7 Best Ways to Lose Cops in NFS Unbound

I don't guarantee any of those would work in IRL situations..

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The 2nd of December marked the formal release of Need for Speed Unbound. While EA Play members could’ve accessed the game as early as the 29th of November for 10 hours, players who pre-ordered the game could access it three days ago. Well, I’m not going to explain to you the EA pre-order system. But the point is people have been digesting the game for some time, even before its formal release.

We’ve also been digesting Need for Speed Unbound for some time. For this article’s purpose, we’ve been trying to pinpoint the best possible ways to lose heat (escape from the cops). And from every possibility of escape, we’ve picked the 7 best ways to lose the cops in NFS Unbound.

How to Lose Heat?

If Need for Speed Unbound is your entry to the franchise, which is something I highly suspect, you’d need to understand what heat is. Fundamentally, it’s remarkably similar to the wanted system in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. You’d also want to check our guide on which starter car to choose.

Need For Speed: Unbound wide cover

As long as you race, and the more laws you violate while racing, you start accumulating levels of heat. Typically, there are five levels of heat in Need for Speed. The first heat level is the minimum amount of cops that will be chasing you. And the fifth level, the highest, is the maximum amount of cops that will be chasing after you.

The most rudimentary method of escaping the cops as a street racer is to outrun them. Probably not in real life, though. But that’s not quite easy to do in some cars. So naturally, we’re going to explore some seven other ways to escape from the cops. And by the end we hope that you make engaging in a hot pursuit, pun intended, the last item on your list of “Best ways to lose the cops.”


Wreak Havoc

Close door-level shot of a green racing car being menacingly approached by a cop car.
Are you approaching me?

Why is it effective? Wreaking havoc is so effective because it leaves cops with so little time to react to your impulsive actions, thus making them either crash, stumble or slow down. The only downside is that you cannot lose a helicopter by making a mess. So this method’s proper usage is anytime a helicopter is not chasing you.

You know, humans weren’t exactly the most “sapien” creatures when it came to achieving what they wanted. If there’s a gene responsible for causing chaos, it’s the best time to exploit it in a video game rather than in real life. Wreaking havoc is one of the traditional gaming methods for achieving anything, and probably confusing AI too. And it undeniably deserves its place as one of the best ways to lose the cops in NFS Unbound.

The wreaking havoc technique is all about creating a disturbance in the road. While in GTA, that would be slamming your car as many times before it drives itself to hell. In NFS Unbound, it’s making sudden brakes and turns. For example, sudden U-turns and J-turns on bridges.

However, you must be careful how and where you create a mess. Car components are not exactly cheap and will cost you dearly when you repair them. So mindlessly crashing your car is not the way to go. While it is technically causing mayhem, it’s just not the kind of mayhem that would be on your side.

Tips & Tricks for Wreaking Havoc:

  • Keep in mind: Cop cars do a lot more damage than normal cars. So if you ever have to choose between running into a cop car or a normal car, always choose a normal car to mitigate damage.
  • Sudden turns: Use J-turns and U-turns to bridges and drive in the wrong direction to confuse cop cars and possibly cause them to hit each other.
  • NOS Boost: Remember to use the NOS bonus. Using it can maximize the mayhem you can cause. The faster, the better.


Use Glitch Hideouts

Two cop cars at an intersection about to crash into each other.
Taken directly before disaster.

Why it is effective: Glitch hideouts in Need for Speed Unbound are effective because, by using them, you are utilizing an underdeveloped element of the game. Also, it’s probably the only method in this list that’s effective on any heat level.

Glitches. Chicanery and mischief in the gaming community at its finest. Every single game has glitches. Some are stupid, some are funny, some are useful, and some are every single one of those rolled in one. If I had the room, I would’ve written a 6000-word cohesive essay on the acclaimed Hitman briefcase, but I don’t want to stray further from our topic.

In Need for Speed Heat, there was a similar glitch where the cops couldn’t access specific locations across the map, even if they had a helicopter. In Need for Speed Unbound, this glitch is currently the best way to lose cops. And in fact, it is the best glitch to grind progress. And most importantly, money to buy faster cars.

All that you need to do is go to the marked location shown in the picture and drive to the pavement underneath the bridge shown in the second picture. By doing that and having a little patience, you will lose any police units chasing after you, no matter the heat level. And no matter if they have a helicopter tailing you or not.

