Best Way to Make Silver in Skull and Bones

You'll be Surfing in Silver Pretty Soon!

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Silver is one of Skull and Bones’s most important currencies, allowing pirates to fund their manufactories and produce Pieces of Eight. So, you need to know the best way to make Silver in Ubisoft’s latest pirate game.

The best way to make Silver in Skull and Bones is by selling commodities to different commodity traders and other merchants, depending on who is offering the best price.

Let’s take a look at how to find commodities in your cargo, where to sell them, and what to look for while making the trade.

Commodities in Skull and Bones

Commodities- Skull and Bones Silver
Commodities can be sold to get Silver.

You might have noticed how different items in your cargo are categorized into materials, refined materials, special items, commodities, etc. The idea here is to sell all the commodities to different commodity traders around the map and earn as much Silver as you can.

All other items and materials are used to upgrade gear and other items. Commodities are just for selling purposes.

You can get commodities by doing the following activities in Skull and Bones:

  • Sinking treasure ships
  • Uncovering treasure maps
  • Raiding outposts
  • As contract rewards

Things like Jade, Uncut garnets, sapphire, diamonds, ornate pistols, Frankincense, Capital Relics, etc., are the different commodities in this game.

Silver is needed to fund the different manufactories you unlock in Skull and Bones.

Selling Commodities to Earn Silver

Resource Demand
Resource Demand Breakdown

Aight, so you got the commodities. How and where to sell them? To answer that question, you’ll have to open up the map and pay attention to the black-dotted regions it has been divided into.

Zoom out until you see a breakdown of the zone your cursor is pointing at. On the right side, you’ll see a breakdown of the things In Plentiful Supply and some items in the Highest in Demand section.

Basically, every region in the game will have specific materials in excess and will lack other items. Your goal is to find areas that list your commodity as a “Highest In Demand.”

For example, The region in the image above has Ale In Plentiful Supply, which means the merchants in that region will buy Ale at a lower price (less beneficial for you).

But the same region requires Uncut Diamonds, Gin, Ivory, and a few other items In High Demand. Selling these commodities will net you more profit as vendors offer you better than standard rates.

Commodity Merchants

When you go to a Commodity Merchant and open up the Sell menu, notice how there will either be red or green arrows next to the item prices. That is also an indication of the prices you are being offered.

A single or double red arrow indicates you are being lowballed for that product. A single or double green arrow signifies that the merchant is offering better than usual prices for that product.

Note: You are not limited to selling commodities to Commodity Merchants. It’s just that they often offer the best Silver for these goods. Roam around and find the best prices for your products!

Gather commodities – find regions that require those products in High Demand – Sell them to the merchant offering the most Silver. Easy monies.

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