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Bilawal Bashir
Bilawal Bashir
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Review Overview

Moving away from your hometown, school, and friends can be stressful for a child. Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions tackles the topic with nuance and grace. I’ve changed schools several times, so I could relate to Damian (the lead protagonist) taking refuge in his manga-inspired imagination.

The game follows a young kid upended from his home in France and dropped to Japan. Damian uses his thorough and extraordinary imagination to cope with the stresses of moving to another country. Damian makes up Captain Velvet Meteor, his alter ego, and goes on adventures with his trusty companion, Jay-P (a Roomba).

O’ Captain, My Captain

Image shows a space ship

Captain Velvet Meteor helms a spaceship that crashes on an unknown planet. Now, it’s up to the captain and his sidekick to discover answers and explore strange lands. Jay-P is a talking robot in the imaginary world, providing helpful commentary and combat skills. The story revolves around Damian changing into Captain Velvet Meteor to experience the new country and tackle drastic changes in language and customs.

I liked how Momo-pi and the developers handled the feelings of moving away from one’s home. The writers did a great job developing the lead character and struck a balance between the child-like wonder and the wisdom of a young kid. I never felt Captain Velvet Meteor was a total basket case, nor did I feel bad for him. Damian knew he would be alright, and that’s wholesome enough for me.

Taking Turns

Image shows Combat in Captain Velvet Meteor

Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions is a tactical isometric turn-based game. It has a healthy dose of puzzle-solving, some stealth, and a bit of collectible action. Think of Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea, or Desparado series, and you have the idea.

Image shows the Captain Velvet Meteor Review tutorial

The gameplay loop involves using your limited moves to position the main character (and a companion) and attacking enemies. I didn’t have any trouble getting accustomed to the controls and combat. The tutorial did a great job explaining the mechanics. The game did surprise me with a couple of curveballs but I overall had a relaxed experience navigating the imaganiary world of Captain Velvet Meteor. Walk over some enemies to kill them; it’s that simple.

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Defeating enemies also refills your health, so you’ll rarely lose a battle. I did have trouble clearing the battle board a few times, but that was due to me rushing it. If you take some time to plan your moves, Captain Velvet Meteor will come out triumphant.

Image shows the Captain Velvet Meteor Review Controller

I recommend using the controller for Captain Velvet Meteor as support for the keyboard and mouse is spotty.

My Friends are Real!

Image shows Jay-P dialog

Damian conjures up several companions throughout the main story. Apart from his trusty robot, Jay-P, several manga and anime IPs are involved in Damian’s imagination. Some choice characters from Shonen Jump+ are used here. I could recognize some, but my little cousin, a manga fan, was super stoked to see all of them.

Image shows the companion attack

The best part? The story incorporates characters from other IPs really well. You don’t have to spend money, do daily live service tasks, or use lootboxes to unlock the characters. Damian wants help from Slime from Slime Life Story, and he gets it immediately. Jump Force, Battle Stadium D.O.N, Summer Time Rendering, Spy X Family, the game utilizes the IP library well here.

Image shows the Collectables in Captain Velvet Meteor Review

The friends are not just for show; you can perform powerful combo attacks with them. You can also split the team to cover more ground or explore together to use the companion attacks.

In My Thoughts

Image shows player Interacting with the mangas

Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions is a neat tactical game that rewards good battle positioning and clever moves. The game is not as deep or hard as other, more established franchises in the genre, but it scratches the tactical itch.

For fans of the Shonen Jump+ library, there is much to appreciate and collect here. You’ll still enjoy the straightforward and somewhat simple gameplay loop thanks to enjoyable writing and well-rewarded exploration. I waited for Goku or Luffy to turn up and lend a hand, but they never did; perhaps Captain Velvet Meteor 2 could address that for me.

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This review is based on the PC version of Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions. The key was provided by Vicarious PR.

Image shows the Art style
Review Overview
Good 8
Overall Rating 8
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