12 Best Weapons in Terraria for the Wall of Flesh

Pave your way into Hardmode by defeating the Wall of Flesh

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Finding the best weapons in Terraria for the Wall of Flesh might seem challenging, but we’re here to help. We’ve had our fair share of playthroughs in all 4 classes. We’ve tried using different weapons to fight the Wall of Flesh, but there are only a select few that made a huge impact.

Best Weapons in Terraria for the Wall of Flesh

Best for MeleeNight’s Edge
Best for MageWater Bolt
Best for RangedBeenade
Best for SummonerSnapthorn

There are a total of 263 weapons in Pre-Hardmode for Terraria’s PC version as of version 1.4.4 and it’s safe to say that you won’t be using all of them in this challenging mid-boss fight. While it may sound like plenty, most of this number is made of all the basic wood and metal types, which is more than 30% of this count. 

While it’s completely possible to beat Wall of Flesh with a Copper Shortsword (credits to YouTube user Yagnoel), it’s not something everyone can do. So instead, here are my tried-and-tested weapons that are great for the Wall of Flesh.


Imp Staff

terraria imp staff
  • Damage – 17 (Summon)
  • Knockback – 2
  • Mana – 10
  • Flying minion for excellent crowd control

The Imp Staff is the most powerful minion weapon at this point in the game. While it’s the highest tier in pre-Hardmode, it’s mostly used for supplementary damage due to its inconsistency. This weapon is included due to there not being any better equipment suited for its category.

The imp minions help take out the Hungry that the boss summons, making it easier to use other weapons to damage the eyes during the boss fight. The extra damage output is always welcome and can fit in any loadout. This works especially well when used with extra minion slots.


Bee Keeper

terraria bee keeper
  • Damage – 30 (Melee)
  • Knockback – 5.3 (Average)
  • Summons extra bees per enemy hit

The Bee Keeper is an excellent melee weapon for crowd control. This weapon drops from the Queen Bee and is excellent for handling multiple enemies, especially when paired with the Hive Pack from Expert Mode. This auto-swing sword is capable of deleting the tentacles and the Hungry minions of the wall.

Each time this sword gets in contact with an enemy, it summons 1-3 bees that do 33% weapon damage and has a 50% chance to summon an extra bee that does 1 damage. Paired with the Hive Pack, each bee has a 50% chance to turn “Giant” which adds 1-3 damage while piercing an extra enemy.


Quad-Barrel Shotgun

terraria quad barrel shotgun
  • Damage – 14 (Ranged)
  • Knockback – 6.5 (Strong)
  • Four deadly reasons to be on this list

The Quad-Barrel Shotgun is a fairly early-game weapon that was added in version 1.4 as an exclusive weapon from the Arms Dealer in the Graveyard biome. While it may seem like a poor choice for the fight, the weapon is extremely viable if you take the time to build a Wall of Flesh arena.

This weapon should only be used with Meteor Shots crafted from Meteorite Bars. Since the shotgun fires a total of 8 bullets, each bullet will bounce off the arena, hitting the nearest enemy in front of you. This makes it one of the best weapons in Terraria for the Wall of Flesh.


Space Gun

best weapon in terraria for the wall of flesh space gun
  • Damage – 17 (Magic)
  • Knockback – 0.75 (Extremely Weak)
  • Mana – 6
  • Space gun goes “pew pew pew”

The Space Gun is a fast-firing mage weapon, despite being called a gun. This is crafted out of the same Meteorite Bars in the previous list item. That said, it’s extremely inefficient if not paired with the Meteor Armor from the same set. Even with the low mana cost, the fire rate will blitz through your mana pool in seconds.

Use this weapon efficiently with the Meteor Armor in a similar sense to the Quad-Barrel Shotgun. This means you’ll still need to build the arena if you wish to fight the Wall of Flesh effectively. The shots fired pierce and bounce so the mobs don’t pose a threat.


Phoenix Blaster

terraria phoenix blaster
  • Damage – 30 (Ranged)
  • Knockback – 2
  • Handgun on steroids

The Megashark is one of the best guns in Terraria. This is obtainable as soon as you can defeat the Destroyer, which can easily be done with the Onyx Blaster. What the blaster lacks in single-target, the Megashark can easily complement. This gun can easily last until post-Golem.

