breeze, it can be hard to find a meta for it. But, we’re still going to suggest what we think are great lineups to use on Breeze.

  • Jett, Killjoy, Skye, Sova, Viper
  • Chamber, Jett, Skye, Sova, Viper
  • Jett, Killjoy, Sage, Sova, Viper
  • Astra, Chamber, KAY/O, Sova, Viper
  • Chamber, Jett, KAY/O, Sova, Viper

Make sure to track your win rate on Breeze to find out, which team comp works the best for you. Generally speaking, Sova and Viper are great agents to use on Breeze because they can cover large areas using their utility.

It’s also a great idea to pick OP agents like Chamber and Jett if you plan on using the Operator to defend sites.



Release Date: Episode 3 Act 2 (September 8, 2021)
Exact Map Coordinates: 35°48’18” N 106°08’19” W
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Players can easily rotate from one side to the other using the one-way ziplines. Forces players to use different playstyles and strategies because of the unique map layout.
Each site has multiple entrances from opposing sides, allowing attackers to pick where they want to go. Limited play rates from professional play, making it hard to find new strategies and clips to review.
Fracture allows different types of playstyles to shine and lurkers to become more effective. No clear meta has been developed yet.

The final Valorant map on our list is Fracture. Fracture is Valorant’s newest map, released back in Patch 3.05 on September 8, 2021. The map is barely 6 months old, and yet people already despise it. Players just think it’s super bad to the point that they straight-up dodge it when they encounter it during the competitive queue.

It has an abysmal play rate of just 3.81% in the professional valorant scene. It’s been played only 804 times out of the 21101 professional matches played over the course of the past 6 months. Sheesh.

Fracture’s main gimmick isn’t actually bad. Attackers spawn in between the two sites and they can use a zipline to travel between the two sides of the map. Each site essentially has 2 entrances, making for some really interesting play.

At its core, Fracture is actually a pretty unique map. It forces you to play with a different playstyle and use different strategies, compared to the other Valorant maps. Unfortunately, players don’t like this about the map and just refuse to play it.

At this point, Fracture is still relatively new. There’s still plenty of time for players to figure out how to play it and for Riot to find out what they can change about the map to help players out. But all you can do is dodge the map or learn the best strategies to use.

It’s too early to say what teams prefer playing Fracture. Especially, given that most teams haven’t even played more than 10 matches on the map. But so far, Version1, Fnatic, and 100Thieves have been looking pretty great on Fracture.

Common Agent Team Compositions for Fracture

Similar to Breeze, Fracture hasn’t been played that much in the professional scene. It’s hard to say what team comps work best, when the pros haven’t even figured it out as well. But, we’ll try to suggest some of the best teams available for Fracture.

  • Astra, Breach, Cypher, Raze, Viper
  • Astra, Breach, Chamber, Raze, Viper
  • Breach, Astra, Chamber, Jett, Viper
  • Brimstone, Breach, Cypher, Raze, Sage

Breach is really good on Fracture because he can easily use the different corners, walls, and objects for his utility and get the most out of them. It’s also very common to use a combination of Astra and Viper to help out with clearing corners or blocking lines of sight.

Astra is just super powerful at the moment and is definitely one of the best Valorant agents right now. But, changes are coming in Patch 4.04, so we’ll have to wait and see if she retains her power.

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