Best Voice Changers for Discord, Ranked

You'll Sound Different, Thats For Sure!

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Have you ever felt the urge to speak like Alvin the Chipmunk or Todd Howard? Well, if you have then you might be familiar with the concept of voice changers. This software can be used to make and change your voice to sound like anyone you want. Well, you’d be pleased to know that voice changers also work with Discord.

Here’s a quick article that takes a look at some of the best voice changers you can use with Discord to change your voice. These are selected based on the features they provide and how cost-efficient they are.




Download MorphVOX

First up, we have MorphVOX, a very powerful voice changer that also acts as a soundboard for many apps including Discord. Despite the soundboard/voice changer being expensive at around 40$~, it works extremely well.

The developers keep updating it with more purchasable sound packs that will provide you with more voice options and let you troll your friends. The soundboard has a wide selection of sound effects as well.


Voxal Voice Changer

Voxal Voice Changer

Download Voxal Voice Changer

The Voxal Voice Changer also works with all modern multiplayer games, TeamSpeak and Discord. The free version of the app also provides some dope features but you can also purchase it for 50$~ (cheaper during sales).

You can even apply voice presets to prerecorded files and add background noises to the scene as well. The software gives you complete control over how your mic sounds without any voice-changing packs applied to it. You can tweak the gain, distortion, and other settings as well.



Clownfish Voice Changer

Download Clownfish

Clownfish is a very simple voice changer for Discord that can be used to apply around 12 preinstalled voice packs to your voice. You can also mix them up to create custom voices.

It’s a fairly basic software that is perfect for anyone who is looking to have some fun with their friends by changing their voice. And you also get a music player with the voice changer.




Download VoiceMod

VoiceMod is another powerful soundboard/voice changer combo that provides support for almost all major games and software where you’d use your mic.

And its also compatible with Elgato Stream Deck, making this a perfect pick for all of you streamers out thLike like MorphVox, VoiceMod also gets constant updates, and your soundboard/voice changer gallery keeps expanding.


AV Voice Changer

AV Voice Changer

Download AV Voice Changer

The full version of AV Voice Changer costs around 99$~. With such a hefty price tag, it promises total control over your voice settings and even allows you to edit prerecorded voice files and change them however you want.

It’s a very expensive and powerful tool that can help you apply any kind of filter over your voice and use it with Discord. It uses algorithms to ensure that your voice sounds perfectly balanced even with the filters applied to it.

This is more of a professional tool rather than a recreational software you might download to have some fun on Discord. The developers ensure that the library is stacked with new audio packs with frequent updates.

These were our picks for the best voice changers you can use with Discord to have some fun with your friends. You can check each voice changer’s website to find instructions on installing it and making it work with Discord. It should be pretty straightforward.

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