Bully 2 Details Revealed by Anonymous Employee

Bully 2 And The Game That Could Have Been

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • New Bully 2 details revealed in an interview
  • Was well into development until it was halted
  • Many of the aspects of the title were moved to RDR 2

Bully 2 is a name we can’t get enough of, but is a name that will also live in infamy as the title that was deep in production, but ultimately disappeared off the face of the earth. Time and again we get new tidbits of information and the latest information comes from a creator interviewing a former project lead on the title and shares new Bully 2 Details.

Bully 2 – A Look at What Could Have Been

Bully was a massively underrated game from the time when Rockstar made more than 1 title every decade. It was one of their bolder IP’s along with titles like Manhunt and more, but it was more similar to Grand Theft Auto than the latter and garnered a lot of critical and commercial success, albeit some minor controversy surrounding the game.

Bully 2 was supposedly in development and then scrapped, but time and again we do hear more about the game and what could have been. In an interview done by a YouTube content creator, SWEGTA, they interviewed a former project lead who shares a plethora of details in a detailed interview.

We did our best to make the best bullet points we could, but if you feel we missed anything, the video is relatively short and detailed.

  • Development was happening in 2013
  • 6 Months after the events of the first game
  • 16 missions were already made
  • the last build was playable for 6-8 hours
  • go kart & lawn mowing mini-games were a part of the mini-games
  • a lot of the leaked concept art was real, the world was going to be super green.
  • pets and people remember you from missions that went into RDR 2
  • faction system was prefects, and counselors, doing favors for another faction that affects the other can disrupt your reputation with them. there was a good versus an evil system like mass effect
  • Petey was going to be in the game, all of the girlfriends, Gary too, and all the main characters like the teachers from the original game
  • lesser focus on classes and more focus on jobs or side activities like go-karting, beekeeping, and lawn mowing leading them to be proper careers
  • only spring and fall seasons. no winter seasons.

Keep in mind, all of this is just rumors and nothing more, but this is still interesting nonetheless.

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