Bethesda Reveals Starfield Preload Dates For Xbox And PC

Starfield Preload Dates Are Star Struck

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • Xbox and PC available on August 17th
  • Steam on August 30th
  • Game is said to be 125GB in size

Bethesda has just shared the preload dates for Xbox and PC on their social media. Both platforms will have ample time to preload the game, but one is more favorable than the other, but there is still plenty of time for your space-faring adventure to launch without delay.

Here Are The Starfield Preload Dates

If you have been wondering about the Starfield Preload Dates, you don’t need to anymore. Bethesda has just revealed the dates. Xbox Series and Windows users can preload on August 17th, Steam users can preload on August 30th.

The game will be roughly 125GB in size on both platforms, with Steam users getting a slightly shorter end of the stick, giving them only 6 days to download the game, but most Steam users should have internet capable of achieving the feat.

It should be noted that Xbox does not just apply to console, but also players on the PC who intend on preloading the game using the Xbox App on their PC via Game Pass. As such, you will have a plethora of time to preload the game.

What are your thoughts on the dates? Let us know your platform in the comments section below!

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