Best Weapons in Palworld, Ranked

Can’t let the Pals have all the pew pew fun!

Anwell Patdu
Anwell Patdu - CS2 & Valorant Expert
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While Pals can deal insane amounts of damage, the cooldown of their skills can limit their overall damage and result in down moments during a fight. Sometimes, you just have to go out there and shoot things yourself. That’s where weapons come in. Give those Pals a beating using my picks for the best weapons in Palworld from early to late game.


Makeshift Handgun

A photo of the Makeshift handgun weapon in Palworld.

Required Level: Lv. 25
Base Attack: 320

In a game where “Pokemon with guns” was the main draw, you might assume that there’ll be firearms everywhere, right? Well, the Makeshift Handgun is one of the earliest guns you can craft, and it falls short of expectations. While it does do some okay damage, it doesn’t offer a significant improvement over the more primitive Bows.

The Makeshift Handgun also suffers from needing to craft expensive Coarse Ammo. It requires Gunpowder and Ingot, which you won’t have a plethora of when you unlock the weapon. I’d much rather use that hard-earned ore in more important craftables. But it does come in handy when trying to catch weak Pals during the late game.


Crossbow – The Best Early Game Weapon

A photo of the Crossbow

Required Level: Lv. 13
Base Attack: 280

The Crossbow is one of the best early-game weapons in Palworld. It hits hard against low-level Pals and manages to dish out respectable damage to some tougher ones. The slow reload speed is definitely a factor as to why most players might shy away from the Crossbow. However, if you aim your shots well and try to hit those weak points, you’ll do significant damage, even against higher-level Pals.

Its main strength is it’s cheap and quick to craft ammo in the form of Arrows. It literally takes a couple of seconds to create hundreds of Arrows, ensuring you’ll never run out in the middle of an intense battle.


Single-Shot Rifle

A photo of the Single-Shot Rifle

Required Level: Lv. 36
Base Attack: 1100

The Single-Shot Rifle is a mid to late-game heavy hitter that directly replaces the Musket. Like its predecessor, it suffers from a slow reload speed but does a large amount of damage with one bullet.

The Single-Shot in Palworld is kind of a specialty weapon. It really shines in those mid to long-range fights, especially when you play smart with dodges and kiting. For me, though, I lean towards using it as a backup weapon since it can be a bit of a struggle to dish out steady damage with it.


Handgun – The Best Mid-Game Weapon

A photo of the Handgun weapon in Palworld.

Required Level: Lv. 29
Base Attack: 250

In the mid-game, the Handgun stands out as a premier choice for a reliable weapon delivering consistent damage. In other games, the Handgun might be relegated to a secondary role. But in Palworld, it acts as one of the more dependable weapons you can unlock.

The Handgun can be unlocked starting at level 29 and will be your primary weapon until level 45, when you unlock the Assault Rifle. The 8 bullets in its clip and solid fire rate results in steady damage, regardless of level.


Pump-Action Shotgun

A photo of the Pump-Action Shotgun

Required Level: Lv. 39
Base Attack: 220

In Palworld, there are only two shotguns, and the Pump-Action Shotgun is my top pick between the two. It packs more punch with increased damage and comes with an extra 6 shells, making it my preferred choice. The Pump-Action Shotgun deals an insane amount of damage up close and will be handy when facing high-level Pals.

The main disadvantage of using the Pump-Action Shotgun is that it heavily relies on close-quarters combat to be effective. This can make it a bit more challenging to dodge attacks from Pals but can deal devastating damage, especially to weak points. Overall, it remains one of the best weapons in Palworld and makes boss fights a breeze.


Assault Rifle – The Best Late Game Weapon

A photo of the Assault Rifle.

Required Level: Lv. 45
Base Attack: 320

Now, this is where the fun begins. I’m sure most of you have seen the clip of Tanzee wielding a rifle and going bananas. Well, at Level 45, we can finally do that ourselves. The Assault Rifle is by far the best non-explosive weapon in Palworld – it’s hella fun, too.

It dishes out 20 bullets in quick succession, erasing the health bars of any enemy you might face. The Assault Rifle allows you to keep your distance, has a fast fire rate, excellent damage, and quick reload time; what else could you possibly want?


Rocket Launcher – The Best Weapon

A photo of the Rocket Launcher weapon in Palworld.

Required Level: Lv. 49
Base Attack: 10,000

Finally, we have the single best weapon to use in Palworld. Honestly, the Rocket Launcher speaks for itself. It has the highest in-game attack at a ludicrous 10,000 damage and explodes, covering a wide area. Not to mention that it’s also insanely fun and satisfying to use.

I doubt anyone would disagree with the Rocket Launcher being my top pick for the best weapon in Palworld. Remember that Mammorest you find near the Plateau of Beginnings? Well, the Rocket Launcher can take it down within a few shots. That’s really all you need to know to rank it number one.


The Rocket Launcher remains the undisputed best weapon in Palworld – it’s in a league of its own. But you’ve gotta be patient, as it only unlocks in the later stages of the game. In the meantime, why not check out my other picks? They’re all suitable for shooting down those Pals.

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