50 Best Valorant Wallpapers

Anwell Patdu
Anwell Patdu
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Are you looking for a good background to spice up your PC? Here are some of the best high-quality Valorant wallpapers you can use on your Desktop.

Valorant is a tactical FPS game where characters have unique abilities. Think of Overwatch but in a more CS: GO-like setting. It’s one of the best games to play with friends and is currently one of the top games in the world.

Because of its popularity, Valorant has inspired many different artists to create their own versions of high-quality wallpapers. Valorant currently has 16 unique agents and seven different maps, each with its own unique aesthetic design.

We’ve compiled the most compelling and best Valorant wallpapers that can make your Desktop background more exciting.

Best Valorant Wallpapers in 2021

We’ve gathered 50 of the best Valorant wallpapers found all across the web. These wallpapers range from agents, in-game scenarios, map concepts, and minimalistic Valorant logos.

There are currently 16 agents in Valorant, with another one arriving just around the corner. The different agents helped inspire a ton of other Valorant agent concepts made by fans. Although they are great ideas, we won’t be including any on the list.

We’ve all had that one main agent that we don’t get tired of playing. While some people enjoy more simple ones that feature the Valorant logo, scenes in the game, maps, and other similar art.

These are high-quality images that are perfect for your wallpaper whether you use one of the best Valorant laptops or a desktop. Here are 50 of the best Valorant wallpapers.


Valorant Cubes

Valorant cubes Wallpaper
Wallpaper by Naceja

First, let’s start with a simple Valorant wallpaper. It’s just the Valorant logo and name, together with a few different sized-cubes. It’s simple, but it works.


Astra’s Golden Touch

Astra Valorant Wallpaper
Wallpaper by ExCharny

Next, we have a beautiful Astra wallpaper that shows Astra’s stars and her golden color.


Breach’s Bionic Arms

Breach and his Bionic arms
Wallpaper by ExCharny

A Valorant wallpaper perfect for Breach mains. It also focuses on Breach’s powerful bionic hands.


Badass Brimstone

A badass Valorant wallpaper of Brimstone
Wallpaper by KimDesu

This is an awesome-looking Valorant wallpaper with Brimstone standing in front of his Orbital Strike (Ultimate Ability) in true badass action-movie fashion.


Skull-Faced Silencer

a grim-looking Valorant wallpaper
Wallpaper by ExCharny

Next, we have a grim take on Cypher. His mask is replaced with a skull and takes Cypher to Omen’s level of scariness. It’s definitely an awesome and chilling Valorant wallpaper.


(Cloud)Burst in Flames

Phoenix vs Jett Wallpaper
Wallpaper by YoviroSoon

A stunning Jett and Phoenix Valorant wallpaper that showcases their ability differences.


Here Comes The Party!

A colorful wallpaper of Raze using her ultimate
Wallpaper by spicedmangos

This very colorful Valorant wallpaper features Raze using her Showstopper (Ultimate Ability) and getting caught up in its explosion.


Chilling Like A Villain

A Valorant wallpaper of Reyna chilling in a bar
Wallpaper by Taois Thu

This is a great colorful wallpaper that features Reyna chilling in a bar.



A combination of Reyna's design and the Valorant logo
Wallpaper by mizuri

Another simple Valorant wallpaper that incorporates Reyna’s unique style into the Valorant logo. It’s a plain but very awesome Valorant wallpaper.


A Skye Safari

Skye with her tasmanian tiger and hawk
Wallpaper by karinscr

A quite realistic image of Skye and her Tasmanian Tiger and Hawk pets sitting on a tree.


I Am the Hunter

Sova fanart wallpaper
Wallpaper by ExCharny

Another great Valorant wallpaper by ExCharny, this time it features Sova. It’s a great dark wallpaper that’s perfect for low-light setups.


Neon Hunter

A neon Sova wallpaper
Wallpaper by Zamam Moin

An awesome neon-filled Valorant wallpaper featuring the Hunter himself, Sova.