Tips & Tricks for Glitch Hideouts:

  • Earn more by buying auxiliary: Since it is the most efficient way of escaping cops, you should utilize that. Buy the auxiliary gadget in your car which increases your earnings whenever you lose heat. This way, you will earn double the amount of money than you usually would without the auxiliary gadget.
  • Turn off your engine: While under the bridge, turn off your car engine to lose the heat faster.


Use Ramps

Top shot of the front of a racing car about to jump off a ramp
Sure hope your car has wings..

Why it is effective: Jumping off ramps is effective because it gives you the ability to build distance and speed between you and the police forces chasing you. Additionally, it allows you to make some mischief with the cop cars since they will follow you everywhere.

You must know that when roads have failed you in losing cops, you go to the air. Your car probably doesn’t have wings, and neither do you, but it can sustain air time. And definitely, it should when it’s needed. Honestly, what better way to get some air time other than ramps?

Ramps have always existed in the Need for Speed franchise. Aside from a way to achieve collectibles and complete challenges, they always served their role as one of the best ways to escape police forces. Since you don’t really need a guide to tell you how to jump off ramps, let’s directly move to what makes it useful.

Tips & Tricks for Using Ramps:

  • Cops don’t respawn: Since cops will follow you everywhere, even if you fail to jump properly from a ramp and fall into the water, remember that while you have the ability to respawn, cops don’t.
  • NOS Boost: Use the NOS bonus to give you proper speed boosts to create some distance between you and the cops.


Use Freeways

A black car with green tires emitting cartoonish smoke as it proceeds to rev up the engine.
The smoke definitely looks like it’s been playing Slime Rancher.

Why it is effective: Using freeways is effective because it entitles you to many potential methods of escaping. You can also go offroad, which is a method that we will touch upon later. Likewise, freeways can also contain ramps that can boost you into the air to help you lose heat.

Standard streets can get too narrow, especially for street races and hot pursuits. And since they have a lot of traffic, it gets significantly narrow with no place for a breather, even for normal cars. So let alone race cars. That’s why freeways exist, probably. Well, not the same reason in real life, but at least in the Need for Speed Unbound.

Freeways will mostly feel like a blessing. Why? They are not built to challenge you in any way, so besides being a great place for beginners to practice, it’s one of the best ways to outrun cop cars and other police units. And while I think outrunning is the traditional way of doing it, freeways allow more possibilities to take shape in this way.

Since freeways do not have intersections, only exits, and entrances, it’s one of the best ways to fool cops. Putting two methods in the blender would make for a fantastic escaping plan. And most importantly, the ultimate best way to lose the cops in NFS Unbound.

Tips & Tricks for Using Freeways:

  • Sudden turns: Freeways are the best arena to use J-Turns and U-Turns since they have multiple exits and lanes.
  • Keep in mind: The way they are structured, freeways are the closest thing in Need for Speed to a racing track, second to an actual racing track. Make sure to drive with that in your head.
  • Also, keep in mind: If you plan on using freeways all that much, keep in mind that you’re going to need a race car. Or, generally, any car that has a great deal of road traction.


Be Sneaky

A rear-view of an idle stylized white GT McLaren with gold and red tires,
Okay. But does it come in black?

Why it is effective: Using stealth and being sneaky is effective because it’s usually faster than engaging in a pursuit. Also, no matter the heat level, hiding and turning off your engine will save you a lot of time compared to racing police cars. Furthermore, hiding is very advantageous against helicopters, making it one of the absolute best ways to lose cops and helicopters.

Occasionally when your heat is at a high level, the game will require you to do more than press the gas pedal as hard as you can. This method is totally against the wreaking havoc technique, which is all about making some noise. Being sneaky is all about not making noise.

Quite frankly, stealth in Need for Speed is not all that difficult. There are plenty of ways to hide your car. Of course, the instinct, in this case, would be to take your car to any nearby garage. First, this is not GTA. Second, I don’t think this is possible.

And third, it may be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t think it’s all that smart of a decision to lead a swarm of angry cops to your hideout. Instead, hide in dark areas, under anything that has a roof, anywhere not close to a roadway, and drive through tunnels and underpasses. These places ensure you a safe place from the eyes in the sky.

