12 Best Xbox Shooting Games, Listed (2023)


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What a time to be alive if you’re a fan of Xbox shooting games, particularly of the FPS variety. We’re practically spoiled for choice, as it’s games galore, with one hit after another.

The offerings in the genre are not only diverse, but somehow, there’s enough innovation to make each game stand apart. If you’re on the hunt for the best of the best in FPS shooters, then it’s your lucky day.

We’re about to dive into the gaming library of Xbox current-gen consoles to bring you the most amazing titles. They’ll sharpen your gamer instincts, and you’ll be a seasoned veteran with knowledge of the best sensitivity in FPS games. Let’s begin!


Bright Memory Infinite

Bright Memory Infinite is one of the most ambitious Xbox shooting games with exceptional FPS mechanics

We’re kicking off the Xbox FPS games party with a game that immediately got people talking, Bright Memory Infinite. We’ll tell you a mindblowing fact about this game; a dev team of one made it. Imagine what this guy can do with a whole team backing him up.

As for what Bright Memory Infinite brings to the table, well, it’s nothing short of adrenaline-pumping, pulse-pounding, high-octane action. The game doesn’t overstay its welcome and leaves us wanting more.

Bright Memory Infinite is all substance but little to no style. Hence it’s at the bottom of our list of top-tier Xbox FPS games. This in no way means it’s bad, but if you read our review of Bright Memory Infinite, you know it’s lacking and has its fair share of bugs.


Call Of Duty: Warzone 2.0

Call Of Duty Warzone 2.0

Another staple of the shooting games genre on Xbox, Call Of Duty is never far behind. Case-in-point, here’s Call Of Duty: Warzone 2.0. This free-to-play battle-royale-style game has gorgeous animation with realistic physics. It’s rapid in its pacing, thanks to tight quarters and the ever-shrinking map.

The game’s emphasis on quick but thorough exploration requires spatial awareness. Call Of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is pretty much the perfect Xbox battle royale-style shooting game in the series.

If you’re out of the loop, there was a lot of drama and hissy fits about Call Of Duty’s in danger of exclusivity. It was nice of Mr. Phil Spencer’s clarity and assurance on the matter. Call Of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is a certified hit.


Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is one of the most immersive shooting games on Xbox.

Take the shooting games formula on Xbox, add a dash of grittiness and blood-curdling ambiance to it, and you’ve got Remnant 2. This brilliant title encompasses a host of magnificent ideas and executes them flawlessly. If you’re a gamer who enjoys atmospheric horror games, you owe it to yourself to play Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 has hostile otherworldly monstrosities on the prowl. They’ll surround you, making for some tension-filled segments. The game’s world is procedurally generated, so expect the unexpected.

The skill upgrades and weapon mods are your best friend. There are branching paths, and each playthrough will feel unique. The bosses are especially tough; thankfully, there’s co-op to shift the load. Remnant 2 exceeds all our expectations to earn its place among exceptional Xbox shooting games.


Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 is the most fun shooting game in the series on Xbox.

The sixth time’s the charm, right? Well, it is for Ubisoft, anyway, as they try to recapture the magic of the 3rd mainline Far Cry game. Well, for the most part. Far Cry 6 might not be the perfection Far 3 was but as an FPS game on Xbox? It’s freaking awesome!

Far Cry 6 is a valiant attempt; let’s face it, you get Gus Fring on the poster, and you have our attention, Ubisoft. In Far Cry 6, players will see guerilla warfare at its finest. The protagonist is a loud, charming, and badass lead that players can choose as a guy or a girl.

Said protagonist becomes an army of one and takes out entire enemy units in gruesome fashion. The character customization adds depth to your preferred playstyle. Far Cry 6 is a very well-rounded Xbox shooting game, but not the best in the series.


Metal Hellsinger

Metal Hellsinger is one the most unique shooting games on Xbox.

Oh boy, this next FPS game on Xbox is a trip. Metal Hellsinger’s launch on the Game Pass took everyone by surprise. If musical rhtym games are your jam, then Metal Hellsinger will be an absolute delight for you.

Matching the timing of the tunes to your attacks in perfect harmony will sound spectacular, and you’ll inflict massive damage on demonic enemies, too. If that doesn’t get you pumped, we don’t know what will.

You use finesse to avoid enemy attacks and then see a smorgasbord of projectiles all around you. This is the bullet hell phase, yep, and you gotta be a smooth operator to find your way out of it. Metal Hellsinger wears its heart on its sleeve that it’s a fun FPS game on Xbox.


Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart.

Atomic Hearts is a wonky fusion of industry FPS giants like Bioshock, Fallout, and even a bit of Dishonored. The Russian setting was, again, new and somewhat inspired by Wolfenstein. Put them all together; you get a unique blend of FPS mechanics and an exciting shooting game on Xbox.

The machines feel so intimidating and menacing that you can’t help feeling drawn in. It’s like the devs are brimming with ideas, which hopefully ups the ante in the Atomic Heart sequel. To us, the biggest draw of Atomic Heart was the enemy variety.

