20 Breathtaking Serenitea Pot Designs

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The Genshin Impact 1.5 update was the beginning of a new test in creativity for many Genshin players. This update introduced the housing mechanic called the Serenitea Pot that allows players to unleash their imagination and create worlds for their characters to live in. Think Minecraft meets The Sims. 

Sadly, new players in Genshin Impact can not unlock this feature straight away. Grind your way to Adventure Rank 35 and complete the Archon Quest called “A New Star Approaches.” After running a few errands for Madame Ping and finishing the quest “A Teapot to Call Home,” you then can enjoy constructing cozy rooms and endless layouts for your characters.

Whether you’re here to get inspiration for your next Serenitea Pot layout or simply taking a break from Tubby’s constant invitation to have tea, we’ve got you covered. We at WhatIfGaming decided to showcase the breathtaking Serenitea Pot designs of players worldwide. Since Genshin is a fairly new game, the teapot world ideas of players are constantly evolving. During every big update, players get new blueprints, new furniture sets, maybe even new wood to farm- meaning, more new teapot ideas. 

Sit back and enjoy the Serenitea Pot ideas below. Who knows, maybe the next time you’re out of resin and tired of farming for artifacts, you get the motivation to try one of these players’ works! 


Stunning Garden Wedding

Stunning Garden Wedding - Genshin Impact
Screenshot by RielleB

Watch Tutorial

Don’t lie. At one point in your Genshin journey, you’ve married yourself off with one of the characters. Well, if you haven’t, it’s time to say your vows in a romantic Garden Wedding setting made possible by the talented RielleB. You can recreate this teapot idea in any of the three realm layouts. RielleB even went ahead and listed down the 20 furnishings, including boulders and trees you’ll need to complete this romantic outdoor wedding. Watch her eight-minute tutorial video so that you too can hold your or your friend’s wedding in style.


Amber Forest Tree House

Amber Forest Tree House - Genshin Impact
Screenshot by RielleB

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Are you lost on what to do with all of the Hilichurl furniture Mihoyo keeps adding? You’re not alone. Thankfully, the Amber Forest Tree House by RielleB is here to save the day. This teapot can be built on any of the three realms but is recommended by the designer to be placed in The Floating Abode. You’ll need quite a few different Sub-Space Boulders to carry out this design, so begin stocking upon them! Enjoy gliding down as Amber from the highest Hilichurl Outpost Hut in this one-of-a-kind treehouse.


Relaxing Farmhouse

Relaxing Farmhouse - Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Unlucky Tabibito

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The latest Genshin Impact 2.0 update not only brought with it a whole new region to explore, Inazuma, but also a gardening system for your teapot! When you’re not busy murdering Hilichurls or bullying Childe, you now can transition from being a traveller to a humble farmer. Unlucky Tabibito’s Farmhouse design is unique and one of the first to appear on Youtube. Not a lot of content creators have uploaded designs such as this. Players who tried out Unlucky Tabibito’s farm build said it took them hours to complete, but every minute was worth it. 

To make this relaxing home for Genshin farmers, you won’t need that much outdoor furnishings, buildings, or landscapes. The Farmhouse relies primarily on landforms such as Sub-Space Boulders and different trees. We love how Unlucky Tabibito made an entire layout around simple farming patches of soil. Now, that’s creativity!


Majestic Maple Cloud

Majestic Maple Cloud - Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Unlucky Tabibito

Watch Tutorial

Do you want to enjoy a relaxing cup of tea with a majestic view up in the sky? Impress your friends with the stunning Maple Cloud created by Unlucky Tabibito. With a view like this, you’ll wish you lived in your teapot instead of the real world! You can recreate this design on any of the three realms. In their tutorial video, Unlucky Tabibito even shares with us how to make the fountain hack elevator trick! It’s a pretty convenient trick that gets you to higher locations quickly without the cumbersome climbing.


Dreamy Summer Oasis

Dreamy Summer Oasis - Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Evacska

Watch Tutorial

Pamper your characters by building them Evacska’s Summer Oasis. By the name alone, you already get an idea of what this layout will look like. The detail placed into this summer paradise is fantastic! All the furnishings and landscapes used come together perfectly to bring to life an oasis. Your characters will feel like royalty as they walk down the lantern-lit path to the main building. Be sure to check out this design at night to enjoy the scenery fully. The creator conveniently listed down all the materials used to build this paradise, do check it out! 