Tips & Tricks for Being Sneaky:

  • Turn off your engine: Turning off your engine while in a good hiding place shoves off 10-15 seconds of your waiting time for the cops to stop pursuing you.
  • Keep ya head up: Always keep a look at your minimap, especially for the cop vision cones. And by all means, try not to go anywhere near them.


Be Stupid

Black and green racing car about to hit a roadblock of two cop cars.
Taken directly before disaster, the sequel.

What makes it effective: Being stupid is effective because it makes you less hesitant to throughout risky situations while maintaining the most profitable outcome. Profits aside, it’s also singlehandedly the most fun way to play the game while making some bank.

If stealth requires a certain level of intelligence, then so does being stupid. I can hear all the questions in your head. One of them is, “why the hell would I want to be stupid?” First, I’d like to compliment you on your quick thinking. Second, being stupid is all about being reckless. Or at least acting reckless.

Being stupid is different than wreaking havoc in that it sometimes requires you to crash your car on purpose. Also, while wreaking havoc is all about trickery and chaos caused by your actions, being stupid does not involve trickery. Which makes it one of the best ways to lose the cops in NFS Unbound.

Alright, imagine this scenario; You’re on the run with a lot of banks, you see a roadblock of cop cars, and you have about a couple of seconds at best to decide what to do.

A picture of a car emitting the newly implemented "Tag" effects.

So what do you do? If the answer involves turning around or finding another way, that’s the wrong answer. Or at least in this method. You press the gas pedal through that roadblock like Batman would do if he had the Batmobile.

So what do you do? If the answer involves turning around or finding another way, that’s the wrong answer. Or at least in this method. You go through that roadblock like Batman would do if he had the Batmobile. Optimally, you don’t mindlessly crash into the cop cars. But you should be fast enough to run past them because of the empty spots they leave.

Tips & Tricks for Being Stupid:

  • Drive through roadblocks: Roadblocks can pose a threat to you, but don’t hesitate too much if you find empty spots to speed through. As it is a hazard to you, it is an advantage. Cops have a higher chance of colliding with the roadblock.
  • Beware of the spike strips: Keep your eyes on the road, literally. Watch out for deployed spike strips, and be more careful while driving around them.
  • Go against the traffic: That’s the climax of being stupid, but it works if you do it right. Driving against traffic will confuse cops and even make them crash. Try your best not to crash, though. (This tip works best if you’re on freeways)


Get Dirty

Bottom view of the white tires of a white racing car. Whiter than your teeth.
I’m gonna put some dirt your ey- tires.. Tires.

What makes it effective: Going off-road is effective because cops are more likely to damage their car following you than actually catching you, especially if you are driving an off-road car.

Alright, hear me out. I know that your car is fancy new and all. But sometimes you just have to step in the dirt so you can keep the car and probably the bank. Don’t be afraid to get your tires dirty. You can always clean the tires, but can you clean your criminal record?

When police have so much authority over paved roadways, that’s when you know you’re tires should be headed for the wilderness. Going off-road is especially advantageous if you have a 4×4 or an off-road car generally and you racked up 3-4 levels of heat.

If heading for the off-roads is your only choice, then don’t hesitate. You’ll always have to try to keep your bank. Even if you feel helpless, you’re not typically in a position to deny the possibility of imminent getaways. So upgrade your car to sustain the dirt and be cautious, or you’ll lose most of the money, not from getting busted, but from the repair cost.

Tips & Tricks for Getting Dirty:

  • Be fast, but careful: Going off-road means that you’ll face one hell of a threat, nature. Beware of trees, cliffs, and big rocks, unless you want a hefty repair bill.
  • Be where you shouldn’t: Car manufacturers don’t usually make a car for you to jump off a cliff, etc. You don’t usually mind bending the rules, do you?
  • Pick the right car: I advise you to use this escape course while driving an off-road car. Not having an off-road car will pose a tremendous threat, but it’s doable.


The heat system is only one component of Need for Speed Unbound. It’s one hell of a journey. You need to race and win to make money. You need better cars as you gradually make progress in the game to win more races. And to do that, you need to secure bank. And to do all of this, you need to lose the cops.

Remember, you get busted, and your money is gone. You lose reputation. But you reset your heat level to 0. Need more help? We’ll be posting content dedicated to helping the Need for Speed Unbound community, so keep your head up. And finally, this concludes our list of the best ways to lose cops in NFS Unbound.

Which way is the best, in your opinion? I would love to hear from you down in the comment section.

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