Best Yun Jin Build: Playstyles, Weapons, Artifacts Guide

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If you’ve wished on the new character Shenhe’s Banner, The Transcendent One Returns, you’ve probably brought home the 4-star Yun Jin accidentally or on purpose. The four stars featured on both active banners are the new 4-star Yun Jin, Chongyun, and Ningguang. 

This detailed Yun Jin build breaks down her playstyle, talents, best weapon, and best aritfact sets. The information summarises popular Genshin YouTubers Zy0x, IWinToLoseGaming, and Xlice’s in-depth Yun Jin guides. 

Breakdown of Talents and Playstyles


The Director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe is a skilled dancer, singer, and fighter. Her kit is unique and works well in certain team compositions that rely heavily on Normal Attacks for damage. Yun Jin works well with characters like Yoimiya, Razor, Fischl, Tartaglia, and others. In battle, her role is a Geo support

Yun Jin wields a polearm and has an Elemental Skill similar to Beidou’s Skill. Just like Beidou’s shield that deals more damage if parried correctly, Yun Jin’s Elemental Skill, Opening Flourish, has the same effect. Her skill can be pressed or held to activate. If it is pressed or tapped once, Yun Jin pulls out her polearm and deals Geo DMG

Elemental Skill

It deals more damage if it is pressed at the onset of an enemy’s attack. Next, Yun Jin’s Skill can be charged (held) to unleash more damage. This Skill does the most damage when it is parried. The damage dealt scales off of Yun Jin’s DEF. 

Moving forward, the opera singer’s Elemental Burst, Cliffbreaker’s Banner, deals AoE Geo DMG and buffs the onfield’s character’s Normal Attack based on Yun Jin’s DEF. 

Elemental Burst

The optimal rotation for a Yun Jin team composition typically goes like this:

  1. Try to parry Yun Jin’s Elemental Skill (E) or press down to release optimal DMG. 
  2. Switch to main DPS or sub DPS while waiting for Yun Jin’s Elemental Burst (Q).
  3. Rotate to Yun Jin when her Burst is up. 
  4. Activate Elemental Burst (Q).
  5. Immediately switch to main DPS and deal Normal Attack DMG. 



Any Yun Jin build is not complete without a weapon breakdown. The best weapons to use on Yun Jin for her weapon slot are the 4-star Favonius Lance or Prototype Starglitter. The Favonius Lance is great for its Energy Recharge substat, and its passive effect is convenient for regaining Energy.

The Prototype Starglitter is another Energy Recharge polearm perfect for Yun Jin. The craftable Catch is also a possible Energy Recharge for Yun Jin; however, she doesn’t benefit that much from the weapons passive effects. 



For Yun Jin’s artifacts, you’ll be focusing on DEF stats like you’d do if you were building the Geo boys, Itto, Albedo, and Gorou.  The most obvious set for the 4-star Geo support is the notorious Husk of Opulent Dreams, known by many players for its annoying artifact drops. 

You can build Yun Jin with either a full 4-piece Husk or a 2-piece Husk paired with a 2-piece Emblem of Severed Fate for the 20% Energy Recharge Bonus. 

However, if you plan to build Yun Jin as a main DPS, you have other options apart from the two sets above. A set you can build on her is a 4-piece Retracing Bolide. A 2-piece set increases the user’s Shield Strength by 35%, while a 4-piece set grants the bearer an additional 40% DMG on Normal and Charged Attacks while protected by a shield. 

For the main stats, it’s as easy as it gets. DEF on the Goblet, Sands, and Circlet. However, if you’re running low on Energy Recharge, you can switch DEF Sands to an ER one. In addition, if you’re running a Favonius Lance and want to utilise the weapon’s passive, you can switch the DEF Circlet to a CRIT Rate piece. 

For the substats, focus on DEF%, Energy Recharge, and CRIT Rate/DMG. 


  • DEF%
  • Energy Recharge 
  • CRIT Rate/DMG


For F2P or low spender Genshin players, the most challenging part about building so many characters, especially the new ones, is not having enough Mora to do it. Unless you’re a religious player who never caps their resin and logs in every day to do commissions, it’ll be hard to build all the characters optimally without shedding a few tears. 

Will you be building Yun Jin? Whether you purposefully pulled on the banner for her or got her while pulling for Shenhe and Xiao, we hope this build cleared any misunderstandings about her kit and gave you an idea of how to build her properly. 

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