Best Ways To Make Money In Lightyear Frontier

Nothing beats living a cozy farm life with tons of cash.

Anwell Patdu
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Lightyear Frontiers starts as a calm and relaxing farming game that allows you to explore the planet and build your farm. However, once you unlock the ability to sell items, I’m sure the money mogul in your brain instantly unlocks. If you’re anything like me, you’d be looking for the best ways to make money early in Lightyear Frontier. So, I’ll guide you through what I did to end up swimming in cash.


Collecting Rare Items

Different Collectibles in Lightyear Frontier

The simplest thing you can do to earn cash is to collect and sell rare items you find around the island. This includes things like Clams, Fossils, Geode Shards, Petrified Eggs, and more. Each of these items can be sold for around $200 to $450, which makes them great for building up your first few dollars early on. However, they can only take you so far. Only a handful of these items are found around the island and can also be tough to locate. But it’ll at least get you started with your money on Lightyear Frontier.


Creating a Polyberry Money Farm

Watering Six Plots of Polyberries in Lightyear Frontier

Planting crops is the way to go if you’re looking to make a small fortune. To be fair, it is a farming game, after all. There are a variety of seeds available in the game, and you can choose what type of farm you’d like to start on. While Chromaize or Zappertwigs does go for more money in Lightyear Frontier, I think the best way is to start a Polyberry Farm.

Polyberries have a base price of $45. This may not sound like much, but you can grow up to 9 of these blue boys with each plot. That results in $405 of profit. You can also easily find Polyberry Seeds scattered throughout The Meadows, so you shouldn’t have a hard time collecting a large sum of them.

Selling 117 pieces of Polyberry fruits to Lola.

I recommend starting out with three Small Plots fully dedicated to Polyberry seeds to get started. You can start growing more once you’ve unlocked the Irrigation Hose Hydro Splash. The better your Irrigation Hose upgrades are, the more Polyberries you can farm. I also recommend upgrading the Seed Shooter Lock-On and the Water Tank Capacity for a smoother farming experience.

The main reason why I chose Polyberries over the other early crops is simply due to the low demand. You only need a handful of Polyberries to progress through the story and get necessary upgrades. On the other hand, you’ll need quite a lot of everything else. This limits the amount you can sell for profit because you’re going to want to put them into the oil presser.

Wrapping Things Up

Obviously, you can grow other crops instead once you’ve reached the level where you don’t need them as much anymore. But for the early game, Polyberry farms are the way to go. I was able to fully customize my mech through the different styles found in Lola’s Agri-Mechanicals purely through Polyberry sales. So, I recommend starting your own Polyberry empire in Lightyear Frontier for quick money.

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