12 Best Wings in Terraria, Ranked

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Terraria’s exploration and combat rely heavily on movement. Some boots increase horizontal mobility and even grappling hooks that propel you across platforms. That said, you’ll find that these tools might not be enough to get you where you need to be fast enough. That’s why we’re here to present you our list of best wings in Terraria, ranked.

Wings in Terraria have been locked in Hardmode, until the exception of one pair that can be found in pre-Hardmode since version 1.4.1. The versatility of flying in boss fights and exploration is so important that there are even some modders that add a specific Wing slot to make sure you can have one at all times.

Ranking The Best Terraria Wings

There is a progression scale of the wings you can obtain in-game. We have ranked them according to their effective use at specific parts of the game. These wings have varying vertical launch speeds, maximum height, and even horizontal acceleration. If you’re lost on what wings you should be aiming for progression-wise, this list is made for you!


Fledgling Wings

best wings in terraria fledgling wings

Maximum height: 18 tiles
Horizontal speed: 15 mph
Flight time: 0.42 secs

The Fledgling Wings are the only wings that you can get in pre-Hardmode. This is a fairly important item to try to get early on since it’s extremely useful for all of the boss fights at this phase of the game

These wings can also be obtained earlier than the Rocket Boots from the Goblin Tinkerer. This allows you to get vertical mobility before finding our friendly goblin NPC. In addition to this, once you get both, the vertical boosts from the wings and the boots stack.

Pro Tip: Using weapons like the Musket or the Undertaker makes it easy to find floating islands. Alternatively, you can use a gravity potion to reach the skies for this item.


Angel / Demon Wings

terraria demon wings

Maximum height: 53 tiles
Horizontal speed: 32 mph
Flight time: 1.67 secs

The Angel and Demon Wings are basically the same wing as they require the same items, except the souls of night/light, to craft. The only difference they have is purely cosmetic. These are one of the first wings that you can get easy access to as soon as Hardmode starts.

Farming for these wings is easy since you may have already obtained feathers from your Sky Island expeditions for the Fledgling wings. In detail, you would need to obtain 10 feathers from Harpies, 20 Souls of Flight from Wyverns, and 15 Souls of Night / Light (underground evil and hallowed biomes).


Fairy, Frozen, and Harpy Wings

terraria harpy wings

Maximum height: 67 tiles
Horizontal speed: 34 mph
Flight time: 2.17 secs

While the Angel and Demon Wings are decent, there are better wings that you can get at the same point, although getting the materials are a bit more challenging.

We mentioned farming Harpies for feathers for the previous wings, but if they drop Giant Harpy Feather, you’ll be able to make the Harpy Wings which are way better. These are the best wings in Terraria that you can get immediately out of Hardmode.

In the same tier, you can farm for 99 Pixie dust from the Hallowed Biome for the Fairy Wings and an Ice Feather during a Hardmode snowstorm for the Frozen Wings.


Jetpack and Developer Wings

best wings in terraria jetpack

Maximum height: 77 tiles
Horizontal speed: Jetpack – 33 mph, Developer wings – 36 mph
Flight time: 2.5 secs

The next tier of wings requires you to beat at least one mechanical boss. The Steampunker NPC that sells the Jetpack only appears once a mech boss has died while the Developer Items only appear in Hardmode Treasure Bags (Expert mode exclusives).

The Jetpack can be obtained in any Terraria difficulty mode and is balanced in that it is slightly less powerful than the dev wings. Also, the developer items do not drop from the Queen Slime bag even if it’s a Hardmode boss.


Pre-Plantera Wings

terraria flame wings

Maximum height: 81 tiles
Horizontal speed: 38 mph
Flight time: 2.67 secs

These wings are tiered just before you fight Plantera. These wings include the Bat, Bee, Butterfly, and Flame wings.

Like the Angel and Demon wings, all of these wings have the same performance while being made from different ingredients. The Broken Bat Wing, Tattered Bee Wing, Butterfly Dust, and Flame Feather all require a mechanical boss to be defeated before the monsters that drop them spawn.

The Leaf Wings, while having the same stats as this tier, have been completely removed from this tier since it requires Plantera to be defeated, making it obsolete at that point.


Pre-Golem Wings

terraria hoverboard

Maximum height: 94 tiles
Bone/Spectre/Mothron horizontal speed: 38 mph
Hoverboard horizontal speed: 33 mph (regular) / 52 mph (hovering)
Flight time: 2.83 secs

The Pre-Golem Wings consist of the Hoverboard, Bone, Spectre, and Mothron Wings. While the Beetle Wings have the same stats as these items, they need Beetle Husks which drop from Golem.

