Can I Get Banned For Using Mods in GTA Online?

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We all love mods; they breathe new life into many games and add things that developers missed. Grand Theft Auto V is no different; the community has made countless mods that make the Story mode fun and interesting. But can you use mods in GTA Online? Will you get banned if you have mods installed whilst playing GTA Online? In this article, we’ll answer all your questions so you don’t have to worry about getting banned from your favorite game.

Without further ado, let’s investigate!

Online Modding

GTA 5 Modding Online

Rockstar is extremely strict on Online cheating and has spent many years attempting to eliminate it together through rigorous updates and increasingly more complex software that detects the use of mods. As a result, Rockstar has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to mods of any kind on GTA Online, as the use of mods is classed as a violation of their User Agreement. When using the Rockstar launcher, you’ll even be notified that your current game files include unauthorized files.

So, yes, you will get banned for using Mods on GTA Online on official Rockstar servers. However, if you play RP servers that require a third-party client, you can use mods depending on the particular server’s guidelines.

Now, this is fine as long as you’re only loading into GTA Story Mode with your mods, as this is completely fine, and Rockstar has seemingly not come out against the use of mods to enhance or change the single-player experience. So when it comes to the Story Mode, mod to your heart’s content.

However, when going from your modded single-player playthrough, it is best that you remove your mods and place them in an external folder outside of the game directory. If you fail to do this, you may open yourself up to being banned, as Rockstar scans your game directory for foreign files that could be considered cheating aids.

If you get banned, you will lose all progress and your character entirely, meaning you will not only have to buy an entirely new copy of Grand Theft Auto V but spend countless hours re-earning money and ranking up.

How about RP servers?

GTA 5 RP servers

You’re probably wondering, how come people can play on RP servers then? In order to play on a modded RP server, you will have to install a client like FiveM or RageMP, which are not hosted or regulated by the Rockstar servers. Therefore, you do not risk getting yourself banned as you’re no longer playing on public GTA Online servers.

Therefore, it is perfectly safe to install FiveM or RageMP and play on RP servers!

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