VALORANT Bind Map Guide: Callouts, Strategies, Agents, Tips, and Tricks

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It can be difficult to find out what to do on the different Valorant maps. Here’s a complete Bind Valorant map guide to help you win more rounds.

Valorant is home to tons of beautiful and unique maps. Each map has its own map-specific traits that make each game feel exciting. Valorant currently has 7 total maps that each require different strategies and techniques to win.

Today’s map guide is all about Bind and the best strategies, team compositions, best agents to use, angles to hold, and positioning on the map. If you’re having trouble winning on Bind, this map guide will definitely help you convert more rounds and win more games.

So, without further ado, here’s our Bind Valorant map guide.

Valorant: Bind Map Guide

Bind Valorant map guide

As of the writing of this guide, Bind is one of the top maps in Valorant. Within the past 6 months, Bind has been played a total of 3043 times out of 21767 recorded professional matches. It’s currently among the top 4 most played maps and is a favorite of Valorant teams like Fnatic, Acend, G2 Esports, and Gambit Esports.

Bind is a pretty well-balanced map. Attackers win around 49.7% of the time, while defenders win 50.3% of the time. This makes it a slight defender-sided map, but attackers still have a pretty decent chance of winning rounds.

The unique thing about Bind is the availability of teleporters. There are two teleporters on each side of the map that allow you to instantly rotate from one side to another. These teleporters are only one-sided, though, so you can only enter through one portal and exit through the other.

Overall, these teleporters play a huge part in Bind strategies. You can use it to quickly rotate, use the sound cue to fake, and throw abilities through the teleporters. These are some great ways to use teleporters. Sometimes, they even come in clutch when it comes to 1v1 situations. Knowing when and how to use the teleporters will greatly increase your chances of winning on Bind in Valorant.

Bind Callouts and Strategies

Valorant Bind Callouts

You should definitely familiarize yourself with the different callouts throughout Valorant’s Bind. This will help your teammates understand where enemies are and will also help you understand the comms that your team gives you. Remember, constant communication is the key to success in Valorant.

If you came from CS:GO and are used to smoking, flashing, and throwing mollies for yourself, that’s got to change. Not everyone has access to these utilities in Valorant. Knowing the proper callouts will allow you to easily communicate with your teammates and ask for smokes, mollies, or flashes in that area.

We’ve divided the callouts according to the different sites to make things easier.

A Site Callouts, Strategies, and Positions

A Site Attackers Perspective

These are the basic callouts that you should know when it comes to the A Site in Bind. You can also be more specific by adding more precise words such as “back truck,” “inside lamps,” “close triple”, among other things.

A common strategy for quick A Site pushes smoking off Heaven, throwing a molly or rushing lamps, and then walling off or smoking near default/truck. This essentially cuts the site in half, allowing you to easily plant and play for lineups or ultimates. Unfortunately, this limits the areas that you can play post-plant from, and your enemies can pretty much just hold A Short while someone defuses.

Another common strategy for attackers is to split into 3-2 from short-showers. This allows you to take more control over A Site and opens up extra post-plant positions. You should usually smoke of Heaven to block off an OPer, the gap between truck and triple to discourage pushes, and U-Hall.

A Site Defenders Perspective

Here are some additional callouts from a defender’s perspective in Heaven of Bind.
As a defender, you can play from A Heaven if you’re an OPer. You can also choose to peek on top of truck or in front of it. You can also aggressively push showers to get a kill.

As a rifler, you can play behind triple, inside lamps, on top of bench. You can also get quick and easy kills by finding off-angles and quickly repositioning. If you like playing shotguns, you can play close A short, close showers, or close lamps.

Make sure to constantly switch where you play to keep your opponents guessing.

B Site Callouts, Strategies, and Positions

B Site Attackers Perspective

These are the basic callouts that you have to know when you’re playing on Bind’s B site. These are standard callouts that should easily be understood by anyone who has played the game for a decent amount of time.

As an attacker, it’s pretty standard to smoke off elbow and defender spawn to help you enter the site. You can also throw a molly or wall-off elbow for extra protection. You and your team can now safely clear the other corners and angles while entering the B site.

A standard B attacker split is 2-3 or 3-2. Have a Sova or Skye clear hookah using their utility and challenging B long with flashes or other utility. Once you and your team can move up, start smoking the necessary areas, clear site, plant, and play for lineups or defuse. On B, attackers can defend the site from elbow (if you pushed), octagon, or hookah.

B Site Defenders Perspective

Here are some additional callouts, as seen from the defender’s perspective. Sentinels should try to position their utility near entrances like hookah and octagon. A common place to put Killjoy’s turret is just above the box in the back site of the container. This makes the turret hard to hit while also spotting players coming from long and hookah. You can also place your Cypher camera just above hookah, allowing you to completely have vision of the B site.

You can play from different angles like container, backsite, and elbow. If you’re feeling a little cheeky, you can go for risky shotgun positions like pallet, octagon, under hookah, or even inside hookah. Just remember to change your playstyle every few rounds, so your opponents don’t know what to expect from you.

Best Agents and Common Team Compositions to Use

Here are some common team compositions that professional players use on Bind. Feel free to copy them or use them in your own Bind games in Valorant as well.

  • Astra, Jett, Skye, Sova, Viper
  • Astra, Killjoy, Raze, Skye, Sova
  • Brimstone, Raze, Sage, Skye, Viper
  • Astra, Raze, Sage, Skye, Viper
  • Astra, Raze, Skye, Sova, Viper

Remember, these are lineups that professional teams with amazing teamwork and tons of hours of practice use. So, expecting that randoms will listen to these lineups just won’t work. However, if you’re playing with a group of friends, these team compositions might be perfect for you. It’s definitely worth trying them out in a game or two.

