Best Weapons in Apex Legends (Season 17)

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To stay at the top of your game, you simply have to know what the best weapons in Apex Legends are. Well, lucky for you, that is exactly what we’ll be taking a look at today.

The different weapons are the bread and butter of Apex Legends. Put plainly, the game wouldn’t be the same without them. I mean, can you imagine Apex as a walking simulator? Exactly.



Best Weapons in Apex Legends R-99

When it comes to weapon performance, there’s simply no competition. The R-99 is undisputed. And that has been the case from the very beginning of Apex Legends.

An insane rate of fire, respectable damage, and almost no noticeable bullet spread. This thing has it all, which is why it’s one of the best weapons in Apex Legends. You don’t even have to be good in the game to get good results with the R-99. That’s how much of an equalizer it is.




Hot on the heels of the R-99, we have his big brother – the R-301. Many of the best Apex Legends players swear by this gun and its capabilities. And here’s why.

The R-301 has a high rate of fire, high damage, minimal amounts of bullet spread, and is effective at multiple ranges; something that the R-99 isn’t. This is why many players prefer the R-301 over the R-99. However, in a close-quarters engagement, the R-301 will almost always lose out to the R-99.



The EVA-8

Here’s a fun fact not many people know about the EVA-8. The reason it’s called that is because of the pattern that it fires its pellets in, i.e. the number 8. How its designers managed to accomplish this feat of engineering is beyond me.

Still, it’s definitely one of the best weapons in Apex Legends. It certainly is the best shotgun bar none. High damage, a high rate of fire, and a high magazine capacity are its strong suits. But, as a result, it has a relatively slow reload.



The Wingman

Who doesn’t want a trusty revolver by their side? Other than looking cool, the Wingman is a great weapon. A unique title for sure, since most of the other pistols are horrible – except the RE-45.

The Wingman hits like a truck, is pinpoint accurate while aiming down sight, and has a relatively fast reload time. However, if you hip-fire this thing, you won’t hit the board side of a barn. A significant drawback that needs some getting used to.




The design philosophy of the C.A.R. SMG is to incorporate the best of both worlds, i.e. the best features of assault rifles, and the best features of submachine guns. Crazy, right? But how does it feel in practice?

In practice, it’s like gin and juice, or rum and cola if you prefer. It has great capabilities at range, substantial damage, and a high rate of fire. The drawback however is that it really isn’t the best in any one of those categories. It’s a prime example of a jack of all.


Volt SMG

Volt SMG

If you can’t find a C.A.R. then pick up a Volt. The Volt is somewhat of a compromise between the C.A.R. and the R-99. Still, even if it is a compromise, it’s one of the best weapons

A high rate of fire, great damage, and manageable recoil are its pros. Its cons, however, include an annoying bullet spread, higher-than-average reload time, and the inability to perform at range.


Charge Rifle

Best Weapons in Apex Legends Charge Rifle

Is there a pesky enemy that’s annoying you? Are they too far to reach conventionally? Well then, the Charge Rifle is the tool you need! The end to your troubles is but a few shots away! Even though the gun looks “strange”, it’s actually really effective.

The rate of fire is quite high for a sniper rifle, the damage of both its shot and the charge before it is also quite substantial. But the best feature of the gun is its hitscan. Because there’s no bullet travel, the moment you hit left click on an enemy target is the moment they start taking damage.


Nemesis Burst AR

Nemesis Burst AR

The Nemesis Burst AR really came out of nowhere in Season 16. Burst fire weapons have always been finicky in Apex Legends, they’re either really good or really bad, depending on the Season. However, the Nemesis singlehandedly managed to redeem them once and for all.

It has respectable damage, a fire rate that gets faster the longer you fire the weapon, near-pinpoint accuracy, and a manageable spread. The only downside to it is that it eats through ammo like crazy. So it’s best if you pick it up while playing as an Assault Legend. That way you’ll at least have access to a larger pool of ammunition to feed this hungry beast.



Best Weapons in Apex Legends Kraber

If you want to take out an enemy three postal codes away – use the Kraber. The only downside is that you’ll probably also destroy his neighbor’s fridge as well, but hey, a certain amount of collateral damage can be expected when using this thing.

The Kraber has the highest damage in the game, there is absolutely nothing in the game that can come up against this thing and survive for long. However, and that’s a big “however”. It has a slow fire rate, a limited ammunition supply, and is strictly a supply drop weapon.


Spitfire LMG


I’m not sure if Sylvester Stalone plays Apex Legends, but if he does, the Spitfire is probably his favorite weapon in the game. Old habits die hard after all.

The Spitfire is the best machine gun in the game. It has the most magazine capacity of any of the weapons, and it has great damage output. It eats through ammunition like a monster, but hey, who cares about ammunition when you’re having fun, right?


G7 Scout


As far as marksman weapons are concerned, the G7 Scout is one of the best weapons in Apex. It’s regrettable then that its performance changes from Season to Season. In one Season it’s among the top 3 weapons, while in another Season it’s just dead weight.

Still, if you manage to catch it during one of its “good Seasons”, you won’t be disappointed. It has a high rate of fire, minimal spread, exceptional accuracy, and a large magazine capacity to boast. Plus, you can install the Double Shot Trigger Hop-Up to make it even better.




If an EVA-8 isn’t available, grab a Mastiff. While it doesn’t have the same performance as its previously mentioned brethren, it’s still a formidable gun to run with. And here’s why.

The Mastiff has a high damage output, an incredible reload speed, and a good rate of fire. One of its unique features is that it reloads two shells at a time. Its major drawback however is the fact that it fires its spread in a horizontal line. So, even though it has the range, it isn’t effective at hitting anything past a few dozen meters.


The Sentinel


The Sentinel or as many players in the community call it, the Mini-Kraber is an effective and deadly weapon. It definitely deserves a spot among the best weapons in Apex Legends. However, compared to the Charge Rifle, it leaves some things to be desired.

The gun features high damage, spectacular accuracy, and an okay-ish reload time. As far as sniper rifles are concerned, the Sentinel is a jack of all trades. It has a bit of everything, though it really isn’t the best at anything. Still, it’s a good weapon.

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