If you want to utilize it to its best potential, you can pair it up with Ichor Bullets or the Golden Shower. For extra damage, you can also use the Shark Tooth Necklace for armor penetration. Since it consumes plenty of ammo, it’s also good to pair with the Endless Musket Pouch.



terraria vilethorn
  • Damage – 10 (Magic)
  • Mana cost – 10
  • Shoots a penetrating magic vine

The Vilethorn is a very strong magic weapon that can be obtained by breaking shadow orbs in the Corruption Biome. This weapon pairs really well with the Shark Tooth Necklace since each tick of damage is affected by the armor reduction the accessory gives.

Since there’s not much in terms of magic-related accessories, your best bet would be to get good prefixes on the weapon and to get the Menacing prefix on all accessories. Wearing the Jungle Armor set will also increase your damage output immensely. Though it may seem slow, the tick damage of this weapon is really fast.



terraria volcano
  • Damage – 40
  • Explosion damage – 75% base damage
  • Erupts with every enemy hit.

The Volcano, previously known as the Fiery Greatsword, is an intense sword found in the Hellstone tier. This weapon was recently buffed in the Greatsword Update (1.4.4) which added an explosion effect per enemy hit while reducing its overall attack speed.

Its lack of attack speed can be supplemented with the Feral Claw accessory tree and prefixes since you’ll need it to be a bit faster in order to be effective. Due to the nature of the boss fight, this is one of the best terraria weapons for the Wall of Flesh.


Vampire Frog Staff

best weapon in terraria for the wall of flesh vampire frog staff
  • Damage – 11 (Summon)
  • Mana – 10
  • Summons a deadly vampire frog minion

The Vampire Frog Staff is an early summon weapon that you can get while fishing in pre-Hardmode Blood Moon. This makes it one of the earliest available summoning weapons in the game. Due to the minion’s mechanics, it’s highly effective for the Wall of Flesh fight.

This weapon can be combined with the Bewitching Table and summoner gear along with the Shark Tooth Necklace to take it to the max. This minion is able to completely bypass the Hungry and the tentacles in order to damage the eye directly. Right-click the bottom eye to focus your minions to make sure your frogs do maximum damage.



terraria snapthorn
  • Damage – 18 (Summon)
  • Knockback – 1.5 (Extremely weak)
  • Adds summon tag damage and poisons enemies hit

The Snapthorn is a whip that can be obtained before fighting any boss in the progression of the game. It’s made using materials obtained from the Jungle, with the most challenging being the 15 stingers you get from Hornets. Other than that, the rest of the materials are “easy picking”.

I ranked this fairly high since it not only works as a consistent damage source for Summoner classes, it also buffs up the previous 2 staves we’ve included in this list. Each strike from this weapon will add a flat 6 damage bonus to your minions while also poisoning the enemy for 3 seconds (20% chance).


Water Bolt

terraria water bolt
  • Damage – 19 (Magic)
  • Mana – 10

The Water Bolt is one of the most iconic “anti-Wall of Flesh” weapons out there. It has served many Terraria players alike. The only way to obtain this weapon is by searching through decorative bookcases in the Dungeon and cannot be obtained any other way.

This weapon is extremely powerful in keeping the Hungry at bay while dealing consistent damage to the boss. Setting up a decent arena for it is great, but not completely necessary. This is due to the high amount of pierce and bounces that the weapon innately has. It can pierce 10 times and bounce for 5 before each bolt dissipates.


Night’s Edge

terraria nights edge
  • Damage – 40 (Melee)
  • Knockback – 4.5 (Average)
  • Summons an aura that strikes for a second time on contact

The Night’s Edge has seen a massive buff since the 1.4.4 update on Greatswords. To obtain it, you must craft it from the Muramasa from the Dungeon, the Blade of Grass from the Jungle, the Volcano from the Underworld, and your corresponding Evil Sword (Light’s Bane/Blood Butcherer).

Using the sword for the fight is very straightforward as it swings in a wide arc and fires a secondary damaging sword aura that extends the weapon’s reach. To simplify, once you hit either the Hungry or the tentacles, a secondary arc may be able to hit the eyes as well.



best weapon in terraria for the wall of flesh beenade
  • Damage – 12 (Ranged)
  • Summons bees…deadly bees.

Now, you may be wondering why this weapon is at the end of our list. It’s not a shiny sword or a flashy spell but simply a consumable item. That said, the Beenade is one of the most effective weapons, if not THE best weapon in Terraria for the Wall of Flesh.

Although the weapon itself cannot get prefixes due to being a consumable, the damage it does is so absurd that you can kill the Wall of Flesh with less than 100 of it (around 150 for Expert Mode). If you built a Hell Bridge, one of the Wall’s eyes will always be at your level, so the grenade will always “bee” in range.

If you have any favorite weapons for the Wall of Flesh that you feel should have made this list, tell us in the comments below!

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