Now, if you don’t have a group of friends or simply want to increase your own personal win rate on Bind, here are a few agents that we recommend using.


Raze Valorant

Raze is a great duelist to use on Bind. Mainly because all of her abilities can be thrown inside the teleporters. This is a huge game-changer. You can act as an entry when you’re on the attacker side while still properly defending and stalling enemies on the defender side. Not many duelists excel at this as Raze does. Now, you can argue that Raze can pretty much do this on any other map, but her stalling abilities simply work better on Bind.

As a defender, one thing you can do is to position on the A site, near the teleporter. You can then wait to see where the enemies are pushing. If you hear people coming down through A short, you can simply throw your grenade or Boom Bot to slow them down. However, if they’re going up B short, you can still use your abilities to stall by simply throwing them through the A site teleporter.

You can essentially help stall two areas at the same time, which is why Raze is such a good Duelist pick not only on Bind but in.


Yoru Valorant

Yoru is another great Duelist to use on Bind, especially with the new changes that were made to him. Alone, Yoru is already an annoying agent to deal with. His main gimmick and kit is literally made to deceive and trick opponents using sound cues, duplicates, and teleports. When you add the Bind teleporters to the mix, your enemies are in for a lot of confusion.

You can use both Fakeout and Gatecrash to play with the teleporters and fake your enemies out. This also works for both attackers and defenders, making Yoru a good solo queue pick where teamwork and communication aren’t exactly the best.



Sova is already a really good initiator no matter what the map is. However, on Bind, he can easily gather information and set up his Duelists using his Recon Bolt lineups or allowing his Owl Drone to lead the pack.

He can also use his Shock Dart to destroy the enemies’ utilities and help make it easier for his team to enter. It’s crucial to know where the Sentinel agents are located, especially in a defender-sided map like Bind. Sova simply makes it easier to gather this information and can even help when clearing some angles along the way.

Some popular areas where Sova can shoot his Recon Dart include A short, B short, B long, back truck, back site B, and hookah, among many others.


Skye Valorant Bind

Skye is a Valorant agent that has seen an increase in popularity lately. This is because Skye has some very powerful abilities that allow her to play multiple roles within a team. She was introduced with an Initiator role, primarily setting up her teammates and helping them get kills.

However, because of her powerful blind ability (Guiding Light), she is able to flash for herself and act as a Duelist as well. This makes her more valuable and helpful than other Duelists in the game. Because of this, Skye is an excellent pick on Bind and Valorant in general. Using her Trailblazer to scout areas and gather information, and then using her Guiding Light to enter and lead the team onto the site.


Killjoy Valorant

Killjoy is a great Sentinel agent to use on Bind. Usually, she excels at holding a site on her own because of her Turrets and mollies. She can be used as an anchor on one side and hold it down until her teammates can rotate.

Most players use Killjoy on B site of Bind. Placing her turret on top of the box right behind the crate, making it hard to hit. Then she places her mollies on the default plant spots or to stall in hookah or long.

Killjoy can also provide great utility when attacking. She can help watch flanks with her turret or her Alarmbot. A good Killjoy player can also easily stall defuses by using her crosshair to throw lineup mollies or by simply placing mollies in hidden locations near the plant site. Overall, Killjoy is a very good agent to use on Bind and is pretty easy to learn.



Chamber is one of Valorant’s newest agents. At first, Chamber seemed to be another overpowered agent that was going to replace Jett as an OPer and Yoru since Chamber had a faster teleport. However, as people learned to play him, they found out that he works well as an aggressive Sentinel agent.

On Bind, Chamber can use his teleport ability to quickly rotate from one site to the other. This is crucial because the more players there are to defend the site, the harder it will be for the attackers to enter. On top of that, Chamber’s traps (Trademark) have a limitless range and would work no matter how far or near he is from them. He can essentially be on one side while still holding down the other using his utility, making him a very valuable and useful Sentinel agent.



Valorant Patch 4.04 brought some massive changes to all Controllers in the game. Viper received some small nerfs because she was clearly very powerful in specific maps. Before the changes, she was the top Controller on Bind. Splitting a site in half with her Toxic Screen was just an easy way to take control of different areas. Luckily, these nerfs don’t change much, and Viper is still a great agent on Bind.

Viper acts like a Controller/Sentinel hybrid where she can use her abilities to block areas and help her team onto the plant site while also delaying pushes and holding enemies back. We all know how annoying it can be to deal with a Viper with molly lineups from who knows where. It forces your enemies to hunt you down before being able to defuse. This is why Viper is an amazing agent on Bind because you can do lineups from safe positions on the map. Allowing you to just chill and buy time using mollies.



The final agent that we think is great on Bind is Brimstone. Originally, Brimstone has had some trouble covering areas in Bind. However, with the recent changes, his smoke can now reach further and cover more areas because of the increase in his smoke’s height.

You can also use his Stim Beacon to brute force your way onto the site because of the additional 15% speed boost. This is a huge game-changer and makes his Stim Beacon way more useful than it has ever been. You can also do molly lineups with Brimstone to delay pushes or stop defuses.

That’s the end of our complete Valorant Bind map guide. Hopefully, we were able to help you find out some great strategies, determine the best team compositions, and explain the best agents. You’ll surely increase your Bind win rate in no time!

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