Capcom Showcase Announced for June 12th And Will be 36 Minutes Long

Expect Updates For Present And Future Titles

Rizwan Anwer
Rizwan Anwer
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  • Will take place on June 12th
  • Same date as Ubisoft Forward
  • Talks about present and upcoming games

Capcom is easily one of the most favored developers for the present and previous console generations. Bringing the Resident Evil series back to its former glory, releasing great Monster Hunter titles, and even bringing a previously Nintendo DS exclusive title back to life, the developer/publisher is now at their highest point. The upcoming Capcom showcase is to feature content for their present titles, and perhaps a look at future titles.

Capcom Showcase Will Be 36 Minutes Long

According to a tweet by the company, they will be hosting the Capcom Showcase on June 12th, 3PM PDT, which is set to feature 36 minutes of news and updates for their latest games. While fans are already expecting Exorprimal, we can hope that this could be the opportune time to announce the next entry in the Resident Evil series.

It has also been a while since we have gotten a new entry to the Monster Hunter series, so fans are also hoping for that series to make an appearance as well.

The Capcom Showcase is taking place on the same day as Ubisoft Forward, so this is definitely an interesting turn of events, as two major publishers/developers are showing off their future titles on the same day, fans are going to have a great day to look forward to on June 12th now.

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