Best Valorant Names – Ultimate List

    Are you looking to change your Valorant name but can’t decide on a good one? Here’s our list of the best Valorant names and how to create your own.

    Choosing your Valorant name is an essential part of your gaming experience. Your name is what other players get to see when you match with them in-game. People usually remember players with a godly aim and great names.

    Coming up with your own amazing name can be quite a task. It can be hard to find a name that represents you and sounds great at the same time.

    Luckily, we’ve got you covered. We compiled a list of the best Valorant names for you to use.

    Best Valorant Names to Use

    We divided the in-game names into five different categories. Feel free to jump to the specific category that you are looking for.

    Anime Valorant Names

    It’s pretty common to use anime PFPs, but did you ever think of using anime names as your IGN? Both Asuna and Hiko got their IGNs from anime characters. At the same time, TenZ uses Killua and Alluka from Hunter X Hunter on his smurf accounts.

    Check out some of these awesome anime-inspired Valorant names.

    1. Itachi
    2. Ryuu
    3. Dio
    4. Asuka
    5. Daisuke
    6. Fumiko
    7. Haru
    8. Hideo
    9. Ichiro
    10. Jiro
    11. Hinata
    12. Hisoka
    13. Kaede
    14. Kazuko
    15. Zoro
    16. Uchiha
    17. Gintama
    18. Uzumaki
    19. Saitama
    20. Luffy
    21. Yagami
    22. Ackerman
    23. Kiyoshi
    24. Michiko
    25. Natsu
    26. Raiden
    27. Seiji
    28. Shinobu
    29. Shoto
    30. Tadashi
    31. Yuuki
    32. Tetsuya
    33. Wasaki
    34. Sasaki
    35. Jaeger
    36. Freecss
    37. Ichigo
    38. Midoriya
    39. Piccolo
    40. Dabi
    41. Yatogami
    42. Tsunade
    43. Kirishima
    44. Genos
    45. Akamaru
    46. Ash
    47. Mirajane
    48. Aomine
    49. Daichi
    50. Kiyoko

    Cool Valorant Names

    Next, we have some cool in-game names. These could be cool references or cool-sounding names.

    1. Hades
    2. Zeus
    3. Bullet
    4. Kratos
    5. Thor
    6. Andromeda
    7. Apollo
    8. Achilles
    9. Fenrir
    10. Hercules
    11. Nyx
    12. Perseus
    13. Pollux
    14. Raijin
    15. Scylla
    16. Theseus
    17. Anubis
    18. Osiris
    19. Adept
    20. Alucard
    21. Flicker
    22. Shadow
    23. Scar
    24. Impact
    25. Mystic
    26. Blitz
    27. Agitator
    28. Ballistic
    29. Doohickey
    30. Elixir
    31. Speck
    32. Gambit
    33. Hazard
    34. Gizmo
    35. Juggernaut
    36. Dynamo
    37. Cyclone
    38. Cinder
    39. Raven
    40. Ember
    41. Comet
    42. Pollex
    43. Quicksilver
    44. Ruckus
    45. Rascal
    46. Apocalypse
    47. Bizarre
    48. Silhouette
    49. Diabolic
    50. Hyperbolic

    Funny Valorant Names

    Now, here’s a list of some funny and light-hearted Valorant names. These are perfect names to use if you’re not a tryhard and just want to enjoy playing the game.

    1. S1MP
    2. I am Noob
    3. You Raze Me Up
    4. Jett Revive Me
    5. Okay Boomer
    6. Ping Diff
    7. Eco Fragger
    8. ShaquilleOatmeal
    9. Babushka
    10. HowYouDoin
    11. Not Tenz
    12. No Aim
    13. I Am Groot
    14. YoruIsUseless
    15. RazeShadowLegend
    16. Valo Rant
    17. Drop Me Skin
    18. Open Up The Skye
    19. GGGGiveMeACorpse
    20. BotFrag
    21. OneTonSoup
    22. HardstuckSilver
    23. GG EZ
    24. CSGO Better
    25. JudgeBestGun
    26. GiveMeOmenBuffs
    27. NerfOP
    28. Odin Warrior
    29. Teabag
    30. Jett Or Throw
    31. CheckUrCorners
    32. LukeShiftWalker
    33. IAmNotYourFather
    34. Backseat Gamer
    35. BelowAverageSova
    36. No Aim Duelist
    38. 24/25 Reload
    39. Anything For VP
    40. Right-Click OP
    41. Precise Gunplay
    42. TenzSon
    43. FreeDatBoiJayWon
    44. BodyShotMachine
    45. The Range Bot
    46. AimAssist
    47. Bros Before Hoes
    48. Cereal Killer
    49. Lowlight Machine
    50. John Wick’s Dog

    Girl Valorant Names

    Here we have some of the best in-game names for girls. Although some of the names in the other sections can also be used by girls. You can also copy some of the girl Fortnite names and make them into your Valorant IGN.

