6 Best Whips in Elden Ring, Ranked

Whip out the the best Whips in Elden Ring!

Abbas Ahmad
Abbas Ahmad
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Whips in Elden Ring can tend to your ranged needs, especially if you’ve opted out of running a caster build. However, with the plethora of weapons in Elden Ring, Whips are mostly overlooked due to their steep learning curve, erratic attack patterns, and off-putting attack speed. That is why you’ll only want to snag the best Whips in Elden Ring, which we’ve listed in this guide.

Unless we can expect some more with the upcoming DLC, there are currently 6 Whips in Elden Ring. While they all have almost the same light and heavy attack patterns, they differ in their scaling, reach, and Weapon Skills, thus setting them apart from one another. With that said, let’s dive right in!


Hoslow’s Petal Whip

Hoslow's Petal Whip

First up on our list is Hoslow’s Petal Whip, a weapon that strikes players due to its cool-looking design. This is the weapon which the Thorned Whip desperately aspired to be but failed. Regarding attack scaling, it’s only short of the Urumi but has the best Bleed buildup of any Whip. However, keep an eye on your overall weight, as it’s on the heavier side of the Whips.

Like the Thorned Whip, players can also obtain two Hoslow’s Petal Whips in a single playthrough for speedy hemorrhage buildup. Plus, unlike the annoying grind for the former, you can snag the latter one pretty early on from Dallios (this will lock you from his questline). On the other hand, you can get your hands on the other piece after tackling the entirety of the Volcano Manor.


Giant’s Red Braid

Giant's Red Braid

The Giant’s Red Braid is deceptively light, given it’s acquired from the Fire Giant Boss. Its weapon skill: Flame Dance is almost much like the Sea of Magma but deals damage in a wider area minus the magma. This makes it really great at taking down groups of enemies from afar.

However, you’ll still need to have dumped at least 18 points in Strength, 21 in Faith, and 12 in Dexterity to harness its power. Additionally, it has better Strength and Faith scaling. As such, if you wish to get the most out of this weapon, then ensure spending points in these two attributes only, and you would have since this is an endgame weapon.


Magma Candlestick Whip

Magma Candlestick Whip

The Magma Candlestick Whip has the shortest reach when compared to other Whips in Elden Ring. However, it does have a clever trick in its unique Weapon Skill: Sea of Magma. This is also arguably the strongest weapon skill of all Whips. In doing so, you leave a pool of magma that deals continuous AOE fire damage each time you swing it.

Along with 8 Strength and 16 Dexterity, you also need 18 Faith to make the most of this Whip. It also benefits from the Incantation: Flame, Grant Me Strength, which further amps up its overall damage. However, the Magma Candlestick Whip isn’t available until later, and you can easily miss it if you don’t stick to Patches’ questline.




While the Urumi has the same light attack pattern as every other Whip in Elden Ring, it’s unique in its heavy-charged attack, which is the follow-up long-range thrust attack. One would even say it’s akin to spears, which makes it excellent for poking enemies from afar. Unfortunately, this follow-up attack does result in a shorter hitbox, which is worth looking out for.

The Urumi has the highest attack rating of all infusible Whips, and it even gains an S scaling in Dexterity with the Keen infusion, which is quite rare. Its downside, however, is the lack of on-hit status effect buildup sets it back in this list. You can get it inside the Caria Manor after taking the elevator down near the Manor Upper Level Site of Grace.


Thorned Whip

Thorned Whip

Next up is the Thorned Whip. The Heammorrage effect is highly sought after by players, but that’s about the only thing  the Thorned Whip have going for it. Additionally, players can even have a shot at dual-wielding two of its type in a single playthrough.

However, its limited pros are heavily outweighed by its cons. You can only acquire it near the end game zone in the Mountain Top of the Giants, and that’s without saying if the Fire Prelate drops it. Moreover, why even bother grinding for it when Hoslow’s Petal Whip is basically similar but a cut above this one and way easier to obtain.




Like its previous iterations, the good ol’ Whip is by far the weakest of the Whips in Elden Ring. It has the lowest damage of all Whips in every case scenario, a not-so-impressive selection of Ashes of War, and can’t perform critical hits. Moreover, there’s also the lack of status effect on hit to bear in mind.

The only real reason to use the Whip would be its early-on availability, low weight cost, and low stat requirements, which fall at 8 Strength and 14 Dexterity. After clearing the ramparts of Castle Morne, you can find them outside near the Rampart Gaol Site of Grace.

Final Thoughts

That’s all for the best Whips in Elden Ring. That said, every Whip mentioned in this list is worth trying. Plus, due to their erratic and huge hitboxes, these can be very fun to experiment with in both PVE and PVP.

Which Whip is your favorite? Do you agree with our list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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