Aesthetic Jade Opera House

Aesthetic Jade Opera House - Genshin Impact
Screenshot by RielleB

Watch Tutorial

Get ready to be transported to a stunning theatre with RielleB’s Jade Opera House. This creator has brought to life a masterpiece fit for the Anemo Archon Venti to perform his lyre in. The mini-theatre has it all! You get a beautiful stage, sparkling lights, and a fountain backdrop- what’s not to like? Invite your friends to your teapot and take turns performing or simply enjoy the ambience of the theatre. The Jade Opera House has enough seating to accommodate all of your friends.


Cosy Lantern Town

Cosy Lantern Town - Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Unlucky Tabibito

Watch Tutorial

The beauty of Genshin’s Serenitea Pot is that sky’s the limit in creating designs. Everyone can share their masterpieces, whether it’s a massive treehouse, a tea spot in the sky, or an entire town. Unlucky Tabibito again amazed us with his teapot design that they call Lantern Town. You can recreate this design on Summerchase Peak with just a few furnishings, 20 different ones, to be exact. You don’t need a particularly high Adeptal Energy Ranking to complete this layout, making it perfect for players looking for something quick yet satisfying to add to Emerald Peak. After a long day of adventuring, unwind and take a midnight stroll in your very own Lantern Town. 


Enchanted Fairy Grove

Enchanted Fairy Grove - Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Evacska

Watch Tutorial

If you’re sat on the fence on what to build, you’re not alone. Are you itching to launch your game and head to your teapot? Just wait; we have a few more ideas to show you! The talented Evacska makes the next design on our list, and it goes by the name Fairy Grove. We loved this layout idea’s ingenuity in using the stairs from the Hilichurl Outpost Hut furnishing. In the tutorial video, you’ll see how Evacska used the furniture glitch to create a winding staircase for the Fairy Grove. You’ll need quite a few items to build this design, but the outcome is worth it! Fairy Grove reminds us of a scene straight out from a Ghibli film. It’s magical, enchanting, and definitely worth making.


A Grand French Manor

A Grand French Manor - Genshin Impact
Screenshot by El Bee

Watch Tutorial

We all want to spoil our characters and give them a place to stay that suits their style. If magical layouts don’t strike your fancy, check out El Bee’s modern French Manor design. You can recreate this fancy teapot idea in any realm. To fully capture the noble aura of this design, follow El Bee’s tutorial video. Building the French Manor is not that simple and will require quite a few items; however, the final product is stunning! The manor comes with two benches surrounded by fences and flowers, the perfect spot to watch the sunrise while sipping a cup of tea.


Garden of Heaven

Garden of Heaven - Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Mikado

Watch Tutorial

Next up is Mikado’s Garden of Heaven. This spectacular design looks like it came from a Chinese historical drama. To build this simple yet beautiful layout, you’ll need a lot of trees and boulders; by a lot, we mean a lot. The different trees and boulders make the Garden of Heaven possible, so be sure to save up on Realm Currency to purchase all the items! If you haven’t already placed the free trees and boulders on your teapot, you could use those to get started on the layout.


Spectacular Maple Mansion

Maple Mansion - Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Genshin Asriel

Watch Tutorial

Do you main the 5-star Kaedahara Kazuha and want to build a place just for him? If yes, check out Genshin Asriel’s spectacular Maple Mansion dedicated to our favourite wandering samurai. With the new Inazuma furniture blueprints and realms, travellers have again impressed us with their boundless creativity in making Serenitea Pot designs.

In Genshin Asriel’s 30-minute YouTube tutorial, he shares with us the 95 pieces of furniture needed to recreate the Maple Mansion; how nice of him. The intricate composition and detailed angeling of the furniture brought to life this beautiful mansion. It’s not every day you see a layout that looks good in every angle!


Tranquil Indoor Onsen

Indoor Onsen - Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Genshin Asriel

Watch Tutorial

Relax and unwind with your characters in this tranquil indoor onsen, shared with us by Genshin Asriel. Once again, the beginning of his tutorial video shows all the materials you’ll need to bring this onsen to life in your teapot; that’s a total of 87 items. Japan’s quite famous for its onsens or hot springs in English, and this layout captures the vibe of a local inn sitting in the mountainside quite beautifully.


Peaceful Shrine in Nodaka

Nodaka Shrine - Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Genshin Asriel

Watch Tutorial

When travellers first stepped into Inazuma, many were captivated by the beautiful scenery that resembled many locations in modern-day Japan. The multiple shrines sitting around in unlikely areas is a reality in Japan to this day. Of course, the Serenitea Pot made sure to include furniture to recreate these spiritual temples.

