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Bilawal Bashir
Bilawal Bashir
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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake
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Many games struggle to build a story, even with motion-captured animations and elaborate scripts. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake invokes emotions without trying too hard. I played the original game back in 2013 and loved it back then. I’m happy to say that The Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake recaptures the original’s magic, and despite graphical upgrades, the heart of the game remains intact.

The Tale of Two Sons

Image shows Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake follows the same story that the original had: two brothers embark on an epic journey to find a cure for their ailing father. The trip takes them from a quaint Nordic village to fantastical locations. The story has deep fantasy elements, which are always a wonder to see. Seeing prisons atop mountains, rivers of blood, and running into mythical creatures kept me invested in the fantastical world. As you get used to the story beats, something new is introduced to keep things interesting.

Image shows the gameplay

I won’t be spoiling the 3-4  hour story here; it is meant to be played and enjoyed in a few sittings. I can, however, talk about how well the simple story is told. The characters speak a nonsensical and made-up language, so everything hinges on the animations and voice acting.

The voice actors and animators have done a great job of emoting with the dialog. The intentions are clear, even if I can’t understand the literal meaning of what the brothers are saying to each other, and other NPCs in the game. Sounds easy on paper, but it takes work to achieve in a video game.

What’s Up, Bro?

Image shows 	Elder-brother-being-responsible

The lead characters have their personalities, making them very distinct. The elder brother is more serious and mature but still has a child-like charm. On the other hand, the younger brother is mischievous and naughty; he is the prankster of the family. In one instance, the younger brother woke up a sleeping man by slashing a bucket of water on his face. Another interaction had him take a mop from a lady and start doing stunts. The same interaction played differently with the elder brother, who helped the lady with the mopping.


Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake distinguishes both brothers with the mostly optional interactions with the world. I felt rewarded for exploring every nook and cranny of the map, even when there were no collectibles or color-coded loot to obtain. See a bench? Interact with it, and the brothers will sit down, panning the view towards the horizon. These little moments of respite, interaction, and brotherly bonding are completely missable but pulled me in when discovered.

Twin Sticks

Image shows the starting area

The gameplay involves a single player controlling both brothers. The left stick and left trigger are for the elder, while the right ones control the younger brother. The controls took a while to get used to, and even then, I had trouble moving both brothers simultaneously. It’s a unique control scheme that can become easier in co-op; however, the game is designed for a single-player experience. There is no online co-op here; you’ll need two controllers to play in the local co-op. You’ll also need a controller to play co-op on PC.

Image shows the dog puzzle in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake Review

Apart from the controls, the gameplay is somewhat simple. There are plenty of environmental puzzles to solve, obstacles to overcome, and tricky situations to navigate. The puzzles are simple, especially when playing in co-op, but require some thinking. Yes, there are ways to lose in the game, but the quick loading times make it a painless process.

Image shows the climbing mechanics in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake Review

I enjoyed the puzzles in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake; some are refreshed, while some retain the same solutions. My memory of the original is also diminished, so the puzzles felt relatively fresh. It’s not as complex as the puzzles in It Takes Two, but it still can give pause to less experienced players.

The Vistas are Unreal

Image shows the foliage quality in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake Review

The Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake is remade from the ground up using Unreal Engine 5. Gone are the simplistic graphics of the original; the remake comes out swinging in terms of graphical fidelity. The simple textures and graphics of the original could have been better, but the remake was able to wow me at a couple of points.

Image shows interacting with the dog

Unfortunately, despite significant upgrades, the character models are still caricaturish and odd-looking. I understand it’s a stylistic choice, but they stick out like a sore thumb in almost realistic environments. The characters have exaggerated animations that lend well to emoting without dialogs. The overall animation work is also excellent; there are several improvements to how the characters react to the world. The environment is significantly upgraded; all look great, from textures to foliage and buildings to materials.

Image shows the brothers sitting on a bench in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake Review

The vistas in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake look so good that I started looking forward to the next bench to sit and admire them. The levels are also rearranged and flow a little smoother in the remake, the cutscene quality is extremely better, and the overall animations and camera angles are refined.

What’s That Sound?

Image from the first game
Image from the first game

The remake has a new soundtrack played by a live orchestra. I loved how music captured and synced with the screen’s fantastical and sometimes whimsical action. When the camera pans toward the horizon, and the music swells, it’s an experience to behold.

Same scene from the remake
Same scene from the remake

The soundtrack isn’t overbearing; it sometimes takes the backseat to the ongoing action. The music director has done a phenomenal job delivering the perfect mix at the right moment. The Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake didn’t just overhaul the visuals; it redid the music, too.

Ride Worth Taking

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake is a journey worth experiencing. It’s a short, sweet, well-crafted adventure exploring loss, brotherhood, and selflessness. I was delighted to play through its roughly 3-4 hour campaign. There is no replayability here, but I aim to replay it again in co-op with a friend.

Small optional moments scattered across the levels make the game a joy to experience. For the asking price. It’s a short and straightforward story about two brothers going on an epic journey that will leave you with many heartfelt moments to remember. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake is an adventure well worth taking.

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This review is based on the PS5 version of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake. The key was provided by 505 Games.

Review Overview
Awesome 8
Overall rating 8
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