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The latest paid DLC for Elite Dangerous, called “Odyssey,” lets players explore new planets on foot. Preorders are open if you want to support the developers in the months before launch. But if you get the Deluxe Alpha preorder edition, you can play an early alpha of Odyssey right now.

Some Deluxe Alpha users can’t find the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Alpha after the update. Still others have issues installing it in the first place. If you’re dealing with either of these problems, follow these steps to install and run the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey alpha.

Make Sure You Own the Deluxe Alpha Version

First thing’s first: make sure you have the Deluxe Alpha edition of the preorder. Those with the standard preorder are not given access to the early alpha.

You can see which version you have by looking at your Purchase History. Here’s how:

  1. Open Steam and click on your Profile on the top-right
  2. Select Account Details
    Open your Account Details
  3. Click View purchase history
    Open your Steam Purchase History
  4. Look over your purchase history and make sure you’ve purchased the Deluxe Alpha edition

Elite Dangerous Is Not Updating

Elite Dangerous should prompt you to update your version of the game if you've purchased the Deluxe Alpha preorder edition.

Those who purchase the Deluxe Alpha preorder edition should be prompted to update their version of Elite Dangerous. So, if you open up your Steam library and it’s not asking you to update, here’s the fix:

Reset Your Account Login Status

  1. Log out of your Steam account
    Log out of Steam
  2. Log back into your Steam account
  3. Open your library and update Elite Dangerous
    Update to the latest version of Elite Dangerous

This should solve the issue in nearly all cases.

Verify Your Game Files

If you still aren’t being asked to update to the new Odyssey alpha, you can try to Verify the Integrity of Your Game Files. Here’s how to do that:

  1. Open up your Steam Library
  2. Right-click Elite Dangerous in your Library
  3. Select Properties
    Open up the Properties for Elite Dangerous
  4. Go to the Local Files tab
    Go to the Local Files tab
  5. Click on the Verify integrity of game files… button
  6. Wait for verification to complete
  7. Restart Steam and update Elite Dangerous

Can’t Find Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Alpha in Launcher

Have you updated to the latest version of Elite Dangerous but can’t find the Deluxe Alpha option in the game’s launcher? Here’s what you can do to fix it:

Do Not Run Horizons or VR Mode

In order to run Odyssey, you have to run Elite Dangerous in normal mode. When launching Elite Dangerous on Steam, pick Play Elite Dangerous from the options.

Select "Play Elite Dangerous"; neither Horizon nor VR Mode are supported by Odyssey.

Steam only serves as a distribution platform for Elite Dangerous, but the game itself is tied to your Frontier account. Sometimes purchasing new content will update account data on Steam but not on Frontier. In this case, you’ll have to re-link your storefront account to Frontier. To do so, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch Elite Dangerous from Steam
  2. Choose Play Elite Dangerous if prompted (do not select Horizons or Steam VR)
  3. Click on Options on the top-right of the launcher
    Click on Options in the Elite Dangerous launcher
  4. Select Log Out
    Log out of Elite Dangerous
  5. Close the Launcher
  6. Re-Launch Elite Dangerous from Steam
  7. Choose the Link Account option
    Re-link your Steam account to Elite Dangerous

We hope the solutions provided here have been helpful if you’re having troubles installing and playing the Elite Dangerous: Odyssey update. And don’t forget to keep coming back to WhatIfGaming for the latest in game fixes and hardware guides!

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