We picked another of Genshin Asriel’s creations to showcase what you, too, can build in your teapot. This peaceful Inazuman Shrine built in the Nodaka Area does not fall short of Torii Gates, fox statutes, and lanterns. If you’re interested in making this layout, watch the full tutorial to learn exactly what the creator used and did for his realm!


Inazuma Main House: Noble’s Abode

Noble's Abode - Genshin Impact
Screenshot by RielleB

Watch Tutorial

RielleB is back with stunning Inazuma layouts to share with us travellers. This design incorporates the Inazuma Main House, including Tubby! Something we don’t see quite often. You’ll find a courtyard with a fishing pond, different Inazuma buildings, and much more.

Because of the load and space limit, it’s crucial to follow the tutorial religiously. Some people who tried to recreate the design noted that it would take many hours of sweat and maybe some tears to copy it perfectly, but the finished product is worth it! 


Serene Kasumi Lodge

Kasumi Lodge - Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Unlucky Tabibito

Watch Tutorial

One of the most-awaited views in the new Inazuma realm is the striking sunset over the horizon. It’s so picturesque that you’d think you were inside a painting! Unlucky Tabibito’s created his Kasumi Lodge for travellers to do one thing: enjoy the view. He used the Inazuma realm’s Silken Courtyard for his design. The lodge has an onsen, benches and tables to sit and drink tea, and outdoor gardens to watch the sunset.


Royal Narukami Estate

Narukami Estate - Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Pink Peas

Watch Tutorial

Were you lucky and brought home the Raiden Shogun during her banner? If yes, we’ve got a design just for you! Pink Peas’ Narukami Estate masterfully uses the Inazuman furniture to create the perfect home for your 5-star Electro character. The estate has multiple outdoor onsens and large old-fashioned buildings that connect to make this grand estate. If this is something you’re looking for, be sure to check out the complete YouTube tutorial. 


Floating Shrine of Sora

Shrine of Sora - Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Pinkpeas

Watch Tutorial

Don’t know what to do with all your shrine furniture? We’ve got you covered. Pinkpeas’ floating Shrine of Sora requires a total of 83 items to recreate. The floating shrine resembles the Grand Narukami Shrine in Inazuma, wandering up in the sky above lowly beings. If you successfully build this in your teapot, you’ll surely impress your friends! Wait for sunset and feel like a deity watching everyone up in the skies.


Dodong Restaurant

Dodong Restaurant - Genshin Impact
Screenshot by genshindo

Watch Tutorial

If you’re not one to build designs outdoors, this restaurant idea brought to life by genshindo might be for you. Although not as grand as the other ideas in this article, Dodong Restaurant does not fall short in creativity. The Inazuma furniture the creator used to make the indoor restaurant entirely captured the homey vibe of home restaurants. Invite your friends after a day of slaying monsters to a delicious home-cooked meal, prepared by you, of course. 


Silken Courtyard Pathway

Silken Courtyard - Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Venason

Watch Tutorial

This design is perfect for adventurers who want to beautify their teapot but can’t be bothered to put a lot of effort into doing it. The Silken Courtyard pathway created by venison is a stunning walkway you’ll see as soon as you enter your teapot. It is made around the Inazuma Main Building. People who tried to recreate this design appreciated the detailed video of the creator that explained what to do step-by-step.


Sakura Teahouse

Sakura Teahouse - Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Unlucky Tabibito

Watch Tutorial

Want to make a teahouse surrounded by cherry blossoms? Unlucky Tabibito created his aesthetic Sakura Teahouse in the second area of Silken Courtyard. Tabibito says his creation is perfect for moongazing. In Kyoto, one of Japan’s large cities, you’ll see numerous teahouses designed like this.

The two-story building is built around a cherry blossom tree. The teahouse comes with a staircase, so no need to climb the walls to get to the second floor. You’ll need over 130 items to build this Sakura Teahouse, so it might take a while to gather all the materials and blueprints.


The Serenitea Pot designs we shared with you barely scratch the surface of teapot masterpieces. The creativity of Genshin players knows no bounds, and even Mihoyo gets impressed by the sheer talent of people dedicated to the game. 

Out of all the designs listed above, did you have a favourite? Maybe, your teapot looks even better than any of the ones we shared. Comment down below with your favourite teapot idea, or share your creations with the world!

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