    1. Angel Of Death
    2. Valorant Queen
    3. WonderWoman
    4. QueenBee
    5. Empress
    6. Gamer Girl
    7. Athena
    8. Thalia
    9. Aurora
    10. Freya
    11. Cleopatra
    12. Cassiopeia
    13. Dove
    14. Pegasus
    15. Harley Quinn
    16. Black Canary
    17. Storm
    18. Kitty
    19. Zatanna
    20. Black Widow
    21. Sakura
    22. Hinata
    23. Princess
    24. Mikasa
    25. Amber
    26. Aura
    27. Ayumi
    28. Bliss
    29. Bubbles
    30. Candy
    31. Ahri Gato
    32. Maple
    33. Blossom
    34. ItsTheGamerGirl
    35. Valkyrie
    36. MissFire
    37.  Zelda
    38. Princess Peach
    39. Queen of Queens
    40. Silent Beauty
    41. Gamer Babe
    42. Wonder Girl
    43. Deadly Pink
    44. Mamma’s Girl
    45. Daddy’s Girl
    46. Matcha Assassin
    47. Panda Bear
    48. Mademoiselle
    49. Deadly Beauty
    50. Enchantress

    Sweaty Valorant Names

    Finally, we have some of the sweatiest and tryhard Valorant names out there. Feel free to choose one and climb the ranks.

    1. Aimz
    2. Smurf City
    3. Phantom
    4. Headhunter
    5. Smurferino
    6. Ghost
    7. Fl1ckspeed
    8. Mr. Wick
    9. Ace
    10. Sensei
    11. Demigod
    12. Flick City
    13. Invincible
    14. Scope
    15. Richochet
    16. Prowler
    17. Rush B
    18. Diablo
    19. Clutch
    20. Instalock
    21. Empress
    22. Aim Labs Guy
    23. Nemesis
    24. Hazard
    25. Insomnia
    26. Clix
    27. Get Clapped
    28. Finessed
    29. No Mercy
    30. Legend
    31. OutForBlood
    32. Kraken
    33. Cannon
    34. Smooth Operator
    35. Solo Queue Demon
    36. EatSleepValorant
    37. AnythingForRR
    38. Skull Crusher
    39. Ice In My Veins
    40. Berserker
    41. Alpha
    42. One Tapz
    43. BloodEater
    44. Psycho
    45. Sheriff King
    46. OneTapMachine
    47. ThirtyBomb
    48. Hard Carry
    49. Craniax
    50. Lethal Bullet

    How To Create Your Own Name

    Creating your own Valorant name can take a long time. You have to find the perfect IGN that represents you and your game. Luckily, you can easily change your Valorant name every 30 days. This means that you have a lot of chances to find the perfect name.

    Sometimes a Valorant name can just be plain and simple. Pros like Ethan, retluC, and mitch just use their real names as their IGNs, which has worked out great for them. Other times, you can just throw words together and make them make sense.

    To make things easier, you can also use name generators. Generally, these are good places to start and can help you think of some new inspiration for your name. Here are a few of our recommended name generators that you can use.

    SpinXO Valorant name generator
    SpinXO homepage

    SpinXO is an excellent name generator website. It incorporates your hobbies, things you like, important words, and additional numbers or letters. The site automatically generates a few suggestions once you’ve added the things you’d like to include in your IGN.

    Additionally, it also suggests some keywords that are related to the name you choose. These are great sources of inspiration that can help you create a unique Valorant name.

    Using name-generator to create random usernames
    Name-Generator Homepage

    Name-generator is a more fun name generator. It asks things such as adjectives, nationality, body parts, an animal, and your name. The site then uses this information to generate a great IGN for you.

    You can also just fill the entire form with random words and get some inspiration from the results.

    Using Genr8rs to create a Valorant name
    Using to create an IGN for WhatIfGaming

    Finally, we recommend using It’s a quick and straightforward to use name generator that only asks your name and game genre. After that, all you have to do is click the “Genr8” button, and it suggests a username.

    Unfortunately, it only suggests a single name at a time, so it might take a while before you find the best Valorant name for you. The names Genr8rs creates also make for some good Discord names if you are looking for one.

    Those were our picks for the best Valorant names and how to create your own unique name. Hopefully, our guide helped you pick the perfect Valorant name for you.

    Comment your current Valorant IGN down below!

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