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Anwell Patdu
Anwell Patdu - CS2 & Valorant Expert
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Is the time you’ve spent playing Valorant not enough for you? Change your wallpaper to a Valorant-themed one, and spend more hours starting at your desktop than actually playing Valorant.

Kidding aside, we’ve compiled the most compelling and best Valorant wallpapers that can make your Desktop background more exciting.

Best Valorant Logo Wallpapers

Let’s start things off with some of the best Valorant wallpapers featuring non-other than the logo itself. These are great for anyone who plays Valorant, regardless of your rank. Here are a couple of our picks for some Valorant logo-themed wallpapers.

Best Valorant Solo Agent Wallpapers

Next up are the Valorant agents themselves. These wallpapers are perfect for anyone looking to make their main agent their background. I tried to include at least one wallpaper for every agent, so I’m sure you’ll find something no matter which Valorant roles you like playing.

Best Group Wallpapers

Finally, we have the best group wallpapers. These wallpapers will feature at least two or more of our favorite Valorant agents. These picks are great for Valorant players who enjoy using multiple agents.

And those were our choices for the best Valorant wallpapers you can use to spice up your Desktop. These are all high-quality images that are perfect for Desktop use.

Feel free to leave a comment if we left out one of your favorite Valorant wallpapers.

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By Anwell Patdu CS2 & Valorant Expert
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