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Ashton Cox
Ashton Cox
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If you are an animal lover and Roblox’s blocky aesthetics are your jam, then you must try Pet Simulator X in Roblox. This is one of, if not the most popular, game on Roblox, and you shouldn’t sleep on it. We will go over in extreme detail how to get started in this game, use your army of pets the right way and make big bucks along the way.

What is Pet Simulator X?

Pet Simulator X

Pet simulator x is a pet collection Roblox game that allows you to collect coins and diamonds, aka gems, to buy eggs. These eggs, once hatched, give you pets that will accompany you throughout your adventures. You use these pets to do your bidding and accumulate all manner of riches for you.

You also get to trade pets with fellow players, upgrade or fuse your pets to make better ones, unlock and explore new locations, socialize with other trainers, and do tons of other side activities.

How to Play the Game?

Coins Stack farming Pet Sim X

Your pets are the ones that farm for coins or diamonds in Pet Simulator X. You can farm these currencies by simply tapping or clicking on a coin stack on the ground, and your pet will begin whaling on it. It’s as simple as that.

There are several types of coin stacks in the game, and they all increase in amount depending on your location, from smallest to largest. The larger the stack, the longer it takes to destroy it.

Keep an eye out for diamond stacks. They give diamonds, and diamonds are a harder and rarer currency to accumulate.

Beginners should attack small stacks first, especially if you only have one pet in your team. It can take a long while for your first pet to take down a medium coin stack and focus on smaller stacks.

As you gather coins and diamonds, you get to unlock new biomes with better loot and other shops in the game that allows you to craft better versions of the pets and upgrade yourself and the pets.

Breaking stacks will also net you some XP, which will increase your Rank in the game.

Buying Eggs

Starter Eggs Pet Sim X

When you start the game, you will be given the choice to select your first pet for free. This will be a weak little pet that will help you begin your coin-collecting journey.

The starting area i.e. The Shop will have a Starter Egg group from where you can buy your subsequent new pets to increase your pet brigade. These come in normal and golden variants. The Golden Eggs will hatch better versions of the normal pets.

As you gain access to new biomes, more egg groups respective to the unlocked biome will be made available. The higher the biome, the superior the eggs and pets will be.

The prices of the eggs will vary according to the biome and egg group. The latter ones will be much more expensive to buy.

Commanding Pets

Coin Crates Pet Sim X

You will have to command your pets to farm coin/diamond stacks for you. Tap or click on a coin stack and see them get down to work.

To farm coins with more than one pet, you simply have to tap or click on a coin stack more than once, depending on how many pets you’ve equipped. Don’t tap too quickly, though, or you may end up canceling your order for farming the previous stack.

For example, if you have two pets, then you will have to tap twice on the coin stack to give the order to each pet to start farming.

The more pets or the higher-level pets you have at your disposal, the quicker they will dismantle coin stacks or easily focus your attention on the heavier stacks.


Pro Rank Pet Sim X

You gain experience by breaking coin or diamond stacks which will help you improve your Rank. You’ll start the game at Noob Rank and soon you’ll work your way towards the Pro Rank. and beyond. If you are eager to raise your rank, you can throw Robux to permanently increase your rank (we do not recommend this).

Higher ranks will have different rewards like upon reaching the Pro Rank will award you 4000 diamonds and a Triple Coins Boost. For all the rewards and ranks check out Pet Simulator X wiki.

Unlocking Biomes

Unlocking the Forest Pet Sim X

The open field in front of the shop is known as the Town. This is the first biome/level for all beginners. It has the smallest coin stacks. As mentioned above, as you gather more coins, you can start to unlock new biomes.

The next biome after the Town is the Forest which costs 10000 coins to unlock. The prices will get higher as you unlock later biomes. For example, the biome after the Forest, The Beach, costs 75000 coins to unlock.

The cost of the next biome is shown at the border of the current biome you are in. When you have sufficient coins in your bank simply move towards the border and interact with the Buy Area prompt.

Unlocking biomes have multiple advantages:

  • Unlocks better egg groups that hatch higher-level pets.
  • Opens new shops like the Upgrade Shop in the Forest or the Pet Fusion shop in the Beach biome. There are so many more shops that you can unlock.


Pets Inventory

The Pet button at the bottom of the screen hides many functions:

  • Pet Inventory: This is where all your pets will be stored. You can equip pets from here, rename them, and check out their rarities/special effects. The number beside the pet signifies its rating, the higher the number, the more effective the pet will be at breaking stacks. At the start, you can only hold 25 pets. This will increase as you progress or buy upgrades.
  • Trading: You can trade pets with other players from here. More on this later.
  • Achievements: Here, you will see all your earned and unearned achievements for completing specific tasks. Achievements will also reward you with coins and/or diamonds.
  • Exclusive Shop: If you have Robux, you can purchase essential in-game bonuses such as the Hoverboard (which lets you move faster), the 8 Pets Equipped upgrade, the Triple Eggs upgrade, the Teleporter, VIP bonuses, and much more.
  • Settings: Toggle the settings as per your requirements from here.
  • The right side of the screen displays your current Rank and XP, the Diamonds and Coins you are carrying.
  • The left side of the screen has three buttons; activating the Hoverboard, using the Teleporter, and Auto Settings.


There are several stores in the game with different purposes:

Make Golden Pet Pet Sim X

The Golden Pet store allows you to turn normal pets into their golden versions for some Diamonds. It would help if you avoided this at the start of the game to curtail spending your diamonds too early. It’s not a good investment just yet.

The Upgrade Shop in the Forest is where you can spend diamonds in exchange for player and pet upgrades. You can choose not to upgrade if you want to save your diamonds.

The Fuse Pets Store or machine lets you create a pet of a higher level by combining or fusing 3-12 pets together. It’ll cost 2500 diamonds to fuse pets.

The Rainbow Pet machine lets you turn golden pets into rainbow versions. It works similarly to the Golden Pet store meaning there is a chance you will get a rainbow variation of the pet. Use it at your own volition.

Trading Pets

Trading in Pet Sim X

Trading is one of the biggest features of Pet Simulator X. It’s quite straightforward to trade in the game. All you have to do is to open the main interface by pressing the pet button on the bottom of the screen and then navigate to the trade button.

This opens the trading selection. Here, you can press on any player you want to trade with, assuming they have trading enabled on their settings. If someone wants to trade with you, a trading request will pop up, and you can select “Yes” if you want to trade.

After that, the trading interface opens up on your screen. Place a pet or multiple pets for trade by tapping on the pets you want to trade with. On the right side of the interface, your trading partner’s offer will show up.

On your side, you can input any number of diamonds on the box this is if you are buying certain pets for a certain number of diamonds. Afterward, press “Ready” if you are satisfied with the trade. If you or the other trader accepted the offer, then you can view your new pets in your inventory.

There you go, this was the basic Pet Simulator X beginner’s guide. Of course, this is a long-running game, and the game is constantly being updated with new content, so there is so much more you can do. Do let us know if you find this beginner’s guide helpful.

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