Once Plantera has been defeated, you’ll have access to Ectoplasm and Armored Bones in the Dungeon for the Spectre and Bone Wings. You’ll also unlock Mothron for the Mothron Wings and the Autohammer station for the Hoverboard.

We suggest that you get the Hoverboard as it can hover in place, similar to the Flying Carpet accessory.

These wings fly at a maximum height of 94 tiles and a horizontal speed of 38mph. The Hoverboard’s horizontal is at 33mph regularly and 52mph while hovering.


Steampunker and Season Event Wings

terraria steampunker wings

Maximum height: 107 tiles
Horizontal speed: 38 mph
Flight time: 3 secs

After defeating Plantera, you’ll be able to start the Frost Moon and Pumpkin Moon events using the Ectoplasm that you’ve unlocked in the Dungeon. This will open a wave-type event that increases in difficulty based on the number of monsters you defeat.

Among these notable enemies, we have the Everscream that drops the Festive Wings and the Mourning Wood that drops the material for the Spooky Wings. You can also get materials from the Pumpking that craft into the Tattered Fairy Wings.

If you’re not a fan of the events, you can just buy the Steampunker Wings from the Steampunker NPC for 3 platinum coins.


Betsy’s Wings

best wings in terraria betsy wings

Maximum height: 119 tiles
Horizontal speed: 36 mph (regular) / 62 mph (hovering)
Flight time: 2.5 secs

Defeating the Golem unlocks the last tier of the Old One’s Army crossover event from Dungeon Defenders 2. This allows you to fight Betsy, which unlocks the ability to farm for Betsy’s Wings.

The Old One’s Army event is a progressive, tower defense-esque, event with waves that unlock depending on which part of the game you’re at. This allows you to get various armor sets and powerful sentry weapons which are themed after Dungeon Defenders 2.

Betsy’s Wings allow you to hover which works similarly to the Hoverboard in that it also increases horizontal speeds.


Empress Wings

terraria empress wings

Maximum height: 128 tiles
Horizontal speed: 41 mph
Flight time: 2.5 secs
Quick ascent by holding the ‘Up’ key

The Empress Wings are the second-best wings you can get before facing the Moon Lord. These wings are locked as a drop from the Empress of Light.

These wings have a unique feature that allows you to control your vertical ascent acceleration speed. Although you’ll still only be hitting a max vertical speed of 70mph, using the quick ascent can boost you toward the top of the map from the surface.

The Empress Wings are great when you need that boost of verticality. It’s one of the only 2 wings with this type of ability.


Fishron Wings

terraria fishron wings

Maximum height: 143 tiles
Horizontal speed: 41 mph
Flight time: 3 secs
Doesn’t get slowed by liquids

Duke Fishron is one of the bosses that many Terraria players avoid for a reason. It functions more like a challenge-run boss since it doesn’t ultimately affect the progression of the game.

The Fishron Wings you can get from the Duke have similar stats to some of the Post-Moon Lord wings, making it a welcome choice since you can get it before the final boss. A unique feature of the wings is its ability to traverse liquids without getting slowed down.

These are the best wings in Terraria that you can get before the Lunar events that lead directly to the final battle.


Luminite Wings

terraria stardust luminite
Nebula / VortexStardust / Solar
Maximum Height143167
Horizontal Speed33 mph (regular) / 62 mph (hovering)45 mph
Flight Time3 seconds3 seconds

Once you defeat the Moon Lord, you’ll be able to get access to Luminite Bars. These bars can then be combined with the Celestial Pillar fragments you’ve farmed to start the Moon Lord battle.

While there are 4 different wings to get, we can split these into two types detailed below.


Celestial Starboard

terraria celestial starboard best wings in terraria

Maximum height: 201 tiles
Horizontal speed: 41 mph (regular) / 82 mph (hovering)
Flight time: 3 secs
Slow ascent with fast acceleration by holding the ‘Up’ key

The Celestial Starboard is a wing only available by defeating Expert Moon Lord and up. It boasts the best overall stats compared to all the other wings in the game.

This wing item allows you to travel up to 201 tiles vertically at 115mph ( 77mph with boosted acceleration) and is equipped with a hover ability. Hovering using the starboard nets you a horizontal speed of 82mph, the fastest horizontal movement without min-maxing.

The only downside to this item is that you get it at the very end of the game, which makes it virtually useless other than for bragging rights.


There are a total of 45 wings in the PC version of Terraria, which makes it quite daunting to experiment and check for the best. We’ve created this guide to help newer players and veterans alike that will get you sorted as to which are the best wings in Terraria.

If you’re concerned that the best wings don’t fit your style, always remember that you can place wings in your style slots. Let us know in the comments below which wing you find to be the best in both style and performance! Cheers!

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