Don’t Get In My Way

Viper using her ultimate
Wallpaper by laniakea14

Viper is in the middle of using her Viper’s Pit ability (Ultimate.) It’s a great Valorant wallpaper that mixes both dark and light colors.


Mask On

Wallpaper by ExCharny

This is ExCharny’s take on Yoru. We featured multiple Valorant wallpapers created by ExCharny, and all of them are really awesome, including this one.


Time to Jump

A bright and colorful Yoru wallpaper
Wallpaper by Dominic Barrios

This lovely color-filled wallpaper features Yoru’s Gatecrash (teleport) ability, a Ghost, and some bullet shells. It’s one of the best Valorant wallpapers to use if you like Yoru and bright colors.


Valorant Vice

Valorant Vice wallpaper
Wallpaper by Shiraishiku

A Valorant wallpaper with a Miami Vice kinda-feel featuring Phoenix and Jett.

These next set of wallpapers are just simple ones that feature the Valorant logo, scenes in the game, maps, and other similar art. These are high-quality images and are perfect for your wallpaper whether you use one of the best Valorant laptops or a desktop.


Making My Way Through Split

Phoenix chasing Reyna
Wallpaper by nth studios

A cool interaction where Phoenix uses his Blaze ability while chasing Reyna, who uses her Leer ability in return.


Valorant Ranked

Valorant ranked wallpaper
Wallpaper by Nicolas Aucher-fargue

I feel like this wallpaper captures the chaos and fun that comes with playing a competitive ranked game. It’s an amazing wallpaper with a lot of things happening in it.


Valorant Coin to the Moon!

Valorant Coins to the moon wallpaper
Wallpaper by Digidro

Next, we have some Valorant coins. Whether it’s a nod to crypto coins or the in-game Valorant currency, you decide. But you can’t argue that it’s definitely a cool-looking wallpaper.


No One Walks Away!

Mad KAY/O wallpaper
Wallpaper by Nidhi Uniyal

A mad KAY/O using his Zero/Point ability while carrying a white variant of the Oni Phantom. It’s one of the best Valorant wallpapers for KAY/O mains and also features the ramen area of Split in the background.


Let Me Take A Selfie

A Killjoy selfie wallpaper
Wallpaper by Nebura Art

Next, we have Killjoy taking a selfie wallpaper with her always reliable turret.


Watch Them Run

Watch Them Run Omen Wallpaper
Wallpaper by MyungUn Lee

A photo of Omen carrying a Reaver Knife and a Guardian.


See You Later

Phoenix casually jumping off a building
Wallpaper by Gandalf Design

Just Phoenix casually jumping from a building. Nothing to worry about.


They Will Cower

Reyna using her Empress ability
Wallpaper by ZafyOfficial

This Valorant wallpaper features Reyna in the middle of using her Empress (Ultimate Ability.)


Haven Original Concept

Haven original concept art
Wallpaper by Robin Lhebrard

Now, this is simply the original concept art for Haven. It’s a beautiful top view of Haven that captures the story behind the map.


Neon Polygons

Neon polygons Valorant Wallpaper
Wallpaper by Sonixx

This is another simple yet cool-looking Valorant wallpaper. It makes use of different polygons as its background and is filled with lively and bright colors.


A Brimstone Cartoon

A cartoon-ish Valorant wallpaper
Wallpaper by The Bowza

This is a more animated but still cool-looking wallpaper. It’s simple, yet it still captures Brimstone’s personality.


Dashing by the Walls

Jett Valorant wallpaper
Wallpaper by gemagandarum

Next, we have a Jett wallpaper using her Blade Storm (Ultimate Ability) and her signature Tailwind ability.



A simple Omen Valorant wallpaper
Wallpaper by felipeirnyo

Omen covered in his signature dark purple shrouds of smoke.


Not Just A Healer

fanart Sage wallpaper
Wallpaper by fufuhol

Another plain Sage wallpaper that showcases her crystal orbs and Yoru-like hair color.


Sabine, Sabine

Viper with a sheriff
Wallpaper by nindei

A great realistic take on Viper with a sheriff. It’s a great wallpaper to choose that showcases Viper’s face.