The melding of biological and mechanical weaponry is a highlight of Atomic Heart. The powers, though, feel somewhat forced; we can’t deny our enjoyment of them. It’s one of the most enjoyable FPS games on Xbox in recent memory.




Oh, a joyous day; we get to gush over one of the more innovative FPS games on Xbox, Deathloop. After the long waiting period of timed exclusivity, Deathloop finally launched on Xbox. After having played the game, that the wait was absotively worth it, which is why it deserves a spot in the list of the best Xbox shooting games.

Bethesda’s time loop idea is such a joy to experience as things keep changing in every run. The goal to eliminate 8 other assassins in one loop, where both time and odds are against the player, is bloody genius. Deathloop requires players to be crafty to get the drop on unsuspecting enemies.

Deathloop offers a high degree of freedom to approach enemies in any order. That’s if you can manage to bypass the surprises. We highly recommend Deathloop; it’s one of the finest FPS games on Xbox.


High On Life

High On Life.

We’re heading into parody territory with a dash of sci-fi for good measure for the next great Xbox FPS game. High On Life is the game in question. It’s one of the most absurd, and outrageously hilarious games we’ve played.

High On Life is all about two siblings planning a party since their parents were out for the weekend. Through the power of plot convenience, they get stuck on a mission to save humanity from hostile aliens. Naturally, hilarity ensues; fair warning, the plot length of High On Life can feel like a drag. Still, it’s full of chuckles, so not all bad.

The sentient weapons players control, and the protagonist’s over-the-top upgrades are a blast in High On Life. The game is also a Metroidvania, by the way, in case you’re feeling like backtracking to get those hidden goodies and upgrades.


Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite.

Admit it, you knew this was coming in the list of the best Xbox FPS games, and we can’t blame you. Xbox’s defining first-party game started with Halo. The franchise is still going strong, with the latest outing delivering the definitive shooting game experience. The series’ protagonist, Master Chief’s story continues as he takes on the Banished.

Rapid-paced cover-based tactical shooting, high-powered weaponry, unique tactical abilities, and now a grappling hook for traversal, plus co-op playability throughout the campaign mode, and of course, that epic opening, Halo: Infinite, has got it all.

The multiplayer competitive side is also receiving a lot of overhauls. Oh, and you also get vehicular combat segments to spice up the variety and keep the pacing fresh. Halo Infinite is a blessing for fans of Xbox shooting games; keep it coming, Microsoft.


Sniper Elite 5

Sniper Elite 5.

Ah, this next pick on our list of exciting shooting games on Xbox is an absolute favorite. Sniper Elite 5 does a magnificent job of making each kill feel utterly satisfying. The kill cam shows the destruction of the enemy’s anatomy as bullets pierce their frame. Don’t worry; it’s nazi soldiers we’re offing.

Sniper Elite 5 also has stealth segments where you eliminate as many enemies as you can before going for the far-off targets. The story is serviceable, with nothing to write home about. However, that’s not why we play Sniper Elite 5; the main draw is the gameplay.

Sniper Elite 5 also has co-op features, even in the campaign mode, which is the best way to play the game. Also, you can test your tactical sniping skills in the Invasion Mode. It’s one of the most fun shooting games on Xbox.


Gears 5

Gears 5.

You simply cannot have a list of shooting games on Xbox and not have a Gears Of War entry; it’s ain’t right. So, Gears 5 is our runner-up choice. So, after a long wait between Gears mainline games, was the game worth it? The answer is a resounding yes.

In Gears 5, the devs took their time to polish the game, as its visuals are drop-dead gorgeous. The story sees Kate Diaz take point. Her journey to discover her roots is a fascinating take that we hope gets explored more.

The gameplay is much smoother. The weapon animations are visceral, and there’s freedom to explore using the Skiffs. The enemies are tougher, but the upgrades even the odds. Jack, a robot accompanying Kait, can locate enemies or hide the squad’s presence, which gives tactical advantages.


Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal.

This is the big one; there can only be one that tops our list of top-tier FPS Xbox games, and it’s Doom Eternal. Very few can match Doom Eternal in its intensity, visceral carnage, and power fantasy fulfillment.

Doom Eternal introduces a game-changing mechanic where the more aggressive and confrontational the player’s approach, the better chances to survive. You also get buffs and various weapons to chain together highly bloody executions.

Doom Eternal isn’t mindless brutality, either. You need to pick your moments and take out the generals. If you kill them first, the enemy morale considerably drops the Doomslayer can have a field way. We’re mega fans of Doom Eternal and consider it the apex of the FPS games on Xbox.

Final Thoughts Regarding the Best FPS Games on Xbox

Well, that was a rush, wasn’t it? We’re glad it’s over, though, and now we can rest. Let’s face it; we’ll need it to take on the outrage of the fandom that’s so passionate about FPS games on Xbox. So, what do you all think of our picks today? Think we made the right calls? Or have we done a goof?

Share your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to tell us about your own favorite Xbox shooting games. If you’re pining for more fps action, we’ll do you one better with our fine selection of FPS VR games. Welp, that’s all we got for you, so until next time, we’re signing off. As Buzz Lightyear would say, ‘To Infinity! And Beyond!’

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