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Ashton Cox
Ashton Cox
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Looking to make a quick Robux in Pls Donate. This begging simulator isn’t as easy a money-making deal as one would think. You need to put in some grind to make some moolah. What you can do to attract donators to your stand?

How to make your booth stand out from the sea of basic wooden booths? Let’s answer these burning questions and get some well-deserved donations.


Attractive Sign Board

Attractive Sign Board

The most visible part of your booth is the sign in the middle. Make sure to come up with a sign or text on the sign that is attractive. Players are very much drawn to signs with funny and relatable memes or if you are collecting money for a cause like a small developer looking to get funding.

There are other ways of making your sign attractive by using different fonts and font colors. With an appealing sign, an interactive message, and the right mix of fonts you will surely attract a lot of donators.


Custom Stands

Custom Stands

You can also spruce things up by getting a custom stand with the aforementioned attractive sign. Having such a booth will make you stand out from the crowd and players who are willing to donate will lock on to your mesmerizing booth.

Custom Stands also give the perfect first impression of someone who went the extra mile to get a donation and not simply put up a basic wooden booth. Consider these stands as investments or marketing as we call it in the business world. You gotta spend some to make some!


Donation Value

Donation Value

Having a wide range of donation values on your stand will increase your chances of getting some sort of donation. At any given time, there will be all types of players on a server from rich whales to brokes blokes.

If you have multiple donation value options ranging from 5 Robux to 1000, audiences of all financial standings could donate to you. Many times rich and generous players wander in a server and if you have the option of a higher value then these altruistic souls could end up sharing their wealth.

While having a lower-value option will give the relatively poorer masses to donate to you as well.


Provide Value

Provide Value

Don’t go around simply and ask for donations, provide some sort of value to your donator. The majority of the players will ask for Robux without putting in any effort and I for one wouldn’t want to donate to them.

Instead of making it a free donation, make it a type of exchange. Giving away a Game Pass to some other game and gifting a custom shirt are some tactics you can use to attract donators.

When a potential donator will hover over your donation value, they will see what they will get for doing the deed. If your rewards are worthwhile (especially if you have a very nicely designed custom shirt) then tons of players are bound to donate to you.


Check the Server

Check the Server

The first thing when you enter a server in Pls Donate is to check whether the players in it are even donating or how much others have raised. Doing this will let you know what to expect. If you don’t see much activity on the server then try to look for other servers.

Server surfing could easily land you on a map where there are many rich players. These kinds of servers are ripe for the taking. The richer servers tend to have a lot of donations going back and forth. It is like a rich people’s tag you are it game I guess. Some of the Robux is bound to end up in your pocket.

You can use the RoPro Chrome extension to find different servers.


Live Streaming

Live Streaming

You can search YouTube or Twitch for Roblox/Donate Pls live streams. There are tons of budding Roblox Youtubers and some even famous ones that start these streams to go on a donation spree. Identify their server and join it. The chances of getting donations are much higher on said servers.

Just make sure the live streams aren’t up for an unbelievably long duration. There are many players who go AFK and let the stream go on for days, weeks, or even months. You probably won’t get anything here so leave ASAP and find some active streamer.


Do Not Beg

Do not force anyone to donate. Many players get annoyed by these begging antics and will never interact with you. Even potential donators will likely get irritated and you will miss out on possible donations.

Keep your dignity in check and do not beg, please!

These are some of the tactics you can apply to increase your chances of receiving donations. Just like in real life, half of the time donations are about looking good in front of the world and the same goes for this game. Good luck with your collection!

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