Yoru Valorant wallpaper
Wallpaper by NDEL

Yoru is getting out of his Dimensional Drift (Ultimate Ability.) It’s an excellent Valorant wallpaper because it’s not too bright and it’s not too dark, it’s just right.


Sova’s Bow

Sova's Bow
Wallpaper by Rupam Kumar

Sova’s bow and arrow greatly define his identity and personality. What better Sova-inspired Valorant wallpaper to use than Sova’s bow itself?


Valorant Bar Sign

Minimalist Valorant Wallpaper
Wallpaper by GamsterEsquizo

This next Valorant wallpaper also has a simple yet aesthetic design. It’s a great wallpaper for minimalist Valorant players.


Simply Valorant

Simple Valorant Wallpaper
Wallpaper by Dino Rhinosaur

This is another simple Valorant wallpaper that also features Jett in the background. There’s just a simple red division in the middle, together with the Valorant logo and a few textures.


I Saw Your Secrets

I saw your secrets Cypher Valorant wallpaper
Wallpaper by Salman Sakib Shahryar

A simple Cypher wallpaper that features one of his in-game quotes.


A Skye in the Wild

Skye in the Jungle Valorant wallpaper
Wallpaper by snatti

Skye exploring the jungle. If you’re looking for a green Valorant wallpaper, this is a great choice.


Valorant Year 1

Valorant Year 1 Wallpaper
Wallpaper by Riot Games

This image is part of Valorant’s 1st birthday celebration. It’s a great wallpaper to use because it captures Valorant’s story and all the agents that were present during its first year.


Bulldog Sage

Sage aiming down using a Bulldog
Wallpaper by Hanjosi

This Valorant wallpaper is perfect for people who prefer simple images. It features Sage aiming down using a Bulldog.


Straight Outta the Movies

Badass Raze Valorant wallpaper
Wallpaper by Kevin Su

Raze walks away from the explosion of her ultimate in true badass fashion.


Traditional Breach

a traditional Breach wallpaper
Wallpaper by Oreskis

A more traditional Breach look with a cool smoke effect and the Valorant logo as its background.


Download in Progress

KAY/O teaser
Wallpaper by Riot Games

A Valorant wallpaper straight from Riot Games’ teaser videos for KAY/O.


Watch This!

Anime-like Valorant wallpaper
Wallpaper by phibonnachee

A cartoon-ish and lighthearted Jett wallpaper with her knives out and flying through the map.


The Tasmanian Tiger Inside

Skye and her Tasmanian Tiger pets
Wallpaper by Milardo Co

A basic wallpaper of Skye with her Tasmanian Tiger pets.


A Valorant Vacation

Breeze Map teaser
Wallpaper by Envar Studio

This is another great wallpaper from Riot’s promotional material. It’s one of the teasers for Breeze when it wasn’t released yet. It embodies the map and its chill vibe very well.


From Venice with Love

Cypher Valorant Wallpaper
Wallpaper by Bryan Abesamis

Next is another great Valorant wallpaper that showcases Cypher, his contract’s Hush Ghost skin, and a portion of Ascent.



Killjoy portrait
Wallpaper by Fretshe

A close-up Valorant wallpaper of Killjoy’s face together with her matching colors.


Keeping It Hot

Phoenix fanart Valorant wallpaper
Wallpaper by Jânio Garcia

A wallpaper fanart of Phoenix together with his fire abilities and a Sheriff.


A Bad Omen

A Bad Omen
Wallpaper by roileve

A great Valorant wallpaper for Omen mains who want a simple but aesthetic design.


Valorant in the Middle

Minimalistic Valorant wallpaper
Wallpaper by Dino Rhinosaur

Finally, we have another great minimalistic and simple Valorant wallpaper. It’s a mixture of black and red colors that definitely help the Valorant logo pop.

And those were our choices for the best Valorant wallpapers you can use to spice up your Desktop. These are all high-quality images that are perfect for Desktop use.

Feel free to leave a comment if we left out one of your favorite Valorant wallpapers.

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