The 10 Best Wingman Skins in Apex Legends

Every cowboy needs a trusty six-shooter by his side.

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The Wingman is a very charming gun; if you’re here, then you’re probably wondering what the best Wingman skins are in Apex Legends. Well then, look no further. There’s something about revolvers in video games that is just so charming; the same is true for the Wingman.

Before we proceed, however, let’s clear some things up first. Apex Legends isn’t pay-to-win, so these skins won’t really boost your performance in any meaningful way. They will, however make the experience a lot more pleasing to the eyes.


Precision Caliber

Precision Caliber

The Precision Caliber skin takes the #1 spot for the best Wingman Skin. Its aesthetic simply screams “high-powered revolver”. The more keen-eyed among you might have also noticed Rampart’s engraving on the side of the sight.

How to get this skin: Sadly, it isn’t possible to get this skin anymore. The Precision Caliber was a Season 5 battle pass skin.


Eye of the Beholder

Best Wingman Skin Eye of the Beholder

If you’ve ever played Dungeons and Dragons you’ve probably learned to fear the beholder. Well, with the Eye of the Beholder skin, your enemies will have to learn to fear you as well. This skin is mainly dominated by darker tones, with that iconic eye engraving on the side of the gun’s cylinder being the focus point of the gun.

How to get this skin: This skin was available during Apex Legend’s 3rd Anniversary celebration, so, unless you picked it up then, you’re pretty much out of luck.


Dragon Wing

Dragon Wing

The Dragon WIng skin is simple, yet cool. Personally, I’d run it with Revenant, one of the best Assault Legends in Apex Legends. Revenant’s default skin goes really well with the red tones and that menacing eye decal on the side of the gun. A well-earned spot among the best Wingman skins.

How to get this skin: This skin was part of Season 8 Anniversary Collection event. So, unless a special event happens in the future, this skin will remain unavailable for purchase conventionally.


Eternal Life

Eternal Life

The name of this skin is pretty ironic – Eternal Life! It however produces quite the opposite effect. This skin is dominated by golden and blue tones, typical of traditional Egyptian art, which this skin is inspired by. It’s a bit hard to believe that this skin’s only a Rare rarity. Definitely one of the best Wingman skins in the game.

How to get this skin: This skin can be purchased in the in-game store.


Serpents Fang

Best Wingman Skin Serpents Fang

The Serpents Fang skin just goes to show that this gun has a helluva bite to it. Its pastel colors are a bit unconventional, nevertheless, it’s one of the best Wingman skins. The most eye-catching and prominent feature of this skin is the snake running alongside the gun.

How to get this skin: This skin came with the Celestial Sunrise event and is purchasable in the in-game store, alternatively, you can also craft it using crafting materials.


Wake Up

Wake Up

If you’re a fan of Cyberpunk, then this skin is probably the best Wingman skin for you. The Oni head decal on the side is simple, yet breathtaking at the same time. It takes a minimalistic approach compared to some of the other skins, as it doesn’t change the Wingman that much – it changes just enough to make it special.

How to get this skin: Sadly, this skin is unavailable anymore as it was a battle pass reward during Season 9. Bummer!



Best Wingman Skin The Lawbringer

The Lawbringer is one of the best Wingman skins in the game, especially if it’s paired with Valkyrie’s Heirloom Set item. It’s the pinnacle of steampunk design in almost every regard, from the barrel to the cylinder to the grip – everything just goes well together.

How to get this skin: This skin was available during the Chaos Theory collection event, you could unlock it by purchasing the Deputy of Death bundle. If you didn’t get it then, it’s practically impossible to acquire now.


Merciless Wing

Merciless Wing

The Merciless Wing skin for the Wingman is “unconventional”, to say the least. Unconventional is not bad however as it’s one of the best Wingman skins available. It’s very steampunk compared to the other skins, so if you like the steampunk aesthetic, then this is the skin for you.

How to get this skin: This skin can be crafted for 1200 crafting materials.


Reality Eradicator

Reality Eradicator

The Reality Eradicator skin is perfect for those players who are connoisseurs of glitch art. The entire skin is covered with vibrant colors that all mash together in a kaleidoscopic mix. It’s hard to believe that this is just an Epic skin.

How to get this skin: This skin can be crafted for 60 crafting materials.


Guns Up

Guns Up

The Guns Up skin might not be the best Wingman skin, but it’s definitely up there. Even though it’s in Apex Legends, it’s very reminiscent of something you’d see in the Halo series. The skin itself is predominantly golden with sleek edges, cool, but unpractical.

How to get this skin: This skin was a Season 15 launch event skin and sadly isn’t available for purchase anymore.

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