Can PS4 and PS5 Play GTA Together? Answered

PS4 Copy Required.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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GTA V has been released for every single console generation since 2013, including a more recent PS5 enhanced edition. If you’ve been playing GTA Online and have upgraded to the latest PS5 edition, chances are that you want to know whether it is still possible to play together with PS4 players using a PS5 copy. Let’s find out!

No, not directly. GTA Online does not support any kind of cross-generational crossplay where PS4 & PS5 players can play together. There is a workaround where you have to use an older copy of the game to play with PS4 players.

Let’s discuss the prospect of playing with PS4 players while booting the game from a PS5 and how the workaround works.

How to Play GTA Online with PS4 Players using a PS5

Since we’ve already established that GTA Online does not feature any kind of cross-generational crossplay, so, playing with PS4 players using the Enhanced (PS5) Edition is impossible if done in the traditional manner.

However, a nifty workaround uses the PS5’s backward compatibility support to pull it off. You need a PS4 copy of the game to play with PS4 players.

The PlayStation 5 supports the PS4 version thanks to its backward compatibility with last-gen games and will allow you to play with your friends on the PS4 as long as you are also playing with the older copy.

If you have bought the Enhanced Edition of the game, you’ll be playing with PS5 players. Also, don’t worry if you have an older character from last gen. When you move to next-gen, your progress carries over but stops syncing with the older-generation save game.

GTA V PS4 vs. PS5 Version

Here are all the major differences between GTA V’s PS4 and PS5 (Enhanced Edition) releases:

We hope this guide clarifies your query about playing GTA together with your PS4 friends using a PS5. You can check out our website to read more informative PS5 guides, such as tips that will prolong your controller’s battery life.

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