Complete Hogwarts Legacy FPS Boost Guide

Get the most out of Hogwarts Legacy while making it look pretty!

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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Hogwarts Legacy is a beautiful game that has a lot of detail put into it. However, the game can get quite taxing on your hardware due to all the effects and particles on your screen, especially while exploring the map. To make sure that you get the best performance, we have made this Hogwarts Legacy FPS Boost guide just for you!

We have also listed the system requirements so that you can ensure that the game will run on your hardware. Plus, adjust the mentioned settings to get the optimal results that you are looking for. With that said, let’s dive right in.

Hogwarts Legacy System Requirements

Hogwarts Legacy System Requiremetns

First of all, make sure that you meet the game’s minimum requirements. Since this is a new game, the requirements are naturally higher than usual. Plus, Hogwarts Legacy is extremely taxing on your hardware and requires high-end PCs to play.

Maximum FPS Optimization

After ensuring that you have the PC requirements down, move on to setting up your game with these settings. Keep in mind that right now, the game is facing some crashing and stuttering issues on PC.

So, even if you have beefy hardware, you might face these issues. Unfortunately, reducing the settings won’t solve them either.


Disable V-Sync

First things first, you need to disable V-Sync. While this is a good setting in certain cases, having it enabled will force the game to have a lower FPS than normal. After disabling it, you will notice that the FPS is increased despite your monitor’s refresh rate.

This allows the game to run smoothly and even if there are a few FPS drops, you won’t notice them. However, with this setting turned on, you will notice FPS drops since they will go lower than your refresh rate.


Disable Ray Tracing

Most new games are coming with RT support. Since the newer RTX cards are extremely powerful, players will naturally want to turn on this setting and make the game look pretty. However, if you have lower-level RTX cards, make sure that you turn RT off.

This will greatly increase your FPS without making the game look bad. Hogwarts Legacy is a beautiful game in itself without the need for settings like ray tracing. So, make sure that you disable this option to make the most out of your FPS.


Update Your GPU Driver

Always make sure that your graphics drivers are updated. Both NVIDIA and AMD have released drivers that are optimized for the latest games. If you are facing any DirectX errors, getting the new drivers will fix that as well.

For NVIDIA, you should download the latest drivers from their official website.

If you have an AMD GPU, we suggest downloading the Radeon Auto Detect Software to get the latest drivers.


Install the Game on an SSD

Like other modern PC releases, the requirement recommends that you install Hogwarts Legacy on an SSD. This is to reduce any stuttering caused by asset streaming and can potentially improve the stability of your experience.

While you can play the game smoothly on HDD, it is better if you install it on your SSD. Otherwise, you might notice a few FPS drops randomly while exploring the map or when there are a lot of NPCs on your screen.


Adjust Your Graphics Settings

Hogwarts Legacy Graphics Settings
Image Credits: TroubleChute

Hogwarts Legacy is a demanding game overall. However, we have come up with a few graphics settings that will allow you to play the game on lower-end PCs as well as mid-tier ones. With that said, let’s get started.

Global Quality PresetCustom
Effects QualityMedium
Material QualityMedium
Fog QualityHigh
Sky QualityHigh-Ultra
Foliage QualityMedium-High
Post Process QualityHigh
Shadow QualityMedium
Texture QualityHigh
View Distance QualityMedium-High
Population QualityMedium-High
Ray TracingOff


Hopefully, you found this Hogwarts Legacy FPS Boost guide useful. Using these settings will allow you to achieve a good frame rate while making the game look pretty as well.

Did you find this guide to be helpful? There is a lot more Hogwarts content, so stick around and send us your queries in the comment section below. We would love to know your thoughts about the game so far.

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