10 Best Weapons in Fortnite (Chapter 4, S2)

Spoiler, the shotguns are bad.

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Omer Nadeem
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Fortnite Chapter 4 has brought a ton of changes to the game we love. And, if we’re talking about changes, the first obvious change is always the weapons. Epic absolutely loves releasing new weapons and vaulting old good guns.

While the weapons in Chapter 4 Season 1 were somewhat disappointing, there are a lot of good, new guns worth looking at this season. Here is a list of the 10 best weapons in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2.


Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle

1 - Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle

DPS: 126 (Common), 1150 (Legendary)| Reload Time: 2.75s (Common), 2.25s (Legendary) | Mag Size: 30

The Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle is the new AR added and is number one on our list of best guns in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. It’s suppressed, so you won’t be making too much noise shooting from afar.

It’s incredibly accurate in long-range fights as well. If you manage to find the Mythic version of this gun, you’re going to be able to do even more damage. People are pointing out the similarities between this gun and the Phantom from Valorant. While Fortnite might have been copying some homework from Riot Games, there are definitely no complaints from us.


Havoc Pump Shotgun

2 - Havoc Pump Shotgun

DPS: 81 (Common), 108 (Mythic)| Reload Time: 5.5s (Common), 4.25s (Mythic) | Mag Size: 6

If we’re being honest, the shotguns in season 1 really fell out of the meta. They were slow, had low damage, and just didn’t do enough overall. But, Epic seems to have more than made up for it with the Havoc Pump Shotgun.

This shotgun has a fast firing rate, reloads fast, and is really good at close range. The best part about this gun is that the Mythic version is the only shotgun in the game that can one-shot someone when a critical hit occurs. You can find the Mythic version in Vaults.


Red-Eye Assault Rifle

3 - Red-Eye Assault Rifle

DPS: 112 (Common), 140 (Legendary)| Reload Time: 2.75s (Common), 2.25s (Legendary) | Mag Size: 25

When it comes to ARs in this chapter, it really doesn’t get better than the Red-Eye Assault Rifle. It’s a gun with a red-dot sight that makes it great for long distant fights.

The gun has 140 DPS and stores 25 bullets in the magazine. Of the handful of assault rifles available this season, the Red-Eye takes the cake for the best rifle by far. The reload speed is a little slow, but the fire rate more than makes up for it.


Tactical Pistol

4 - Tactical Pistol

DPS: 156.4 (Common), 190.4 (Legendary)| Reload Time: 1.5s (Common), 1.3s (Legendary) | Mag Size: 15

The Tactical Pistol is an insane addition to the Fortnite weapons lineup and is a pistol that we genuinely want to use. Due to the fact that there’s no super reliable SMG in this season, the Tactical Pistol actually serves as a brilliant replacement.

It has a high burst damage, decent range, and an amazing fire rate. It can outshoot any gun in the game, and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll want to carry this in your loadout until the end of the game. Overall, it’s a great gun to utilize light bullets in the game.


Cobra DMR

5 - Cobra DMR

DPS: 32 (Common), 40 (Mythic)| Reload Time: 3.75s (Common), 3.12s (Mythic) | Mag Size: 20

The Cobra DMR is one of the guns that were unvaulted this season. It’s a semi-automatic DMR that’s incredibly accurate and can absolutely destroy people at medium to long ranges. The recoil pattern is super easy to control, and it’s a great upgrade over the classic DMR.

Despite this being a long-range gun, the Cobra DMR has great potential as a close-range gun as well. The 20 bullet mag size means that with some accuracy, you’ll be easily able to shred people with ARs


Twin Mag SMG

6 - Twin Mag SMG

DPS: 208 (Common), 260 (Legendary)| Reload Time: 1.3s (First), 2.3s (Second) | Mag Size: 20

One of the best guns you should pick up for close-range damage right now is the Twin Mag SMG. Firstly, it’s important to note that there will be absolutely no benefit to using this gun at medium to long distances.

The recoil on the SMG is absolutely insane, and you’ll be swinging all over the place, even if the target is slightly far away. If you’re bad with recoil, you should just go for the Tactical Pistol. It won’t put out that much damage, but it’s still good enough.

With the fast-firing rates, the Twin Mag can very easily outshoot a shotgun.


Kinetic Blade

7 - Kinetic Blade

DPS: 70 (Basic Attack), 60 (Secondary Attack)| Reload Time: N/A | Mag Size: 3

The Kinetic Blade is a melee katana released as part of the Japanese theme of the new locations this season. These blades are found all over the map. The easiest way of locating more than one of these swords is by visiting Kenjutsu Crossing. The dojos always have a stock of katanas.

The Kinetic Blade has two attacks. The basic attack is a two-step maneuver that deals 35 damage with each hit that lands. The second attack is a dash attack that will propel you forward and deal 60 damage when it hits an opponent. You have three charges on this attack. To be fair, most people aren’t using this for damage. They’re just using the sword like a shockwave hammer to reposition themselves in fights.


Overclocked Pulse Rifle

8 - Overclocked Pulse Rifle

DPS: 266 (Mythic) | Reload Time: 2.68s (Mythic) | Mag Size: 20

The Overclocked Pulse Rifle is definitely one of the strongest guns this season. We wouldn’t go as far as to call it overpowered. But it is definitely a really powerful weapon to add to your arsenal. However, getting it isn’t going to be easy.

The only way to get your hands on this gun is through the Loot Island. The Loot Island spawns at a completely random location on the map, and there’s absolutely no way to predict where it is going to land. Once it spawns, you’ll have to capture the point, and you’ll get a bunch of loot, including the Overclocked Pulse Rifle. Keep in mind that the location of the Loot Island gets pinged on everyone’s map, so you most likely will not be there alone.


Heavy Sniper Rifle

9 - Heavy Sniper Rifle

DPS: 40 (Rare), 44 (Legendary)| Reload Time: 4.0s (Rare), 3.6s (Legendary) | Mag Size: 1

Another gun being unvaulted this season is the Heavy Sniper Rifle. People were complaining in Season 1 because of the lack of sniper rifles, which makes long-distant fights pretty difficult. Well, you have a lot of options for far-away fights with the DMRs, and of course, the Heavy Sniper Rifle.

The heavy sniper rifle is only helpful if you’re posted somewhere high up on the map and can shoot from behind the cover without being threatened by other players. The reload is extremely slow so you have to be able to time your shots correctly. You will also need to compensate for bullet drops.


Combat Shotgun

10 - Combat Shotgun

DPS: 91.8 (Common), 112.2 (Legendary)| Reload Time: 5.7s (Common), 4.7s (Legendary) | Mag Size: 8

The Combat Shotgun was unvaulted in season 1, but it was more or less still vaulted. You couldn’t find this gun in chests. The only way to get this gun was through the Tactical Armory Augment. Now that this augment has been removed from the game, Epic has returned the Combat Shotgun to normal spawns, and you’ll be able to find this gun lying around buildings and in chests.

The fun part about this shotgun is the tight spread. Other shotguns usually have a widespread, meaning that you’ll need to be up close and personal if you want to get the damage in. However, with the Combat Shotgun, you’ll still do a lot, even from medium ranges. This is no AR, but shooting people from the top of buildings without dropping down should still be possible with the Combat Shotgun.

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