Biomutant for PS5 Has Been Added to the PSN Backend

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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Biomutant was a post-apocalyptic third-person RPG that imagined a world where anthropomorphic animals, instead of human survivors, survived the world after a great disaster. Depending on who you asked, the game was relatively okay, but as a release that was aimed exclusively at the PS4 and Xbox One, it had a few limits that kept PS5 and Xbox Series owners from enjoying it. It seems that Biomutant for PS5 has been added to the PSN Backend and its only a matter of time before we see it.

Biomutant for PS5 – Second time’s the charm?

The leak once again comes from Reddit user, the_andshrew, who has pointed out House of the Dead Remake, and Stanley Parable for the PS4/PS5, as such, there is also an image that is directly linked to the PlayStation API, which makes this a very difficult rumor to debunk.

Biomutant for PS5
Biomutant for PS5 Spotted on PSN Backend

Biomutant was an average game at most, and while it failed to garner a fan following or otherwise enough demand for further DLC or content, a PS5 version could be something that players who own a PS5 might give enough reason to revisit the game, months after they put the controller down on this title.

While Biomutant for PS5 was probably on no one’s wishlist for the upcoming video games reveal season, we might get an official update or trailer in the coming days, as June and July are months that are potentially packed with news for game reveals.

For now, its recommended that you take this news with generous amounts of salt, but given the track record of the leaker, it is highly unlikely that this rumor won’t come true.

What are your thoughts on the upgraded version? Do you expect it to be free for existing owners, or will they have to shell out extra money?

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