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The ChillBlast Aero V2
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The Aero V2 is Chillblast’s effort to revolutionize the peripheral industry offering options to gamers that are budget friendly and high performing. While the company offers several peripherals, we’ll be doing an in-depth review of its gaming mouse for now: The Chillblast Aero V2.

The Chillblast Aero V2 features a distinctive design and several features a gamer could need. The price range of the mouse is accessible to every gamer without compromising the quality of the experience you need, even though it is wired.

Tech Specs

  • Dimensions – 4.7” x 2.4” x 1.6”
  • Weight – 53g/0.12lb
  • Buttons – 7
  • Switches – Huano (10 million click lifetime)
  • Sensor – PixArt PAW3327DB
  • Connectivity – Wired USB
  • RGB Lighting : 11 modes switchable

Packaging & Contents

Being budget-oriented, the Chillblast Aero V2 packaging wasn’t very intriguing. It had a simple design with the usual mouse specifications listed on the back.

The Chillblast Aero V2 mouse comes in a little package, but when you open it, you’ll discover… only the mouse. This spare approach may help keep costs down, but it may be annoying to first-time buyers used to receiving things like user guides and complementary accessories.

So, you won’t be getting your hands on any additional weights, cool stickers or additional grips / skates.

Design Features

The Chillblast Aero V2 stands out because of its honeycomb design and sleek RGB configuration. Although the honeycomb design isn’t to everyone’s liking, it’s practical for manufacturers to utilize since it helps keep the mouse light. However, dust may accumulate inside the holes of the honeycomb pattern, which may cause long-term concerns, especially in terms of look.

Front-view of the honeycomb design on the Aero V2

The mouse’s matte plastic build gives it a sense of sturdiness, and it should be comfortable for those with average to big hands. The mouse is designed to appeal to users of either hand since its design is ambidextrous. The lack of a side grip, however, means that the mouse might be difficult to operate under high pressure situations. In spite of this, it retains a level of competence that can satisfy both casual and professional gamers.

As far as looks go, this mouse has everything going for it. The mouse features a sizable RGB portion at its base, coupling with 11 different modes to cater to your gaming moods. The RGB has an excellent middle ground between being bright and distracting during sessions and too dim and unnoticeable. While the Razer Viper Mini also has similar RGB pattern, the Aero V2’s design strikes a better balance.

The minimal yet elegant RGB lighting on the Aero V2 is surely pleasing.

The scroll wheel is also equipped with minimal RGB lighting, allowing you to “illuminate” your scrolling experience. However, it doesn’t feel as bright as some of the other mice we’ve reviewed. The mouse has clearly taken some inspiration from the Glorious Model O, but certainly lacks the RGB and some of the build quality.

Buttons & Mouse Clicks

As a low-cost gaming mouse, the Chillblast Aero V2 uses standard, mid-tier Huano switches. The switches aren’t terrible, especially for the price, but coming from a mouse with Kalih or Omron switches, you’ll notice a big difference in terms of responsiveness. Input latency and switch smoothness are not optimal, which may be noticed in simulations like AimLabs where frequent clicking is a priority.

Side buttons on the Aero V2

When it comes to the side buttons, they’re pretty much the same as the primary ones. Although they are robust and easily accessible, they take a significant force to be registered. If you aren’t into extreme or competitive gaming, where the side buttons are just as important as the primary ones, this won’t be a problem.

The scroll wheel on the mouse is decent. With its engraved patterns, the fingertip scrolling experience is like every other mouse. The clicking of the wheel isn’t the smoothest since it needs a little force to register, which is nice because it eliminates accidental presses. The RGB lighting is an extra plus since it complements the mouse’s design while being distracting.


Regarding the overall weight of the mouse, we have to appreciate the company for how it has made the mouse lightweight. The Aero V2 weighs only 53g/0.12lb, which is quite impressive compared to the Razer Viper Mini, which weighs 58g.

The fact that the Aero V2 is so light is remarkable since it improves the product for end users. Even though the mouse is wired, gliding and movement have become much more accessible. The included “Light and Flexible” wire are comparable to Razer’s Speedflex technology. Due to the sturdy construction of the cable provided, you won’t have to worry about it being twisted up during a move.

Sensor and Mouse Movement

The Chillblast Aero V2 is equipped with the mediocre PixArt PAW3327DB sensor. Its polling rate of up to 1000Hz is remarkable for its low cost. The integrated sensor isn’t trendsetting, but it’s enough for most uses. You won’t notice any issues unless you’re constantly moving the mouse around, in which case you’ll be disadvantaged.

The PixArt PAW3327DB sensor equipped with the mouse.

Our first testing showed that the mouse performed as well as any other on the market regarding both aim and mouse glide. We didn’t have to worry about lag or interruptions, and the accuracy was impeccable. However, it fell short in a few critical places; this mouse performed as well as one would hope for at this price point.

Aside from the sensor, the Aero V2 comes with stock skates. They do not impede the mouse’s mobility in any way, and we found the gliding experience to be on par with the finest on the market. When used on a standard table or desk, this mouse’s smooth movement and low resistance make aiming a breeze.

We’re not sure how long the skates will last, but they certainly will, based on how the firm has wowed us with its other features.

How Does the Aero V2 Stand Out Amongst Competitors?


Now that we’ve reviewed the mouse in great detail, the real test will be how it stacks up against competing products on the market. There are a number of competing products on the market in the same price range as the ChillBlast Aero V2.

One well-known choice is HyperX’s Pulsefire Core, which has a complete matte plastic surface and minimal RGB lighting. Apart from its design, the Pulsefire Core includes the PixArt PAW3327, which is identical to what we saw in the Aero V2.

Although both mice have similar features, the Pulsefire Core is heavier at 92g/0.2lb, and the Aero V2 is lighter at 53g/0.12lb. The weight difference between the two mice is significant, owing to the differences in design language. For gamers who value a lightweight mouse with decent RGB lighting, we recommend the Aero V2. But, if you are brand-conscious and desire dependability, the Pulsefire Core is your best option.


The Chillblast Aero V2 is a decent effort by Chillblast, considering they are new in the peripherals sector. It includes all the necessary features an average gamer requires and a distinctive design to stand out.

In terms of the overall build quality and gaming experience, it offers much more based on the price bracket that the mouse comes in. Not only does the mouse have a sturdy build quality, but including a Pixart-based sensor makes the mouse a good choice. If you are an average gamer and not into competitive gaming, we recommend you go with this mouse because of its price and stellar weight.

We are looking forward to seeing what Chillblast has in stores for its next-gen peripheral lineup since they have much to improve on.

Review Overview
Great 8
Overall Score 8 out of 10
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